Who needs who?

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A little SFW SEDDI Fanfic, I’m sure this would have happened to them at some point, if not, it has happened now. Enjoy!!


It was just after 11:05pm as Steed walked through the large white door, into the checkered floored hallway, through the reception area and into the main drawing room of his Eighteen Century Gentleman’s Club. He walked straight to the bar and ordered a large Brandy. Taking the glass from the barman, he walked over the other side of the room and sat alone in a high backed green leather chesterfield armchair. He sat swirling the brown liquid in his glass and sighed to himself. After half an hour and his fourth glass he was interrupted by an old friend of his, Colonel Richard Clarke.

"We’ve not seen you here for a while Steed, everything ok?" Richard asked him, as he sat across from him in an identical red leathered chair.

"Oh Richard, yes, yes, of course, just been busy that’s all." Steed looked up at his friend, seemingly distracted by something.

"Really? Anything keeping you so busy then Steed?"

"Not recently, no."

"Oh. Want to talk about it?"

"Not really." Steed sighed as he took another sip of his brandy.

"Oh, come on Steed, we’ve known each other for fifteen years. And you’ve always listened to me when I’ve needed it."

"It’s complicated Richard."

"How complicated exactly?"


"Well, if she’s making you this upset she must be extremely complicated."

"She is." Steed sighed again, sipping the brandy in a large gulp.

"Then what’s the problem then? Is she married?"

"A widow."

"Then what’s so complicated about that?" Richard asked sipping his own glass of whiskey.

"I don’t know what to do."

"About what?"

"I don’t know how to tell her how I feel about her."

"Oh, I see."

"Is it because you know she doesn’t feel the same?"

"No, it’s not that."

"Well then, why is it so hard to tell her?"

"I don’t want to hurt her, but it’s my job, as you well know, it’s a dangerous profession."

"Well, naturally. But that shouldn’t stop you surely?" Richard questioned his friend’s thought processes.

"I don’t want her to lose someone she cares about again. Her husband died in tragic circumstances, her father died when she was just 21, and I know my profession isn’t exactly a safe one."

"So that’s stopping you from telling her how you feel, because there’s a possibility she could lose you too?"

"Yes." Steed sighed again.

"Ah, I see. And you’ve discussed this with her and now you’re here drowning your sorrows because you’ve ended things with her?"


"Then why are you here?"

"I’m trying to avoid her, so she loses interest and ends things with me."

"Oh, why?"

"Because I don’t want to hurt her."

"But Steed, you are hurting her."

"How?" Steed looked at his friend with a furrowed brow.

"Does she feel the same about you, as you feel about her?"

"I’d hope so."

"Then why do you think she does?"

"I don’t know."

"Do you not think she knows how dangerous your profession is? Do you not think she knows what the likely outcome could be for you one day? Believe me Steed, she knows, and that’s exactly why she’s still wanting to be with you."

"But she deserves so much more."

"Well, don’t you think she should have that choice herself?"

"She’s always had a choice, that’s one thing I’ve always given her."

"Then let her make her own mind up."

"Perhaps you’re right."

"Of course I’m right."

"Then do yourself and her a favour and tell her exactly how she makes you feel."

"I think I might just do that, thank you Richard." Steed said, as he finished the last of his brandy.

"My pleasure Steed. And say hello to Mrs. Peel for me too." Richard said, hiding behind his whiskey glass as he said it.

"Oh, I will certainly…But…how did you know it was Mrs. Peel?" Steed looked over to him as soon as he realised who Richard had mentioned.

"Because it’s always been Mrs. Peel, Steed, you just don’t think anyone else can see that, it’s more obvious than you realise." Richard told him.

"Oh, I see." Steed looked a little shocked, but understood at least his friends knew something.

"Go on, she’ll be waiting for you."

"Thanks Richard." Steed answered, as he got up out of his chair and eagerly walked towards the door.


Steed walked up to her apartment door, took a deep breath, as he then pressed the buzzer. The large eye opened as he could hear her surprised voice through the intercom.

"Oh, Steed, I wasn’t expecting you, please come in."

The door opened as she stood in a very revealing night gown.

"Mrs. Peel, I know it’s very late, but may I come in?"

"Of course."

Steed walked into her large living room and turned around to speak to her.

"Is everything ok Steed?" She asked, a little worried by the timing of his visit.

"I hope it will be." He asked, slightly unsure of himself.

"Can I do anything to help?"

"Not exactly." He replied, looking a little worried himself.

"Would you like a drink?"

"Erm, no thank you." He replied.

"Really? Oh, it must be serious." She said as she walked further into the room.

"I came here to tell you something."

"Oh, should I be sitting down?"

"If you’d like, if it makes you more comfortable."

She walked over to her cream leather sofa, sat down and looked up at him, as he paced the floor of her room.

"Is there trouble at the Ministry Steed?"

"Erm, no."


"Then why the moonlight visit?"

"I wanted you to know something."

"Then please just tell me Steed."

He sighed, as he began to speak, “you’ve always had a choice, you know that don’t you?”

"A choice of what?"

He sighed again, his brows furrowed, as he continued to explain, “to work with me, and I’ve always said I’d never let anything happen to you, that I’d protect you.”

She knew he was pained and hiding something away, what ever it was he was struggling to discuss it with her. And now she was even more determined to find out.

"I know that Steed, but why ask this now?"

"I just want you to know there’s something more to it than just that though Mrs. Peel."

"And what’s that Steed?"

"Mrs. Peel…it’s not just this country or the world that needs you, so do I. You mean so much to me, I just want you to know I’ll do anything to keep you safe. I worry that one day something may happen to you, that you may get injured or worse."

"Oh, Steed, I know the consequences of the job, and I know it comes with a lot of threats." She replied, sounding more worried about where his conversation was heading.

"Which is why I want you to make a choice." He said, looking down directly at her for a reaction.

"A choice why?" She answered quickly questioning his suggestion.

"Because you deserve so much more than living a dangerous life. The only way I can keep you safe is by letting you go."

"And what happens if I refuse?"

"If you?…" Steed stood shocked by her response.

"Refuse?" She replied with more emphasis.

"Look, Steed, I know the life it entails, I know the country needs my help. But like you told me, it’s my choice. And I choose to help you. You mean more to me than you realise." Emma replied very clearly.

