The Signs as Pokemon
  • Aries:Charizard
  • Taurus:Bet you thought it was going to be Tauros, didn't you? Well, you're wrong. It's Heracross.
  • Gemini:Togekiss
  • Cancer:Eevee
  • Leo:Pyroar
  • Virgo:Jynx
  • Libra:Claydol
  • Scorpio:Milotic
  • Sagittarius:Rapidash
  • Capricorn:Torterra
  • Aquarius:Sylveon
  • Pisces:Castform

It’s about time I jumped on this pokemon species variant bandwagon, and what better pokemon to start with than my own mascot, omanyte! All the variants above are based on real life fossil ammonite morphospecies, except for Vulgaris which is of course the common, standard lord helix we all know and love.