I’d just like to point out that Snow had nothing to do with Emma’s choice of outfit. She didn’t help. The implication is that Emma chose that outfit ON HER OWN because of how she was feeling. She was smiling, happy, comforting, hand-holding…

And she was pissed when someone spilled on her and ruined it. 

She CHOSE that outfit because she wanted to wear that. She was angry when she thought the night could be ruined. 

Clearly she wanted to be there and wanted things to go well. She wanted Hook to see that softer side of her. She’s just so open to being with him now and happy and trying to figure things out and I’m just


i watched a video of a woman who wrote a book about how loving Jesus had removed her shame from her past sins. and a book reviewer said “how could she [the author] have such little shame about her abortion?” and this was her response.

"Why do people come to this party called "Christianity" and then refuse to dance with grace? Not only that, but why do people stand on the wall, and not only refuse to dance, but also not allow anyone else to have a good time?!"

and i am just floored.

destroyed myself thinkin abt chubby baby fenris and……mama elf………….

  • Harry Potter Fandom:*Asks dozens of questions as people try to figure out how certain magic works as well as questioning certain plot points/holes while also wanting to know more about certain characters.*
  • JK Rowling:Fear not.
  • JK Rowling:Here's a trilogy of movies that won't be connected to the plot of the main HP series and will have all new characters.

BRIGHT LIGHTS IS IN US ITUNES. Y’ALL!! It only took a few years, but it’s finally there. So, if don’t already have a copy I’d suggest picking it up because there are a bunch of beautiful songs that were not on the US edition of Lights plus you get all of the audio from iTunes Festival 2010 and basically all the Lights era music videos!!! THIS IS JUST SO EXCITING! :)!!!! Check iTunes if you’re not in the US, apparently it’s available in Canada now too! :)

i’m so glad that pj & co included bilbo saying ‘im not a hero’ in AUJ because i think that’s the beauty of the hobbit? that people who possess absolutely none of the qualities that so stereotypically define heroism, like sheer cleverness or strength of arm, can make an tremendous impact and quite literally shift the course of the world

just through being kind and caring and good

oakenbranch said:

ok but like. why would pj have thorin hug bilbo in auj after bilbo saves his life unless bilbos gonna hug thorins dead body in bofa after failing to save him again. im like. its gotta happen. they gotta hug again in bofa. except during that hug no one is smiling. cause one is dead & the other is screaming & sobbing. god bless.