"You choose…?" Steed paused.

"Oh Steed, what I’m trying to say is that I need you just as much as you need me."

"Well Mrs. Peel…" Steed seemed shocked and lost for words.

"as I said before, the world needs you…"

She rose from the cream leather sofa and stood in front of him.

"But so do you Steed." Emma placed her hands on his lapels, as she looked into his soft grey eyes.

"I do indeed." He replied letting out a soft breath and leaned down to kiss her.

The Avengers: A Chance Meeting - Part 1

Lotsofbrolly requested a photo-caption fic for a meeting between Emma Peel and Dr. David Keel, and after much hemming and hawing, this is what I came up with. Caps are from Theater of Blood, in which Ian Hendry and Diana Rigg play very different characters.

Just a bit of fun. More parts will be forthcoming as I get everything formatted.

Hope it’s sufficient!

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The Woman with Auburn Hair - Chapter Twenty-Eight.

Chapter Twenty-Eight -

Steed stood in his living room on the phone and looked increasingly annoyed by the conversation he was having.

"What do you mean Mrs. Peel is missing? She’s sat here on the sofa with me Gambit. Are you sure you’re alright?!" Steed said, then his face fell, realisation sunk in.

"Oh, really? We’ve had a report from her husband that she’s been missing for days. I’m perfectly fine Steed, are you ok? Is Mrs. Peel ok?…And like I said before we’ve not got any further leads on Powell or Shaw." Gambit replied, slightly clinically, calmly, and robotically.

"Gambit, when was the report filed by her husband?" Steed asked, sighing to himself.

"Monday night. He said three men took her from their house. Why all these questions Steed? Are you sure you’re ok?" Gambit asked in concern.

"I have a feeling I’m not going to be. Who’s leading the investigation to find Mrs. Peel?" Steed enquired, his brow tensed in frustration.

"Jones’." Gambit answered.

"Jones!…Why am I not surprised! And where’s Purdey?" Steed asked.

"Standing in the room with us. Are you sure you’re ok? Is your head hurting again?" Gambit asked.

"I’m fine Gambit, really… That’ll be all. I’ll be in touch." Steed said replacing the handset on the cradle.

He turned and looked down at her sitting on his green leather sofa cradling half a glass of brandy in her hands.

"We have to get out of here, now Mrs. Peel." Steed turned to Emma.

"Why?" Emma asked intrigued.

"I’ll explain in the car." Steed said.

"But where will we go?" Emma asked.

"I’ll figure that out in the car too. Go and get your suitcase. I’ll be with you shortly, I have a few things here to pack." Steed said.

Emma got up quickly from the sofa and walked hurriedly up the stairs to retrieve her suitcase. Steed turned towards his Grandfather’s large oak desk. He opened the bottom drawer and took out an old worn box, with his rank and regiment number embossed on its top in gold lettering, he placed it on the desk. He opened it and checked the gun over, and replaced it back in the box. He also took out a spare box of bullets next to it, which he also placed on top of the desk. He opened the top drawer to his desk. Then took out a large tape recorder, microphone,
small camera, large journal and a pen and pencil.

“Steed, what are those for?” Emma asked, standing in the centre of the looking room looking over towards him.

"We need to record the events of the last few days. It’s important that we make as much evidence as we can. Then I’ll hide it in a place only I will know of, and can then leave a paper trail so I can then find easily in the future, when I have to. I have a feeling it’s no coincidence that memories are being wiped to cover up three murders. Do you remember our last case together before your husband returned?" Steed explained.

"Vaguely. I only really remember bits of it all, and mostly those are fuzzy at best." Emma replied.

"What?!…Right, well that’s a start. We’ll discuss it further when we’re somewhere safe…Right, it’s just gone seven. I always have a bag of clothes packed and ready. So I’ll be only a few minutes. Then we’ll go alright." Steed said, shocked and then had a look of understanding spread across his face instantly.

He walked over to her as she stood standing in his living room a little confused. He raised his hands and grasped both her shoulders, he bent down and kissed her.

"I’ll do anything to keep us together Emma. Please don’t ever forget that." Steed added.

He then left her standing in the room as he hurriedly ran up the stairs to collect his suitcase.


He felt along the top of the door-frame, for a sliding panel. When he touched it, it revealed a switch that he pressed down and the lock to the small cellar door clicked open. He pushed the door slightly and felt for the electric light switch nearest the door, and the lights flickered on. He signalled to her to go first, as they both took the small staircase gently, as the wooden steps were very small and creaked under their weight. As they reached the bottom of the stone floor. He raised his arm to direct her to through the rows filled with various bottles. There was Champagne, White wine, Rose wine bottles either chilled or warmed to perfection. The Red wine section was at the back far right, nearest the warmest part of the cellar.

"Steed, what are we doing? Is it really a necessity to bring the wine too? I thought we were in a hurry." Emma asked as she followed him further down the cellar.

"I’ll not be long Mrs. Peel…I have an old crate of seven bottles of 1967 bottle of Red Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux, from our trip there for your birthday. I’m going to hide the tape I recorded from our conversation a few nights ago at my flat in the crate. If anything, it’s a damn good place to hide it." Steed smiled to himself as he walked down the cellar to the back of the room.

He opened the crate, and saw all seven dusty bottles. He placed the tape, wrapped in a cotton cloth, and a note of where to find the next evidence they would making, safely in between four of the bottles. He picked out one of the bottles and closed the lid to the crate.

"Right, lets go." Steed said, as he turned to look up towards her.


Steed had been driving for four and a half hours now. He was also noticing the tell tale signs of tiredness written in her body language. Her head was pressed up against his curled up jacket, which was made into a make shift pillow, as she rested it on the window of the yellow jaguar he was driving.

"It’s not far from here Mrs. Peel. Just a few more miles or so." Steed explained.

"Finally, I think my legs and feet have fallen asleep before I have." Emma replied, whilst yawning.

"I’ll run a bath for you when we get there. Help your muscles relax a little." Steed replied.

"That would be heavenly Steed." Emma replied.

She was slowly just drifting off to sleep around ten minutes later. When Steed pulled into a gravelled driveway, and brought the car to a halt. He turned to look at her sleeping form. He gently pushed back her loose hair from around her face behind her ears.

"Emma, we’re here." Steed softly said to her.

