lots of snakes

Snake Rescue

Just look at this beautiful boy!  Our neighbor lifted up a paving stone while doing some gardening and found him chilling underneath. Oh, the screams when she discovered him, it was hilarious.  She yelled for us to come over and her husband and I managed to wrangle the baby into a styrofoam cooler while she made a frantic call to a pest control company. (He’s really very tiny, only as big around as my thumb.)

I tried to point out his oval-shaped head and his round pupils, all indicative of a non-venomous snake, but she was completely convinced he was a rattlesnake and he HAD TO GO.  Poor tiny frightened snakelet.  I wanted to release him into our garden but instead we took him to the wooded spot where I do my frog observations.  He seemed happy enough when he slithered out and headed immediately for a pile of old leaves and mud under a cypress tree.    


It looks like Shane Whitaker and Nick Boles of Quality Serpents are clearing out their collection, including the Paradox Orange Dream Ivory Ball Python they produced this year.

They’re not sure what to ask for her the so they are taking offers until December 13th to see what their options are. There’s no doubt that you’ll need deep pockets to get your hands on this one of a kind babe.


vibrates excitedly

Fairy Tale Meme: 

9 Heroines - [Lady White/ White Snake]

She quickly returned to the bedroom, while Xu Xian hurried out to prepare her some medicine. But when he came back with it, he found on the bed not his lovely wife but a huge white snake.

The young man collapsed to the floor, where Xiao Qing found him moments later. “Sister,” she called, “wake up! Your husband has died of shock!”

Lady White, again in human form, knelt by her husband, Xu Xian, and wept.