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So I've seen a lot of people online saying "snakes don't pee", as in they don't pee liquid. But my BP definitely just spewed a LOT of liquid (and some goop and urates) on my floor as I rushed to get her back in her cage, and she has soaked my sheets with stinky pee many times... I'm super frustrated about it, and even more frustrated that people are claiming they don't even pee. Who's side are you on?? Do you think snakes produce liquid urine?

Well, the excretory system of the snake definitely produces some liquid waste but I don’t know if it would technically be considered urine because snakes don’t have a bladder and their kidneys do not concentrate urine the way that mammals do. 

I don’t really know if there’s really a side to be on though. Depending on what the biological definition of urine is, you’re either right or you’re wrong.


Martell sigil/colours in season 4

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Fairy Tale Meme: 

9 Heroines - [Lady White/ White Snake]

She quickly returned to the bedroom, while Xu Xian hurried out to prepare her some medicine. But when he came back with it, he found on the bed not his lovely wife but a huge white snake.

The young man collapsed to the floor, where Xiao Qing found him moments later. “Sister,” she called, “wake up! Your husband has died of shock!”

Lady White, again in human form, knelt by her husband, Xu Xian, and wept. 


Favorite MGS Moments | Snakes with guns