"Mmmm?…Oh…mmmm…we’re here?" Emma replied, slowly waking herself. She rubbed her eyes and then slowly tried to see her surroundings. Everything was pitch black, but she could just make out the outline of the small white-washed cottage as the moon-light reflected off it. His Aunt Isabelle’s cottage. She’d not been here in years, and from what she could see. It hadn’t changed at all.

"Yes, I’ll collect the bags, you go on in. I’ll set the fire later too." Steed said, as he opened the car door.


The tape recorder on the small coffee table in front of them continued to turn recording their conversation. She took another sip of the red wine Steed had brought with them.

"And now we’re currently here in Cornwall in Aunt Isabelle’s cottage. All the evidence you both will need is in the crate where you have found this tape. For written evidence specifically in Mrs. Peel’s handwriting go to the chesterfield desk’s hidden compartment Grandfather showed you when you were nine." Steed said into the tape. He pressed stop on the tape recorder.

"Do you think that’s enough?" Emma asked.

"It’s as much as we can record I’m afraid. The tape is only 60 minutes long." Steed replied. He leaned back against the sofa and brought his leg over to rest crossed on the top of his knee. She then put down the pencil in her hand, and closed the journal she was writing in on her lap.

"So where shall we put the tape then?" Emma asked.

"There’s an old cellar down below here too. Once we’ve finished the bottle of wine I’ll hide it in there, on top of a crate so we can put the film inside there too." Steed said.

He leaned himself back up as he removed the film from the camera safely and placed it in its sealed container. He had taken a few photographs of the newspapers and files that he still had in his house which displayed information on the deaths of Lord Robertson, Foxglove and the reports on Pullman. He had also taken numerous photographs of them in his house before they had left. And also in the cottage when they had arrived here.

"So if your hunch is right, and Jones is behind all of this. Why stop us from remembering our past relationship?" Emma asked.

"Because I don’t think Jones’ is the one behind all of this. He’s just the man on the inside. There is someone else who would stand to gain an awful lot if we forgot our past." Steed replied.

He turned to look at her, to see if she knew deep down who was really wanting them to never be together again, and to forget all their feelings for each other.

"Oh good Lord! Peter!" Emma said, she gasped and put her hand over her mouth in horror.

"I’m afraid so my dear, Peter." Steed replied sombrely.


The Woman with Auburn Hair - Chapter Twenty.

Chapter Twenty -

She sat behind the desk with her arms folded and legs crossed in annoyance.

"They’re what?!" Emma shouted out, looking horrified.

"I’m sorry Mrs. Peel. There’s nothing I can do. It’s out of my hands." Steed replied sorrowfully.

"So I’m going to be held here until further notice?" Emma asked.

"I’m trying to get you at least placed under house arrest. And to have Purdey and Gambit as your guards twenty-four-seven. I know how this sounds. But I’m trying my best." Steed advised.

Emma sighed, unable to comprehend why this was all happening.

"But Steed you know I would never do anything remotely like this!! Have they forgotten my entire service records? Just because I’ve been out of the field for seven years they think I’ve turned rogue! This is absurd! Stupid! Ridiculous!" Emma furiously replied, confusion also displayed on her face.

"No one knows you better than I, Mrs. Peel. And I also know that you haven’t don’t anything wrong. I know how this seems. But we will find out who’s behind all this. I’ll not rest until they are behind bars. You can have faith in me at least." Steed sombrely advised her, as he looked into her eyes as he did so.

"What on earth am I supposed to do until then? What will I tell Peter? Oh God! Peter?!" Emma replied, suddenly realising she was going to have to explain all this to her husband sooner rather than later.

"I can handle him. Don’t worry." Steed explained, looking at her with concern.

"And what are you going to do?" Emma asked looking at him questionably.

"I haven’t thought of that yet." Steed truthfully replied.

"Look it’s not the right time to discuss this. I’ll speak with my superiors to straighten out a few things. I’ll be back as soon as I can." Steed explained.

Steed stood up from the table and walked towards the door.

"Steed…" Emma wearily called after him.

"Please, just trust me Mrs. Peel." Steed said, his eyes explained much more to her than words ever could.

He left the room.


"I don’t care how many other capable agents you have available. No one is to go near her other than Purdey and Gambit." Steed shouted aggressively to his superior sitting behind a large oak-panelled desk.

"Look Steed…calm down…" The grey-haired gentleman sat in the large black leathered-back chair behind the desk.

"I will not calm down. I’ve worked at this department for over thirty years. The least you can do is give some sort of compassion to a former colleague of mine and employee of yours. This is just outrageous!" Steed angrily replied.

He paced the floor back and forth as he looked up occasionally at the man known as Colonel Baker.

"As a former colleague of yours Steed, we may be able to make an exception. But, we can’t revoke your chaperone I’m afraid. For the same reasons." Colonel Baker replied.

"So be it, but you will regret you accused Mrs. Peel of cold-bloodied murder. I’ll make sure of that." Steed responded in a somewhat threatening manner, raising his finger towards the man.

"Unless you prove her innocence Steed. I’ll take great pleasure in apologising to you both myself." Colonel Baker replied.

He looked towards Steed with a slight hooded expression. As if he was trying to give the younger agent a clue as to where his allegiance lay.

"I’ll quite happily do so Colonel. Just give me the resources and the time I need, that’s all I ask." Steed replied.

He was beginning to understand at least that his superior did have some empathy for his current situation.

"You have the full authorisation from me Steed. But we have procedures to follow, you know that. There’s nothing more I can do. It’s all up to you now." Colonel Baker explained.

"Very well then." Steed said.

He turned and left the room.


Purdey and Gambit stood either side of Mrs. Peel, handcuffed to her, as they exited the Ministry building. They walked down the stone steps to the waiting black Jaguar parked at the foot of the stairs. They all paused, as Gambit undid his handcuff, it then hung loosely from Mrs. Peel’s hand. Purdey opened the car door and got in, followed by Mrs. Peel. She paused and turned to look up towards Steed, who was standing at the top of stairs, only able to watch her leave with them.

Steed’s hand tightened on his umbrella.

"Who ever has done this will certainly pay for it." He muttered to himself underneath his breath.

Mrs. Peel sighed to herself as she got into the car, and Gambit closed the door behind her. The Jaguar sped off out of the Ministry car park and into the city streets.


