Cole hummed quietly to himself, his eyes searching the shelves for a particular book. He noticed a girl that seemed to be working there and decided to ask her for help. “Excuse me? Would you happen to know where you keep the books written by Oscar Wilde? I’ve been looking for quite sometime now and I can’t seem to find anything…”

As I have said in the previous post, my grandfather had to support his family from an early age after his father passed away. From this work certificate,  I have found out that he worked in the Palestine Electric Corporation (1946 - 1947) in Haifa, Palestine. It seems that he acquired this certification after resigning from this position.

This is one of the many jobs he had to make ends meet before 1948 and after 1948. The struggle was real for the Palestinians, but they kept on pushing forward, and they are still striving to live with dignity.

Again, I feel really fortunate to find these documents that aspire me to be a better person. I hope that they, with the short background I am providing, would aspire you as well.

Free Palestine!