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fafen asked:

So I'm getting into orc lore/rp this expansion, and one of my characters, I want to play as one of the children from old Draenor that was aged artificially by locks to fight (that was a thing, right?). But I'm confused at how old that would make them now. Any insights?

Well it depends! The aging happened everywhere between just before crossing the portal, and the Second war. After Orgrim Doomhammer took over, the process was halted, because he essentially eliminated the Shadow Council. I imagine it aged them to about 20? And the Dark Portal opened ~35 years ago, so they’d be something like ~55 now, if they were aged after the dark portal opened. Somewhere in the 50s range. The Frostwolf Clan didn’t practice it, so it’d be restricted to the other clans.

I hope that helped! If you need more specification, and feel like dealing with more exact times, hit me up!

Orianna - Lore rewrite

Orianna was not always the clockwork wonder, known so famously in Piltover, that she is today. Many years ago, the girl for which she is named, Orianna Reveck, was a dancer. She performed in the grandest theaters in Piltover, the performances always open to the public. Of this, her father Corin was quite proud, and his pride swelled as her fame grew across Valoran.

But such things all come to tragic ends. Agents from Zaun were sent out, ordered to put and end to the dancing pride of Piltover’s career, and life. They were successful, murdering the poor girl in her dressing room after a performance.

The city mourned the loss of their beloved dancer, memorial services held for a month after her death. Her father, not willing to let such a slight on his family, his pride and his city go unanswered sought a way to defy their jealous neighbors, and remake his daughter in such a way that she could never be taken from the world again.

When his work was finally complete, he sent out invitations all across Valoran. Set in the last theater his daughter had performed in, her father waited for every seat to be filled. Dignitaries from across the land had come, wondering what this tragic man had to show them, mere months after his daughter’s passing.

When the curtains were drawn back, a chorus of murmurs and hushed talking came over the crowd. Standing center stage, posed as though mid pirouette, was a girl made of metal. A large key protruded from her back, turning slowly with each second. Her eyes cast an eerie glow from her face as they scanned the crowd.

Corin spoke up from a booth above the crowd once they had quieted down. “You see here, fair people of Valoran, my defiance. My daughter, as you all know, was taken from me mere months ago. Murdered by Zaunite hands. But I vowed to not let her memory be scarred by such an event! The wonder of techmaturgy you see before you is Orianna made anew! Never to be stolen from us again.”

The crowd applauded the speech, standing in their ovation. But not all who bore witness to the spectacle were pleased. Men sent by Zaun to oversee the event had snuck back stage the moment the curtains had drawn back. As soon Corin’s speech was complete, they made their move. intent on undoing his work.

No sooner had they stepped out than Orianna reacted, turning to face one and gesturing with her hand. Down from the area above her came an orb, made similarly to her. It sailed towards the first of her would-be attackers, colliding with his chest and shattering his ribs. Another gesture from the girl, now striding towards the men, caused a pulse of sound to erupt from the orb, rendering the men immobile.

When she was withing reach of the one still conscious, clutching his bleeding ears, she lifted him effortlessly from the ground. Spinning on the tip of one foot, she tossed the man across the stage. He did not rise again.

Joined by her companion orb, the mechanical duet moved to the front of the stage, taking a bow as though they had been performing for the crowd. Cheers rose from the watching, while her father gave praise to her over the speakers. He was proud once more, knowing that his daughter’s legacy would carry on. And though she took to the violence a little too eagerly, he knew she would only fight in self defense. And thus the clockwork lady was born.

logicalfangirl asked:

You may have answered something like this before but I need help. HOW DO I DRAENEI FEET/LEGS.

I’ll show you some tutorials I’ve used!




Unguligrade 1 and Unguligrade 2 by the13thblackcat


Draenei Anatomy by RachelRaven


Draenei Leg Tutorial by Astrall-Cooties

And of course never forget to look at nature, even through the computer, and observe the anatomy of goats, horses, and other unguligrades. 

Draenei know mercy. They force themselves to employ it. But they are not perfect - not even the Prophet is perfect - and they have at times lost that mercy. The draenei did not go meekly to their demise when the orcs attacked - even while Velen tried to discover why the formerly cool but not-aggressive relationship with the orcs had become violent, and tried to explain to them the truth of Oshu’gun for both their people’s benefit, the draenei defended themselves, to the orcs’ sorrow. Many orcs died before the rise of the warlocks, and many more died after - every orc victory in the war came at a terrible cost. The orcs resorted to aging their own children into adulthood early in order to throw them into the conflict as cannon fodder, mass demon summonings, and finally the drinking of the Blood of Mannoroth because they had to. There was no other way for them to win, and Gul’dan knew his own neck was on the chopping block if he lost. The draenei did not sit back and pray when all of this was going on - they fought, and killed.

draenei headcanons more like kill me now please.