"Peter please. Just listen to what they’re saying." Emma pleaded with her husband. He was pacing the floor and already had his second glass of whiskey.

"They can’t possibly suspect you. You gave yourself to them for nearly three years. And they repay you like this?!" Peter spat out annoyance written on his features. He rose his hand in emphasis.

"They’re just following orders. It’s not their fault." Emma replied, exasperated.

"Oh, right. Orders. That wouldn’t be from your wonderful old friend now would it dear?" Peter asked, realisation now on his face. He looked over to her, waiting impatiently for her response.

"Unfortunately, no Sir. We all, have our orders from much higher up. There is a large amount of evidence to suggest your wife could be involved or possibly to blame for the death of Lord Robertson. Therefore our procedures are similar, if not the same as the police. Just with more seniority." Gambit explained to Peter.

He’d noticed the tension between him and his wife for their entire conversation. She seemed to be rebuked on every occasion with a sly comment referring back to Steed. It was plain to gather Peter was extremely jealous of him. But it was also apparent that Emma had difficulty in calming her husbands opinions.

"We’re investigating all avenues, sir. But it will take some time. Your cooperation would be most appreciated. " Gambit then added.

"I’ll cooperate, as long as Steed doesn’t come anywhere near us." Peter spat out. He looked directly at Emma, turned his head towards Gambit, and then to Purdey. He gulped at his whiskey finishing it, banged it on top of the mantlepiece and marched angrily out of the sitting room door. Slamming the door behind him.


"I’m so sorry. I knew he’d react like that." Emma said. Looking to Gambit and Purdey, who both sat on the white leather sofa in the large living room.

"When you say react. I was expecting…" Gambit began.

"Yes?" Emma asked.

"A more defensive manner on your part…but it seems like he has one or two issues with the ministry. And one of those is Steed." Gambit explained.

"I know how this must look to you both…but really…" Emma began.

"Mrs. Peel, it’s quite alright. We understand." Purdey finally spoke up.

"No…you’re getting the wrong idea entirely…Peter has always hated the fact I worked for the ministry…how I put my life in danger. He seems to forget he risks his life every time he flys. But, the fact I openly chose to work for the ministry, to offer my expertise, my services and ultimately my life…just to gather up criminals to then send them off for decades of incarceration. Only to one day possibly become the victim of their revenge. Which is exactly what is happening here. He also hates the fact during that entire experience I was with someone else…Steed." Emma explained to the two younger agents, and colleagues of a man they were slowly becoming to realise was someone she felt far deeply about than she would care to admit. And also the same man who she gave up for the sake of her husband and marriage.

"You see it’s quite understandable. I feel the same about the time he spent away from me. But as he wasn’t doing anything else but surviving as he puts it. He seems to think he has the right to scorn me for my behaviour in his absence. He seems to completely forget on some occasions that I thought I was a widow. And that I came to understand what it was like to be a more independent person. Something he dislikes about my change in personality. I was 23 when I married him we only had two and a half years together. And then he was lost over the amazonian jungle, his body was never found after a year of searching. What else could I do? Just mourn for the rest of my life? And then I met Steed. The rest you both know." Emma explained.

"So he’s theoretically punishing you for living your life without him? That’s hardly fair Mrs. Peel." Purdey replied. She was slowly sympathising towards the older woman. Somehow Purdey deep down felt an understanding of her plight. Maybe she too had also been in a similar situation with a man she loved.

"Oh Purdey, he doesn’t punish me for it, he just has difficulty accepting it that’s all. I would never put up with such behaviour from anyone, let alone my own husband. I can give just as good back believe me, and I always win. I’ve just heard it all before. He doesn’t bode well with my reply and sulks more often than not. He’ll apologises eventually. But I’ve just learnt to let him voice his opinion. I let him go and let off some steam and he usually comes back acting like he’s the worst husband in the world etc. But deep down he knows I gave up my new life to go back to him. And that is something that he forgets sometimes. He’s just overprotective of me. Which he has every right to be, he is my husband after all." Emma explained.

"And what about Steed?" Gambit asked.

"That’s the latest problem I have to figure out. I have no idea how I’m going to explain last night’s events to Peter. But, I will have to eventually." Emma sighed to herself, biting her lip.

She knew full well the only evidence to suggest she didn’t murder her security officer was the fact she was in bed with Steed. And as far as Peter was concerned she’d stayed at her friend Jane’s last night. She just wished Steed would contact her and put an end to this nightmare as quickly as possible.

The Woman with Auburn hair - Chapter Nine.

Chapter Nine –

"Yes, yes, that’s right…Mrs. Emma Peel…Flight 4621 to Nice, 1:30am flight…Right ok…And champagne too you say…Right ok…I’ve got that…Thank you, Gerry. I owe you one." Lloyd replaced the telephone receiver back into the cradle as he finished writing the last few words on his notepad.

He lifted the telephone again, dialing overseas to France and to the home of Monsieur Jacque Pierre.

"Jacque its Pullman. Get down to Mrs. Peel’s place pronto. When you get there confirm she’s there by calling Steed on this number. 0201-6872089. All Tango-Alpha security precautions are necessary at this point." He spoke urgently in French, into the phone. Not stopping for breath.

"No problem Pullman. I’m on my way. I’ll check in within the hour. Goodbye." Jacque replied in French.

"Goodbye Jacque." Pullman ended the call.

Pullman lifted the receiver again to contact Steed. He should be pleased with this news at least.

"Steed." Who had answered the phone after two rings. It was now 3:45am.

"Steed. It’s Pullman. The manifesto has been checked, she boarded the 1:30am Flight 4621 to Nice. Sat in seat 6c First Class. Ordered Premier Cruz Champagne. There is even a receipt to verify. As well as flight attendants who will confirm it. They landed at 2:30am our time. She got a taxi from there to her Villa. It’s almost an hour’s drive from the airport. She should be at her villa by now. And I’ve sent Jacque there a few moments ago. He should be getting back to you within 45mins or so. All security checks will be carried out. He will call you from there. Alright?" Pullman said, reassuringly to Steed.

Steed sighed down the phone. The a few moments of silence. He traced his fingers around his brow, as the pounding in his head began again, as he tried to take in the news. Was he really just imagining this? Had she been here at all? But her kiss in the garden. No. She had been here. And he was determined to prove it.

