toraibella said:

just wanted to tell you that I love your URL (:

I thought that said IRL and I freaked out for a minute. Like who is this what?!?!

But I’ve calmed down now and read it properly ha ha. Thanks! =]

Oh I should probably mention it’s all thanks to this guy.

toraibella said:

uh. Hi, penpal. :)

Psh, I didn’t get my letter. We aren’t penpals! …Yet. :)

1. First Impression: In complete honesty? I thought you were going to be a bitch. I thought you were gonna hate me and think I was annoying and just flat out tell me like it is and probably intimidate the shit out of me. 

2. Truth Is: I’m intrigued at how you can just base attraction on people’s personalities and completely disregard their looks. I mean, of course, in a relationship their personality is one of the main components, but with me, like a lot of other people, physical attraction brings them together then they start to get to know each other. That’s just really interesting to me, and I’d like to hear more about it. Actually, I’d just like to hear more about you. You interest me.

3. How Old Do You Look: I personally have always thought you were 20. True story.

4. Have You Ever Made Me Laugh: Hahaha, of course. Your masturbation posts are pretty funny, actually. You’d be just like, “Homework is frustrating. Gonna go masturbate.” Hahaha! 

5. Have You Ever Made Me Mad: Yeah. I didn’t really know you and you did that topless tuesday thing basically with James and even though we were broken up, it still bothered me. Y’know? Of course, you didn’t do it on purpose! And nothing happened, really, so I don’t have any problem with it or you at all.

6. Best Feature: Your. Fucking. Hair. Goddamn, I’m not too sure what color it is, but I adore it.

7. Have I Ever Had A Crush On You: Nope!

8. You’re: My soon-to-be penpal! I’m actually really excited about it still. So!

9. Name In My Phone: Don’t have your number!

Yours is actually probably the most in-depth and honest one I’ve done so far.

toraibella said:

A trolley is running out of control down a track. In its path are five people who have been tied to the track by a mad philosopher. Fortunately, you could flip a switch, which will lead the trolley down a different track to safety. Unfortunately, there is a single person tied to that track. Should you flip the switch or do nothing?

Your questions are awesome.

It depends really who these people are. If the 5 people are let’s say… Rapists or criminals… They can die. But if they’re like, innocent then they can live and whatever. But if like, the one person is someone I dearly love, and the 5 people are innocent I’d flip the switch off the five other people, run to them and probably try and help the person who I love. And if that meant us dying together then that’s just okay with me. Honestly, I have no idea what I’d do in this situation. It really all does depends who the people are.

toraibella said:

All the vowels and Y!

A - If I’m In Love: By my standards, I’d say so. 

E - How Many Holes I Have In My Ears: None. I don’t have my ears pierced and I’ve never gotten them done either.

I - The Last Time I Felt Jealous And Why: Probably of Megan ‘cause of her Kent State video. It looked so fun. It was a good kind of jealous. Like, a dreaming kind, I guess.

O - If I Like My School: I like most of the teachers, but the kids kinda piss me off. It’s probably because they don’t really give anyone else a chance to try and get to know them. I dunno. They’re probably cool if I actually learned more about a lot of them.

U - How Many Texts I Send Daily: Really not a lot. I tend to stick to Facebook to talk to people.

Y - If I Like My Town And Why: I do, actually. I mean, it’s placed nicely around things to do. Sadly, it doesn’t have much to do itself, but that’s whatever. I like how it all looks and I like how we have a lot of locally started businesses so it’s not ALL corporations. It’s cute, in my opinion. I would love to go somewhere else for awhile though.


lostintokio replied to your photo: W H A T?

You asked for questions. I gave you some. I thought that was the right thing to do. Plus I’m also interested in knowing my followers and the people I follow.

I was just amazed! Thank you! I’ve just never seen that number so high! And I didn’t even see they were from you! It’s awesome.