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What’s GTW? By the way, if you get the digital version with Origin (if we’re talking about a game that’s available there) you won’t lose it. You can even download it on another computer and sign in with your username

GTW = Get to Work, a Sims 4 EP. I know you can’t loose the origin stuff in the origin, but if I loose my password ( which I seem to do a lot ) that might be an issue.

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I was told he sung in the movie CryBaby. :::: "Before the role of Sweeney Todd, Johnny Depp had never publicly sung in his life. The first song he recorded for the movie was 'My Friends', which, in his opinion, was one of the hardest songs Sweeney sings in the movie."

James Intveld did the singing for Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby, not himself.

lorna08 replied to your post: Hi, I love your blog. I’m curious about the satanist belief. I can’t deny that I was a little put-off when you posted something about it. I grew up in a very roman catholic family, but I am not a devoted catholic myself. I read the passage that you posted and it has me curious about it. Can you give me a little more info on this ideology?

Satan comes from the bible, no? Why would you be an atheist and belong to a said “church or satan”? Your description sounds like something I would relate to but I wouldn’t call myself a satanist. I don’t believe in “Satan”. (my thoughts)

It’s not like that at all, they don’t believe in “satan” as a being, it’s just a term. I suggest reading some of the stuff on that site if you want to know more about what satanism really is ;) And also, again, I never claimed to be a satanist, I’m just learning about it and am intrigued by it. 

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I assume you'd dyed your hair before?

True! Haven’t been all natural since I was about 17-ish.  But the color I am now is pretty much my natural shade, just a bit amplified, lol.