“Steed? Did you get that? Steed?” Pullman worryingly asked.

"Sorry, Pullman…Yes, I got that…Thanks for the update…I’ll expect Jacque’s call.” And he replaced the receiver sighing to himself once more.

His head ached. His stomach churned. He tasted brandy mixed with a bitter taste of iron in his mouth. Probably his own blood he thought. How on earth is this happening? More importantly, why?

Gambit and Purdey came walking over to him as soon as they saw him replace the receiver.

"Well? Any news?" Gambit asked.

"She was on the 1:30am flight to Nice. Pullman has sent someone to her villa to confirm Tango-Alpha protocols." Steed said, a little pensively.

"Well that’s marvelous news Steed." Purdey exclaimed, a bit of cheer in her voice.

"Is it?" Steed enquired dubiously looking up at her from his sitting position.

"It just confirms that someone of her description took the flight. Not necessarily that it was her Purdey." Gambit explained to her.

"Exactly…Yes, exactly so Gambit." Steed looked up, a little bit of a relief crossed his face.

Steed looked at his young male colleague and friend. He could see Gambit’s reassuring smile reflecting back at him, to show that, at least he believed him.

"So we wait?" Purdey asked.

"We wait." Steed said sombrely.

Mrs. Emma Peel felt warmer although her toes had a slight chill to them. She pulled the covers up to her ears, as she raised her toes further up the bed. Such a warm, comfortable bed. Her ability to drift off to sleep was rudely interrupted a few moments later. There was incessant banging coming from the downstairs front door. She stretched out her arms and tried to pull herself together. She had only just gotten into bed. She reached for her dressing gown and slippers. Then proceeded out her bedroom door at a less than gracious speed down the stairs of her villa. A slight expression of annoyance on her face.

She opened the door.

"What on earth is this? Do you realise the time? It’s 5:15am Monsieur." Emma practically spat out at the small dark-haired middle aged Frenchman on her doorstep, glancing at her clock hanging next to the door.

"Mrs. Emma Peel. I’m Monsieur Jacque Pierre. I’m from International Security. I have orders to speak to you on a matter most urgent." He explained whilst holding up two forms of identification.

Mrs. Peel squinted at one, and took the other green card from him to look at more closely.

"And just whose orders were they Monsieur Pierre?" She asked, the tone in her voice unchanging.

"Mr. John Steed’s orders Madame." He replied hurriedly.

Her face fell. She swallowed hard. And let out a quick breath.

"I see…In that case, you better come in." She opened the door wider for him to enter. He was holding a briefcase.

She walked Jacque into her large beautifully decorated living room. Expensive, and thoroughly modern. The two large curved white sofas stood opposite each other. In the middle of them, and main feature of the room, was a large pink and red glass table, of modern artist’s design. Several large paintings hung around the room. Painted by the owner of the Villa herself.

"Please. Take a seat." Emma waved her hand to Jacque for emphasis.

"Before I am able to discuss anything with you Madame." Jacque began.

"You must follow a few security procedures. Yes, Monsieur. I am familiar with this. Do continue." She explained interrupting him.

He opened his briefcase, and took many items out. A sheet with ten questions. A pencil. A few sheets of paper. A tape recorder. A blank and used tape. A file full of answers and handwriting tests.

“Tango-Alpha? But…but, why, Tango-Alpha?” Emma’s face fell. She knew that this visit, and this security procedure was now much more serious that she had first though. Deadly serious.

“Please Madame. You know I can’t explain until completion.” Jacque answered.

He switched on the tape recorder. And began to ask her those questions. She verbally answered each question. Some were mathematical questions, requiring equation responses. Some regarding her previous cases at the Ministry. Other simple questions on quoting parts of Shakespearean plays. All devised to test her abilities and that it was truly her. He switched off the tape upon each answer, referring to the correct information listed in the paper in front of him. Marking whether correct or not. He handed her another sheet of paper with ten different questions. Similarly to an I.Q. Test. After fifteen minutes she handed him back the paper.

"Excuse me Madame. I shan’t be long." He exited her living room taking all his equipment with him.

"Not at all." Emma replied. Shock still displayed on her face, and a look of sincere worry, she bit her lip.

He returned fifteen minutes later.

“All Tango-Alpha security protocols are correct and have now been completed Madame. If you don’t mind. May I use your telephone? I will need to speak with Mr. Steed.” Jacque said to Mrs. Peel.  

"By all means. The telephone is over there. But may I ask now why this is all necessary?" She enquired. Pointing at the other side of the room near the telephone.

"I’ll let Mr. Steed explain Madame." He responded.

He lifted the receiver and dialed the number for Steed. He checked his watch. It was 5:45am.

Back in London it was 4:45am.

"Steed." He answered after two rings.

"Mr. Steed. It’s Jacques, Monsieur. I’m here with Mrs. Peel at her Villa as requested. She’s passed all Tango-Alpha security protocols Monsieur." Jacques stated.

Steed sighed down the phone line, and a few moments of silence.

"Monsieur Steed?” Jacque asked, as he was uncertain he had been heard.

“Bien. (Good)…Merci (Thank you), for your swiftness Jacque. May I speak to Mrs. Peel? That will be all for now.” Steed replied, trying to remain calm, and in control.

"Certainly Monsieur." Jacque lowered the receiver away from his mouth.

"Madame. Mr. Steed would like to speak to you." He looked in her direction.

Emma rose from her sofa towards Jacque.

"Hello Steed. What is this all about? Is there a problem?" Emma urgently asked him.

"Mrs Peel…" Steed paused, suddenly he had a dry throat.

"Steed?" Emma asked agitated somewhat.

"What was the name of the hotel we stayed in the third night we were in France for your 29th birthday?" Steed blurted out.

It was the only thing he could think of. He had to know it was definitely her.

She paused. She swallowed hard, her head slightly spinning. Unable to think at first due to the nature of the question. So many memories came flooding back.

She then found her voice and answered, “Hotel de Vendome, in Paris.”

A large sigh. She could hear it clearly down the phone line as if he was there in the room with her. Then it was just a numbing silence. A few moments passed.

"Steed what’s wrong?…What is it?…Please, just tell me…why…all these questions?" Emma asked. Now panic in her voice.