things i’ve thought on a LOT that i’ll expand on later:

draenei lifespan similarity to light years
draenei lifespan similarity to light movement in space

draenei vs eredar: ultraviolet vs infrared light
draenei vs eredar: hot light vs cold light

draenei shadow priests / death knights and their relationship with the light (and god bless you Archmage Velen)


literally one of the nicest dudes i know

you have little faith in your own abilities which is a tragedy because you’re super talented

we click on a lot of levels i think both through our incessant need to draw, love of drawing other people’s characters, and 110% love for lorecrafting

you got a great drawing style and a knack for research and costume design which i wholly envy

also i love seeing message notifications pop up from you on skype and bnet because you’re always so friendly and asking nice things like how am i doing 

basically you’re a national treasure ok

we need to rp more

anonymous asked:

Would draenei be considered an endangered species

Yeah. They are.

  • (Path of Glory; Outland) The Path of Glory is a road that leads from the foot of the Stair of Destiny to Hellfire Citadel, dividing the eastern half of Hellfire Peninsula. Upon closer inspection, the Path of Glory appears to be completely paved with trampled bones - the bones of the draenei victims of the Horde’s demon-crazed genocidal rampage shortly before the opening of the Dark Portal.

Roleplayers have to dance around a lot of lore in order to make their stories plausible and believable. While not everyone is concerned with being 100% dedicated to known canon material in their roleplay, the announcement of Warlords of Draenor brings up a lot of concerns and questions for those that are. The somewhat unorthodox method of time-travel used in the expansion leaves many players wondering exactly how to handle the situation — and on top of that, we’ve been told we’ll be stranded on Draenor, presumably with no way to get back to good old familiar Azeroth at all.

So how do you reconcile what’s about to happen to your character? Do you ignore the main storyline of an expansion that hasn’t been released yet, or do you embrace the idea that your character may not be able to return at all? What kind of challenges are roleplayers going to see in Warlords of Draenor? More importantly, is this something your character should be addressing now?


The Challenge of Roleplay in the Face of Warlords - Anne Stickney

This is an interesting and helpful article regarding insight on the timetraveling aspect in Warlords of Draenor and how it could affect roleplayers.

Equestrian Jumping Event(?)

So you know the Stack of Wooden Boards you can purchase from the Shado-Pan? I was messing around with them, and on a whim I jumped over one. Then I had an idea. I mounted my talbuk and jumped over it. THEN I WAS INSPIRED!

Hel (rurukatt) came down to Townlong Steppes and I set up the stacks in different positions, then asked her to mount her talbuk and jump over them. 







The stacks last for around 5 minutes.

Considering you can purchase up to 20 stacks at a time, plant the stacks anywhere, and do not take up a lot of space, these things are GREAT for creating an equestrian riding event that anyone with a mount can participate!

Please feel free to use this idea for your own RP or large guild/server events!

winter-scythe asked:

How long do you think half-Draenei/Orc individuals live, and in your opinion, which race wins out on physical traits?

Looks like, according to in-game models and other artwork sources, the orc physical traits seem to be more dominant and prominent than the draenei traits. Such as:


And Garona

Though in both cases, and more heavily shown in Garona, is that these half-breed orcs’ eyes seems to have the Draenei’s signature eye glow (though it seems either really faded on Lantresor or he just has really pale eyes).

Though some artists, like the really talented tmirai have taken their own approach on half-orc/draenei appearance:

and even myself

In these cases there is a more “even” blend between draenei and orcish features. A half-orc/draenei character can really be depicted as having either more or less physical characteristics of either parent depending on the creator’s preference.

As far as how long they live? I’ve looked up known hybrid species, such as mules and ligers and some crossbreeds of wolves/dogs, and it seems the trend is that hybrids tend to live longer than either pure specie parent. Mules have known to live up to 30-40 years and the oldest ligers are up to 21+ years of age. Considering that a draenei is practically immortal and orcs live up to 80-90 years (around a similar lifespand as humans) it’s safe to assume that a half-orc/draenei is going to outlive its orc parent but not live as long as its draenei one.

Hope this helps!

Orc Headcanon

So, I was thinking about orcs, and the different generation of orcs that exist together. You can have old orcs that have lived through the first opening of the Portal, middle aged orcs that have lived on Azeroth for many years and are veterans of practically all their major wars, and young orcs, perhaps those born on Azeroth, whether in a clan or in a camp, and all they know is this world. 

I think a lot about those younger orcs. Especially the ones in camps. See, I believe in old orc culture there was probably some old saying of “an orc is born without fear” mostly as a way to inspire youngsters to not be afraid, or to not let fear get the better or them, because they probably raised their children with tales of bravery and strength and courage, no matter how big and mean the bag guys in these stories were (and we’re talking the old enemies of the orcs; the gronn and ogres). So a kid orc never really knew fear, and adult orcs show this - from Draenor to Azeroth. Who’s heard of a cowardly orc? Orcs are big and fearsome, and are eager for battle, and they’ll take on ANYTHING! They’d sooner die with honor in the battlefield than turn around.

