...none so precious as the boy with the black eyes.

dead man’s bones - buried in water

under the ground / there’s a town there / i’ve been down there / in the middle of the lake

johnny hollow - human lullaby

and when I close my eyes / this blackened canvas falls / and darkness starts to shine / and dreams begin to call / and when I watch them float / i hold my sleeping breath / these secrets, hidden truths / that live beyond my death

lorn - ghosst(s)

i’ve watched this ghost so long it feels like home to me / we’ve seen him wail, he keeps his tail tucked in between

metallic falcons - misty song

on these waves you sing / sing we truest / each come see it / these soft seek / salt tempting ears / wait your crimson locks / on courses of thy hearts

chelsea wolfe - feral love

your eyes, black like an animal / deep in the wander / and care for no one but the offspring of your might

soap&skin - me and the devil

i don’t see why / people dog me ‘round / it must be that old evil spirit / so deep down in the ground

zola jesus - night

don’t be afraid / don’t be alarmed / in the end of the night you’re in my arms

gazelle twin - i am shell i am bone

i am young and i am old

android lust - god in the hole (version)

i wanna look good / for my personal god / tell me how to feel / tell me who to hurt


Emily Lorn 5:29 pm
    the only hard bit is compensating for distance

 Daniel 5:29 pm

    Compensating for something.
    I’m mature.

 Emily Lorn 5:30 pm

 Daniel 5:30 pm
    I like how you can’t say I’m mature without spelling out Immature.

 Emily Lorn 5:30 pm
    go post that on tumblr.