A short pause.

"Why did you buy that diamond tie pin for me?" He asked urgently. That was it. Records could have been made which hotel they had stayed in. That was the only thing only she would know. The only think that meant something extremely personal to him and to her.

Emma couldn’t breathe…her hands began to tremble. She couldn’t breathe…her ears began to ring alarm bells in her mind, her memories…not this…please no, anything but that…she had to calm herself before she answered him.

"Oh Steed…” She breathed back to him down the line.

“Please Mrs. Peel. Just answer the question.” Steed calmly requested.

She took a deep breath in, and shakily began to answer him.

“I saw it in an antique shop in Edinburgh…just along from Princes Street…I was away attending a lecture on Thermodynamics…It reminded me of you…So I bought it…I wanted you to have something to remember me by when I was away from you…Steed please…What is this? Just tell me what’s wrong? Please?” She said pleading for him to answer her.

That had done it. He took at deeper breath in, she could almost hear him choke. Then silence again.

"Steed?" She urgently called out.

She heard him sigh again. Silence.

"Nothing Mrs Peel…Just a routine check…Everything is perfectly fine. Goodbye." Steed said trying to sound like he was in control.

He hung up.

"Goodbye Steed." Emma answered shocked and worried by the tone in his voice. And the abruptness of him ending the call.

The Woman with Auburn hair - Chapter Ten.

Author’s note -

The text with (brackets) indicate thoughts. I can’t use italics as I’m currently writing this using my iPhone, as my laptop is indisposed. So if there are any grammatical errors. Please blame “apple” and not me. Please enjoy this chapter…there will be another to follow. Once I’ve proof read it again…comments are most welcome…let me know what you think is going on…enjoy!!

Chapter Ten -

Steed was numb. The colour had already drained from his features. (It was her. Is was definitely her. But how?) His brow tensed up in frustration. (This makes no sense at all!) He let out a long and hard sigh.
(It was her).

Gambit had seen Steed’s reaction from the other end of the room. He didn’t signal to Purdey, who was now talking to a young agent at the other end of the ballroom. Instead he walked over to Steed himself.

"Any luck Steed?" Gambit asked, trying to sound encouraging.

"Quite the opposite in fact."

"Oh?" Gambit responded.

"She’s at the Villa. She’s alright. Tango-Alpha confirmation." Steed said, sombrely.

"Well that’s some good news she’s safe right?" Gambit said.

"But she was here Gambit. I know she was." Steed looked up still puzzled.

"There must be a rational explanation for all this." Steed then added, muttering to himself.

"How about we get that head of yours attended too first? Then work out that puzzle and who those three men were who killed Lord Robertson?" Gambit said. Trying to settle his colleague into thinking rationally himself.

"Perhaps you’re right Gambit." Steed said.

"I’ll drive you Steed. Most of the men have left for home now anyway." Said Gambit. Looking around the room.

A day later.

Steed sat upright from his hospital bed. Bored. He had read the same page twice now. His thoughts interrupting him more and more.

Gambit then entered the private room with Purdey.

"Ah. Finally. Some relief from the boredom. Any news?" Steed said.

"Well we managed to do a full background check on Lord Robertson. He was a Judge at the Supreme Court for five years before getting his peerage in 1965. And spent fifteen years before that as a barrister. Retired five years ago following ill health. His wife and him spent most of the year living in their holiday home in Devon. But have their own London address in Chelsea. He lived off generous returns from his investments on top of his state pension. That’s about it." Gambit revealed.

"Judge? Have you checked if there are any leads to ex-convicts with grudges?" Steed asked.

"We have twenty-five years of cases to sift through. Unfortunately it will take some time I’m afraid Steed." Gambit said.

"You need to think outside of the box Gambit. Narrow the list down to recent suspects only. Then work from there." Steed said.

"Oh and run a check on the list of investments he made. Bring that back to me as soon as you can." Steed added.

"And how are you Steed?" Purdey interrupted.

"Oh. Can’t complain much. My head is constantly pounding. The books I’ve been given I remember reading the last time I was here convalescing. And not a drop of brandy in the place. Other than that. Perfectly irritable." Steed said with a sly pout. He flung the book down on the bed, and touched his head then grimaced to emphasise his plight.

"Well I have brought you some reading material. No brandy or champagne I’m afraid, doctors orders. It effects the painkillers. Have they said when you can be released?" Purdey said.

"In a day or two. But I highly doubt I’ll last that long." Steed said.

"Well. Plenty of rest is needed with head injuries Steed. You know that." Doctor Moore entered the room.

"Yes, I know that Doctor. But it would help if I could self medicate to assist in the sleeping procedure. Have you ever tried to sleep when your ears and head feel like they’re home to a group of teenager girls at a rock and roll concert…in a stadium!" Steed said cradling his head once more.

"Well. No. But." Moore replied.

"I rest my case." Steed said.

"I’ll up the dosage on your medication. And I’ll have a nurse come here soon with them for you. All you need is rest." Moore added.

"Thank you Doctor." Steed said.

Moore then left the room.

"Right. Ok Steed. We’ll better be off then. Let you get some rest." Gambit said.

"Let me know if you find anything as and when Gambit." Steed said.

"No problem Steed."

Gambit and Purdey left.


"Nothing. You?" Gambit said

"Not a thing." Purdey said.

They had both left opposite rooms, in which several agents were busy searching various piles of files with sealed court stamps.

"What about those investors Steed mentioned?" Gambit said.

"I have Morris from Forensic Accounting looking into them for me. He said he’d have a list of them all. Including money distribution records and current addresses of those companies recorded in a few hours." Purdey said.

"Well. Might as well go home for now. There’s nothing more we can do here tonight. Want a lift Purdey?" Gambit said.

"Thanks Mike." Purdey said.


In Gambit’s car they were discussing recent events.

"So what do you make of all this business with Steed saying Mrs Peel was with him?" Purdey said.

"I don’t know. I’ve never seen him so determined to track anyone down that quickly before." Gambit said.

"He’s never looked so distraught before either." Gambit then added.

"He didn’t seem so happy that she had been found either…very odd." Added Purdey.

"Yes. Not like him at all." Gambit said.

"Do you think he was just imagining it Purdey?" Gambit asked a few moments later.

