Lose Yourself || Thomas/Tabby/Deklan

Tabitha was nervous.  

Well, excited and nervous.  This was going to be a strange experiment, and she was hopeful that it would be successful.  She needed it.  Needed it to work.  Needed to be stronger.  

By some miracle of timing, Tobias and Skye had decided to take the week off to road-trip to Yellowstone National park, so Tabby had the apartment to herself. 

Deklan had already arrived and was using the bathroom when Tabby heard a knock on her door.  She smoothed her hair and took a deep breath before opening the door.  She was dressed fairly conservatively in pink socks, blue jeans, a three-quarter sleeve purple boatneck tee-shirt.  

“Thomas,” she said brightly, smiling at the man.  “Please come in.”

She stepped back to allow him to enter.  

“Can I get you something to drink?” she asked over her shoulder as she headed into the kitchen.  Her own glass of chocolate milk and Deklan’s half’drank bottle of water were sitting across from one another on the dining room table.