Imagine playing truth or dare with Legolas and the Fellowship

Drabble for: anon

Original request: “hello, could i please ask for a legolas x reader one-shot, where the reader is playing truth or dare with the fellowship and ends up with an awkward dare with legolas (or truth). Something like the fabulous one you did with Fili. Thank you so very much ! *fandom hug*”

Pairing: Legolas x Reader

Word count: 1192

It was a cold night in the wilderness, the wind was howling and the cold bit at your skin. The Fellowship were currently all huddled around the firetogether, clutching your cloaks to your bodies and trying to keep frostbite at bay. Aragorn and Boromir, taking up fatherly roles, had decided to keep the four hobbits warm themselves. Frodo and Sam were buried into Aragorn’s sides as Merry and Pippin did the same to Boromir.

Gimli was sitting on his own, claiming he was a dwarf and dwarves never needed assistance for such trvial matters. How it was trivial you did not know.

You however, were in the warm embrace of a very gracious yet persistent elf. At first you denied Legolas’ help, but he was very insistant and proceded to simply wrap you up in his cloak – without taking it off. Everyone was being rather gloomy and spirits were low. Gimli noticed this and said: “How about a game of dwarvish truth or dare?”

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I loved Boromir so much… Every time I watch Fellowship I fall into an endless spiral of grief and sadness. This score is amazing!!!