"I don’t know. He seems convinced she was with him out in the gardens too." Purdey said.

"And he was outside in the garden at the time when the men were. Which is how he was attacked so quickly." Gambit added.

"Odd if he was out there on his own beforehand?" Purdey added.

“Exactly.” Gambit said.

"I think we may have to look into this a bit closer for him." Purdey said.

"My thoughts exactly Purdey girl." Said Gambit.


Two days had passed since the incident at Lord Favercombe’s charity event. Following numerous reports and even a psychoanalytical meeting. John Steed was released from the Ministry hospital.

He had returned to his newly inherited re-furbished manor house. The stable area was however, still undergoing improvements.

Steed sat on his green leather sofa. Legs stretched out. Book in his lap. Asleep.

(“Oh Steed…I’m sorry…so, very, very sorry…what else could I have done?…He’s my husband…Rightly or wrongly…it was the only decision to be made.”)

Steed’s head turned from side to side. He was uncomfortable, her voice whirling in his mind.

(“I only realised when it was too late…I was in love with someone else…And have always been.”)

"Steed? Steed?" Gambit called to him.

Steed muttered a few unintelligible words under his breath. Then woke up with a start.

"Oh. Gambit…Must of dosed off. Those new painkillers the Doctor prescribed clearly are working wonders. Any leads?" Steed said surprised and a little flushed.

"Well there haven’t been any recent releases from prison. The varied descriptions from the guests of those men have been proven inconclusive." Gambit advised.

"Paid assassins?" Steed suggested.

"Could be." Gambit said.

"But I have Purdey working with someone on that list of investors you wanted." Gambit said.

Just as he had said this Purdey comes running into the sitting room.

"Steed. Gambit, I have them. It took some digging. But here. He’s the list of those investors. Pay particular attention to what’s highlighted on page four." Purdey said.

"0.5% share holding in Knight’s Industries. So there is a link. Purdey, thank you. Thank you so much." Steed said whilst getting up to kiss her on the cheek.

"Now we just need to find out why." Steed said. A large smile across his face, then his brow furrowed again.


The Woman with Auburn hair - Chapter Seven.

Chapter Seven –

Steed was being attended to by a young male paramedic, taping a gauzed thick pad to his head.

“It’ll need stitches sir. We better get you in the ambulance.” Said the young man to Steed.

“No. I won’t be going anywhere until she’s been found.” Steed forcefully advised the young man, scolding him for even suggesting it.

Half an hour had passed. It was 12:38am. There were numerous police officers, agents and only a handful of paramedics on the scene. Gambit was talking with the chief police officer and a fellow colleague of the ministry. They nodded in agreement as more men were called for by both parties to search the grounds for clues, and to take statements from the numerous guests who were increasingly looking agitated and weary.

Another hour passed. Twenty or so officers and agents had gathered the guests into the ballroom each taking a separate statement from every person attending the event. Steed was seen to be a little more alert, drinking from a glass of water. He was seated next to Purdey at one of the tables in the main reception area of the mansion, away from the constant droll of voices in the ballroom. Steed’s head ached violently, but was gradually easing in its intensity as the pain-killers given to him were taking their desired effect.

Steed’s hand rested on the table, as he tapped his fingers in annoyance that no news was being filtered through to him. On Mrs. Peel’s whereabouts, or news of the men who had killed Lord Robertson.

It was another half an hour before he was interrupted with news from the gentleman who was heading the investigation and Gambit who both came over to speak with Steed.

“Well?” Steed enquired forcefully.

“Nothing concrete as yet Steed. We’ve found quite a few footprints over in the maze where you were attacked, and to the side of the house. A few bullet casings were taken from inside the house. Forensics are still in the library taking samples from the crime scene.” Chief Warner explained to him, reading from the list from the notepad in his hand.

“And what about Mrs. Peel?” Steed asked sounding aggravated.

“Well, this is the strangest thing. Going from your description of her. A tall woman with auburn hair, wearing a long ankle length light green satin dress. No one remembers seeing her here, or with you during the evenings events.” Chief Warner cautiously told the more senior member of the ministry the news he was not expecting.

“What?” Steed replied with a surprised and somewhat shocked tone.

Steed thought hard about his reply, before saying.

“But Mrs. Foster and Lord Blakely saw us talking by the champagne table. Haven’t you taken their statements yet?” Steed urgently said, attempting to gain some sort of positive response from the situation.  

“I’ll ask my lads if they have, won’t be a minute Steed.” Chief Warner responded and walked back into the ballroom.

He emerged five minutes later with Mrs. Foster and Lord Blakely themselves.

“Steed, how’s the head. Dreadful business this.” Lord Blakely said to Steed as he stood in front of him.

“Oh, I’ll be alright after bit of rest Alistair. Now, have you spoken to the officers and given them your statements. Both of you?” Steed enquired whilst looking at Lord Blakely first, then to Mrs. Foster.

“Oh yes, Steed. As soon as we could. If it wasn’t for Alistair here getting a large whiskey and orange for me. I would have had difficulty in speaking. It’s awful this, just awful. I’m quite on edge with the whole thing.” Mrs. Foster responded rather quickly, and nervously.

“Mrs. Foster, Angela?” Steed asked, trying to interrupt her.

She looked down at him, eagerly waiting for his questions.

“Have you seen the woman I was talking with earlier?” Steed asked her a little calmer trying not to upset the worried grey-haired woman in front of him.  

“Which woman?” She asked him questioningly.

“The woman with auburn hair, she was wearing a long ankle length light green satin dress. We were talking over by the champagne table earlier in the evening. You and Alistair were near us at the time.” Steed asked her, in a more heated tone in his voice to emphasis his point.

“No, no. I don’t remember seeing you talking with anyone like that. In fact I don’t remember seeing you much at all actually.” Mrs. Foster replied honestly, feeling a little subdued by his tone.

“And you Alistair? What about you?” Steed turned his attention to the older gentleman next to him.

“I’m sorry Steed. I don’t recall either. Was she a friend of yours?” Lord Blakely replied, a touch of concern in his voice.

“A very dear friend.” Steed said whilst he twisted his face in confusion.  

“Well, I’m sure she’ll turn up Steed.” Lord Blakely replied, trying to reassure his younger friend.

