Eminem’s Lose Yourself, in ASL.

25 things you should do before turning 25

be you
don’t be you
be somebody else
be reckless
be annoying
be crazy
be resilient
be and don’t “be” at the same fucking time

close your eyes
trace your own steps
go back in time and ask yourself
some stupid questions

open your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror
evaluate what you see on a scale counting
from ten to one
ten being the ugliest number all around

run away and come back
before it’s too late
throw a wild party and then
leave, before it gets too wild

smoke some pot and flirt with life
grow hair longer than the skirt you’ve tried
on, when you were sixteen and a half

lose yourself among others
fragment your body, gaze at it
let others gaze

touch things with your eyes closed
pick a new name
then stop for a moment
breathe in and out

let the night devour you