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Holy Massive Weight Loss Batman! [9.26.14]

I was going to wait until after my morning workout to post my weigh in results but I couldn’t wait to share!! On my last weigh in [9/14], I weighed 260 lbs. I weighed in today at 253.4 lbs!! Hooooooooooly  shit! That’ a loss of 6.6 lbs in one week. That’s insane.. and a lot!


Looks like the HP crew is pretty stoked

I don’t know if it’s water weight or fat loss or what but whatever it is.. it’s gone. I will say that I bounced back and forth between 259 and 258 for 6 days.. maybe this is just catch up? I dunno but I am now 8.4 lbs away from my first goal!

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Self Sabotage Syndrome 


I tried the Avocado Baked Egg for Breakfast.
It was ok, nothing special, plus I over cooked my egg -Boo.
Such a time consuming Breakfast Meal, I’d rather fry eggs and put avo on top.

I wanted to share with you my 6 Month Goal Plan (diet & fitness part).
Basically I need structure and I need something to work towards. I WANT to be fit again, I WANT all my clothes to fit comfortably, I WANT to feel confident and comfortable with my body. I honestly don’t think I have that far to go to achieve these things. 6 months from now feels like a realistic attainable goal and a time period where I will still need to work hard to achieve my goals. I will not be weighing myself (I don’t have a scale). Ill be basing all my fat loss by how my clothes fit. I have 2 pairs of nice jeans that are just too tight and I don’t feel comfortable wearing them, I have many pairs of shorts but I didn’t wear them this past summer because I didn’t feel comfortable in them, I have the same belt for the past 5 years and watched the notches get tighter and looser. By the end of 6 months-March, I want to be able to wear the jeans, shorts and all of my clothes with confidence and ease. I also want to see the notches on my belt get tighter. 
My main focus right now is exercise. I know I have been slacking in that department. I’d like to be going to the Gym 5 times per week with 2 rest days, on the rest days I still want to be active and adjust my eating to suit. 
I don’t want to follow anything strictly. I eat normally a primal diet as a way of life and would like to keep that up. I don’t need to go as far at becoming keto adapt. I find the more I restrict my eating i.e LCHF, KETO, PALEO, the more it backfires. I like eating cheese, I like cream in my coffee, I enjoy the occasional treat, and fruits. I never crave wheat, bread, legumes, sugar (only in the form of dark chocolate). So again, primal is whats working best. Now a days there is a recipe to paleo-fy pretty much everything anyways.

Basically I just want you to know what this Blog is all about. I’m willing to help and give advice to people ( google is also a great tool ;) ).
I’ll post my daily eats, any progress and daily workouts. 
Any single person can make goals, attainable and suited to you and achieve them. Weight-loss is possible for anyone, you just got to do the work- simple right?

Happy Health :))

#herbalife #commitment #changinglives #abs #travel #transformation #loseweight #gainmuscle #nutrition that’s right people. It’s finally here. The 3 day trials have finally hit USA. It’s time to jump start that metabolism and that body transformation right into 2015. Don’t use these next 3 months as an excuse to let your body fall apart because of the holiday season!!! Be ahead of the the gang!

anonymous said:

Hey I weigh almost 300 pounds and sometimes I forget that I weigh that much and I really want to correct myself. I do know that I am good with weights and all but I don't slim down I just gain muscle when I exercise and dieting is soooo hard when your whole family doesn't do it... PLEASE HELP. how did you overcome temptation and get to where you are! By the way you are an incredible inspiration!

Hiiii. You most likely didn’t gain weight while lifting unless you were overeating excessively. When you first start lifting you’re challenging your muscles which is making them:

  • retain water (making you temporarily heavier) and
  • need more energy/nutrients (making you hungrier than normal)

The water weight will go away in a few weeks. If you stick with it I promise with a clean diet you will slim down. What was your food intake like? 
The only reason cravings are so strong is because you create tension in yourself by saying, “I want that but I can’t have it.” Not being able to have something only makes you want it more! Instead, see the donut (or whatever is tempting you) for what it really is. “It’s just a blob of flour, sugar and fat. Yes, it smells good, yes, it would probably taste good, and if I really want to eat it, I can. But do I really want to?” You’d be surprised how well this approach works – it knocks that smug donut right off its pedestal and minimizes the intensity of the craving.Is the enjoyment you would gain from eating one donut worth missing out on the accomplishment of reaching your weight loss goals? Granted, in the heat of the moment it might seem worth it. But if you take a mental step back from the craving and remember how badly you want to feel the joy of being slender and healthy – suddenly the benefits the donut offers seem shallow and fleeting in comparison.

Once you get into the habit of seeing temptation in a different light, suddenly it doesn’t seem so hard to overcome it and stay focused on what you REALLY want – that beautiful, healthy, strong body.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

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