I’m sorry but I honestly don’t understand why musicals/shows/plays are reviewed by critics who are evidently not a member of the target audience. I highly doubt that a middle-aged man is going to respond kindly to a show aimed at an young audience, and in turn, the show undeservedly gets a bad review or lower ratings. It literally infuriates me so much. At the very least, these critics should acknowledge how receptive the target audience will be of the production and perhaps be less ignorant and narrow minded towards a new generation of theatre-goers. 

600% done. 

Loserville&I (pls Reblog)

When I was twelve I’ve fallen in love with this band called Busted. I knew them from the singstar copy my cousin got me for christmas. As soon as I’ve fallen in love with them I had to realize that they broke up one year ago.

Because I always liked James Bourne the best I found out about his new band, Son of dork. They ment a lot to me, they made me learn English and play the guitar (Ticket outta Loserville was the first song I thaught myself). Now I’m in a band and in the English-high-intense-course. Those 5 guys made me who I am today. Just one year later SoD broke up.

I never stopped following and supporting James’ projects (like Call me when I’m 18 )… Now that I’m just aged 18 (see the prank my life pulled on me?!) I found out about James’ latest project: he wrote a musical, Loserville. As I’ve grown into a big fan of Glee recently, I was totally psyched. I’m totally into it. I mean I’m a geek, an IT-nerd like Micheal Dork (from the musical)

So I saved money, went babysitting, was the nicest kid my parents could wish for. In the #BiggestGeek competition of the musical I’ve even won tickets for the preview which I sadly could not attend.

Because I’m from Germany and most of my friends are students they don’t have the money to go there with me. But I want it so bad that I drew one picture to the topic of Loserville and my interpretations and feelings towards it each day until I see the Musical (I’m still doing it - you can see on my website http://sofa-pro.webs.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=14184631). I planned to go on the 4th of January 2013.

Then Halloween came and my friend Melli and I have been to the show of Young Guns and Don Broco in a City near us. I asked her if she’d go to Loserville with me but she found it to “expensive” as well so she set me a (nearly impossible for me to realise) deal. Her deal says that if Gustav or/and a member of Don Broco showed us around in London, she would come with me.

Now I have this Mission Impossible running. Without any help. Would you please help me? The Musical will end on 5th of January 2013 (I’d call this fate) and I have to see it. Would you please help me spread the word aout this? I need you.

My deepest thanks and best wishes for you and all the best (if you believe in God, may God be always with you)…



I don’t even care how much of a creep I am, but the other day I went to see James Bourne at the Olivier Awards/Covent Garden and we met Danny Hall. I decided to take photos of my boyfriend getting his CD signed by Danny because he always forgets to ask for photos and ends up complaining afterwards and I just think this is the cutest photo ever and aw, look how happy he is.

That’s all.

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We are sorry to announce that Loserville the Musical (http://loservillethemusical.com/) will be closing the 5th January 2013. It was a incredibly difficult decision for the producers to make. We want everyone to come and see the show before we close, and let us put a smile on your face!

If you haven’t seen the show yet then don’t delay any longer, get your tickets at http://lsrvll.com/ and pop down to the Garrick Theatre in London.