SUPERLATE POST NEW YEARS HOLIDAY 616!AVENGERS FAMILY BREAKFAST yes they’re wearing each others shirts and yes its still ugly sweater season and yes i did sneak in buckynat and jarvismay too (dont h8 its cute as hell)

and i bet the rest of the avengers are used to schmoopyness between steve and tony so they just mercilessly make fun of them now and take blackmail photos and tony’s sick of it while steve smiles serenely on (but he totally hunts down the photos and deletes them later) anyways if you can’t tell who they are: sam wilson+redwing, carol, jess, thor, peter, bruce, logan, clint, natasha, bucky

(clint sam and bucky are hung over as hell and natasha’s dissapointed in bucky. also bonus points for picking out objects from comics canon)

hey guys this is sort of a long shot but

I lost my stuffed puffin today in Grand Central Station

I checked all over the station but nobody picked her up; I think I may have dropped her in the subway station (I was in the 4-5-6). I’m pretty sure I lost her somewhere between the Financier (a pastry shop near the entrance to the subway) and getting on the downtown 4 train.

she’s about six inches tall and looks like this


and she’s really important to me, I’ve been carrying her around to help with anxiety and, and yeah

I don’t live in NYC, so if anybody found her, can you please bring her to the Metro-North Lost and Found in Grand Central Station? Even if you don’t live in NYC, could you signal-boost?

I mean it’s not very likely, but…

To help us comprehend the magnitude
of absence, huge rooms

lie empty of their wonders—the Colossus,
Babylon’s Hanging Gardens and

in this gallery, empty shelves enough to hold
all the scrolls of Alexandria.

My love, I’ve petitioned the curator
who has acquired an empty chest

representing all the poems you will
now never write.
—  Rebecca Lindenberg, “In the Museum of Lost Objects”
Finding Lost Objects
  • an orange candle (for luck and precious objects)
  • a ring of salt
  • a full moon

Wait until the Full Moon for best results and at your window, light the orange candle and set it in the ring of salt. Visualize what you’ve lost and need to be found. Say, and repeat times three:

What is lost must now be found, take my luck and turn it ‘round.

Orange represents luck and precious objects, and a candle in the window has forever been a symbol of guidence, and of finding home. The ring of salt drives away negativity, reinforcing your need to find and be found. Remember, you are finding it as much as it is finding you.