What if humans knew this? Or heard about these sayings, these orc teachings that taught bravery and strength before anything else for their young? I imagine, in the orc interment camps, young orcs were separated from their mothers/families and either raised on the other side of the camp or moved to a completely separate one. Without the adults nearby these kids had no one to teach them that these humans were weak, or to protect them from humans. The humans took advantage of this. And the first thing they taught these orc children was FEAR.

We’re talking really young orcs being subjected to terrible, frightening things to purposely instill a fear in them so deep that it would be the dominating response to any other stimuli. It was a way to ensure that as they grew older and bigger the humans would still be able to control them because they would’ve learned to fear humans. I think of bad things; like frightened orc children huddling in a corner of their cell, screaming as large hound dogs bark and growl at them barely held back by their leashes. It’s why Trovos doesn’t like worgs. The smell and look and sounds of a worg is too similar to that of a dog. He knows worgs and orcs have a strong bond, and dogs and worgs would rather please their masters than hurt anyone, but it’s still something that makes Trovos really uncomfortable because he remembers those times. He can use logic all he wants, but the growl or bark of a worg still makes him flinch a little.

Or, again, thinking back, that they may have taken orc children out to see how the humans tortured adult orcs in front of them. Adult orcs that probably defied the humans or still had fight left in them. To teach the young about consequences, about what would happen to them if they did the same. We’re talking like big adult orcs, orcs that children could instinctually identity as protectors and seeing them being cut up and beaten and tortured. That humans did this to them. A recent RP with the guild Trovos is in in WrA was about how they captured Iron Horde orcs and tortured them. Each member was taking turns with the various orcs, taking their time in inflicting terrible, cruel pain, and seemingly gleeful about it. Trovos was the only orc there, watching. And he remembered how the humans did the same to the older orcs when he was a kid in the camps, the same cries and the sight of blood and the lighthearted humor of those that did those things to them. It was shocking and sickening to see those goblins and elves and trolls do this to orcs, even if they were Iron Horde. He didn’t stay for long. 

These orc kids at the camps would learn to look down or away. To turn around and run when humans approached. They’d learn to be scared of a jail cell opening, or footsteps, or of anything bumping or rasping against the stone walls. 

I imagine these young orcs, once freed from the camps and living in Orgrimmar, would still carry these traumas with them. They’ll either grow up angry and hostile, or meek and peaceful, mostly in the middle somewhere, but they’ll show a hesitation or doubt when seeing something intimidating, they’ll get nervous and scared. And the older orcs would call them weak and cowards. Maybe they are. After all, the first thing they learned was fear.

New Draenei Sport: Gunjika*

(*Note that this is a fanmade theorycrafting draenei sport and in no way am I forcing this as canon. The player can adopt it or disregard it.)

Since the creation of jed’hin sometimes I’ve been asked if I ever created, or will create, another draenei sport for females, and since back then I had nothing in mind since I was busy fleshing out jed’hin more I left it open for anyone to create their own (and it still is!), but recently I’ve been thinking of a festival style kind of group event where all genders can participate.

It’s called Gunjika. Gunjika is a festival race involving a team of four individuals dressed elaborately in their team colors and theme, usually involving a kilt and body paint. The centerpiece (literally) of the team is a talbuk also colored and elaborately decorated. The talbuk is blindfolded and wears a strong harness, two lead ropes are held by two draenei, standing on either side of the front of the talbuk (usually by the neck or head). The other two draenei are on either side at the rear of the talbuk (usually by the flank). 

The draenei must lead their talbuk in a run to the finish line without any of them letting go, or getting their hands off, of the animal. The difficulty comes in that a blindfolded talbuk will be skittish and stubborn, making the race tricky at best and even a little bit dangerous (watch out for bites and kicks). Some talbuk can even break free and run off! The lead draenei at the front guide the animal, and the draenei at the rear keep the talbuk steady. Usually the strongest draenei are at the front, and the fastest draenei at the rear since they can recuperate faster from the occasional kick they’d have to dodge, but any combination is up to the team itself. Any number of teams can participate, there’s been record from two to up to fourteen teams racing at once.

Keep in mind that in order for a team to win they MUST cross the finish line with all draenei holding on to the talbuk. You can imagine how crazy it can get with some tripping or losing their grip and their team must stop a freaked out talbuk to wait for them to catch up and then keep on running.

Gunjika started out as a competition between talbuk herders to test their animals’ temperament (blindfold) and speed (race), and quickly gained popularity throughout Draenor.

I’m going to work on fleshing this out a little bit more and adding some illustrations, but what do you guys think so far?