“I do hope so Alistair. I do hope so.” Steed shook his head in irritation.

Steed got to his feet and walked towards the ballroom. Determination spread across his face. He grabbed an ice bucket from the table nearest the entrance of the ballroom, and a heavy spoon that was placed in the punch bowl. He weaved his way through the crowds of standing guests, to the end of the room. He stood on a chair and proceeded to bang the spoon loudly on the ice bucket.

“Attention! Please may I have all of your attention! Excuse me! Quiet please!” Steed loudly and abruptly shouted as hard as he could.

The muffled voices soon tempered to a quieter hush. As all eyes were focused on the tall dark haired man dressed in his formal wear covered in spots of blood, and who had his head bandaged in gauze.

“Now the events of this evening are a terrifically hard thing to overcome. But with all your assistance and support we will soon locate the men who have killed Lord Robertson. I have only one question, and then I’m sure it won’t be much longer before the police and my fellow colleagues can formally release you all to retire to your own homes. Which I’m sure all of you are eager to do so. But there appears to be another person missing from the guest list. A woman with auburn hair, wearing a long ankle length light green satin dress. Has anyone in the room seen, or spoken with a woman of that description?” Steed ended his speech by glancing at as many faces in the room as he could.

Silence. Then hushed muffled voices. No one came forward. No one said a word. A few seconds, turned into a minute.

“Please, the sooner you come forward. The sooner you may all return to your homes.” Steed said again, urgently, searching for a response.

Nothing. No one uttered a single syllable.

Gambit came up to Steed looking up at his friend and colleague. He offered him his hand, signaling him to come down from the chair.

“I’m sorry Steed. Come on.” Gambit said whilst trying hard to not show the elder man the look of worry spread across his face.

“But she was here Gambit. I know she was.” Steed said jumping down from the chair and looking directly at his colleague.

“Carlton. Here, come here.” Steed said at the young ministry man.

“Yes, Steed?” Carlton came to Steed’s side.

“I want you to call headquarters, and ask to be transferred to Lloyd Pullman. I want you to ask him to contact me as soon as possible.” Steed said quickly to the young man.

Steed glanced at his watch. It was now 2:16am.

“Not a problem Steed. I’ll do it right now.” Carlton rushed off towards the main reception area searching for the nearest phone.

The Woman with the Auburn hair - Chapter Four.

Chapter Four -

"Mrs Peel?" Steed quietly and tenderly spoke, trying to coax a response from her sobbing form.

"Oh Steed." Emma breathily responded.

Steed sat next to her on the stone bench. Trying desperately not to drape his arm around her, to bring her closer to him, to comfort her. Instead he took off his dark jacket and arranged it around her shoulders. He didn’t know what else to do. But he knew if he were to touch her all of his resolve would be lost.

"I’m sorry…so, very, very sorry." Emma managed to voice her thoughts at last.

"Oh Steed…what else could I have done?…He’s…my husband." She said turning to look at him.

He turned away. Couldn’t look at her.

"Rightly or wrongly…it was the only decision to be made." She honestly said.

Her intellectual, and rational mind rearing it’s ugly head.

Steed sighed.

"I know Mrs Peel. I know." Steed responded. He clasped his hands in front of him looking at the floor.

"Steed I never wanted to just leave your life like that. Why do you think Peter collected me from your flat that day? I needed to say goodbye. You have to understand…he is my husband. But he knew that too, he knew, I had to say goodbye." Emma began to explain the reasons for her and her husbands actions. She had to make him understand, before she lost him forever.

"I know how much I have hurt you. I could see it in your eyes that day. But please, Steed. You have to understand it was my only choice." Emma turned to look at him.

Steed’s head still hung to the floor, his large hands clasped in front of him, only moving to massage them for warmth. He didn’t speak a word.

"Oh Steed. I’ve tried to talk to you, tried to explain. Tried to come face to face with you again. But each time I came close. You left. I’ve wanted to tell you for so long Steed."

"Tell me what exactly? That he is your husband. Yes, oh, yes. I know that. That it was your only choice. Yes, my dear. I do know that too." Steed’s tone was dry and slightly full of spite.

"Oh Steed. No." Emma gently replied whilst shaking her head.

"Oh, and pray tell what have I missed?" Steed retorted.

"Because…Because I thought… I only realised when it was too late…that it wasn’t the choice I should have made…because I knew, I now know…I was in love with someone else…And have always been." Emma managed to say somehow shakily.

Steed’s head shot up. His eyes wide in freight, shock. He turned his head and looked into her eyes. Pools of glistening tears sprung from them. Falling down both her cheeks. He was lost for words. She reached up with her left hand, and touched his thick dark, waved, slightly greying hair. She carefully ran her fingers around the tips of a few hanging curls.
Her fingers traced them neatly back into place. She began running her fingers down the outline of his face, slowly feeling the early growing stubble. And she then turned her hand around and carefully stroked his cheek once more.

The air stood still. The sound of the fountain water behind them felt like it was a distant trickling stream. He could feel her breath on him. The touch of her fingers and hand had a galvanic effect on him. It caught his breath and he had difficulty exhaling.

Emma’s eyes searched his. The look she gave him melted any chill he had previously felt in the cold night air. She looked down at his lips, back to his eyes, then his lips again. She tilted her head and body towards him. He felt her breath. It sent waves of intense pleasure throughout his body. Her hand was still gently caressing his cheek. He looked into her eyes, her cheeks, her mouth. He concentrated on her moist lips as they moved nearer to his. He motioned himself nearer towards them and dipped his head, eagerly waiting for their touch. He closed his eyes when they made contact. Savouring the moment. So light, so tender, so warm. Their kiss deepened.

The gentle nature of their kiss seemed to change within a few moments. Their breathing had quickened, matching the growing intensity of their heart rates. Her hand had left his cheek and was holding the back of his head. His hand came round to grasp at her waist. Tongues rolled and sucked. They were breathless. He broken free of her lips to kiss the corner of her jawbone, down the side of her neck, the tops of her shoulders. Sucking. Their breathing became tighter, heavy, as they continued their embrace.

"Oh God…Steed." Emma managed to say somehow between breaths.

He brought his hand up to her face, holding her head gently.

And he breathily responded with, “I’ve never wanted you more.”

He looked straight into her eyes, as he moved his lips again to hers.

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