Less to juggle with

Y liked one of the photos I posted of T and I last night on Facebook. He liked it within 5 minutes of me posting it. haha. 

I’m sure he’s relieved to have one of the girls he lies to to move on so he has one less to juggle with. eye roll. 

I’m wondering how he feels knowing I’m dating T when I met him through Y’s friend on a day I wasn’t too impressed with Y (there are so many of those days). I remember Y’s friend saying T was coming so we had to go to the station and wait. Y had been flirting with me all day, but I wasn’t into it and we were on our way to a party. He kept saying I shouldn’t stand by him when we went there because girls would think we were a couple (he ended up standing alone in a corner all night). I was fine with that and jokingly said, “I hope your friend’s friend is hot and not an asshole like you.” Y just laughed nervously because as he said that T walked out of the station and my flirt was on and the rest is history.