Avengers 2

So I heard Loki isn’t in avengers 2…..

not in avengers 2….

Then I searched and confirmed he is not in avengers 2….

I can’t even right now  - it means he probably dies in Thor 2

Loki was why I was so excited for this f'in movie - there are just not enough gifs to express. 

#otdimjh 12 November 1414 Longest Medieval Disputation at Tortosa ends with memorandum of Rabbi Astruc

Haim Beinart writes in Encyclopedia Judaica:

The disputation held in Tortosa, in 1413–14 was the most important and longest of the Christian-Jewish disputations which were forced upon the Jews during the Middle Ages. It was apparently prompted by Gerónimo de Santa Fé (the apostate Joshua Lorki) in which he claimed to prove the authenticity of the messianism of Jesus from Jewish sources.


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datas-vibrating-robot-dong asked:

I was told you've drawn LoreKi (Lore/Loki) fanart. If I was told correctly, I need to see it so that I can continue breathing because LoreKi is one of my new OTPs.

I do indeed! :D Not a lot so far, but here’s one of my Lorki doodles http://devilry.deviantart.com/art/Lore-and-Loki-467558510

It’s a very rare pairing, so I’m curious how you came about the genius (and potential total destruction) that is Lorki?


Yay, she got it! #happylittlegirl #cycling #lorki #inowroclaw #familytime so proud of my little girl 😻


A couple more rows while waiting for breakfast #letesknits #knitting #placeswhereyoucanknit #gdansk #lorki #goodmorning (w: Cico Cafe&Restaurant)


Only when she stops controlling doing whatever she is doing, does she really start pedaling #cycling #funnycycling #inowroclaw #solanki #lorki (w: TĘŻNIE & Park Solankowy)


Little runaway 😜 #lorki #inowroclaw #easterwalk #familytime (w: TĘŻNIE & Park Solankowy)