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lostwondercape said:

A small smile tugged on the corners of Lou's mouth. "It's a wonderful city." Crime Lords. Falcone. Corrupted police and local government. Super-criminals. "Super-criminals? Interesting." She paused for a moment. "How powerful are these super-criminals? What power does your father hold over this city?"

Tabitha chuckled. “Not everyone agrees with this being a good city. My father is the Scarecrow; he sprayed almost the entire city with his toxin, and would’ve taken over the city if Batman hadn’t stopped him. After that little..event, most of the crime lords in Gotham have hired him and bought his drugs. If only I knew what they were planning…” She immediately blushed, as that last sentence was merely a thought she had accidentally spoken aloud.

lostwondercape said:

Gotham City? The name sounded vaguely familiar. Perhaps she had heard the name in passing once? "I am from New York City." Why was she in Gotham City? She very rarely left New York City. Only on special occasions and there was no occasion tonight. No occasion dealing with this strange city. "Why is this city full of criminals? New York City has its fair share of...evil. Yet you make this city seem far worse."

"New York City? Cool. I’ve never been, but if I could go someday I would." Tabitha smirked before adding, "Well, you can blame crime lords like the Falcone’s for making Gotham a hellhole. They’ve taken over almost the entire city right down to its roots; they’ve even corrupted some the police and local government. Anyone who tries to stand in their way either gets killed. Plus, there’s a bunch of super-criminals running around. Like my father, for example."

lostwondercape said:

I'm sorry but I feel as if I'm a bit...lost. Nothing looks familiar. Would be so kind as tell me where I am?

Tabitha smiles. “Of course. You’re in Gotham City. I would say that you’re not in the best part of it, but then again this entire city is bad and chock-full of criminals. Where are you from?”