That handwriting though …


After my great grandfather passed away, my grandfather wanted to continue on the family’s footsteps and be, along with his brothers, the caretaker and guardian of the Elijah (Al-Khader الخضر) Waqef (including the Elijah Cave). The first two documents show two pieces of paper where he prepared his request and noted important information. You can see his doodles too. The last document shows the official demand submitted to the court’s judge. I know that the Waqef was the responsibility of the family until my grandfather had to leave Haifa in 1948.

We will return!


Cole hummed quietly to himself, his eyes searching the shelves for a particular book. He noticed a girl that seemed to be working there and decided to ask her for help. “Excuse me? Would you happen to know where you keep the books written by Oscar Wilde? I’ve been looking for quite sometime now and I can’t seem to find anything…”


Continuing on the Haifa house in the #LostInPapers series, I am sharing here a collection of tax payments’ receipts. On the  receipts, it is shown that my great grandma is the one who delivered the actual payments. These receipts dated after the passing away of my great grandfather. 

The upcoming posts in the series will be, insh’allah, about the house as well.

عائد إلى حيفا