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jqg said:

lordmcenglish by the way how are you

Wow it’s that cool kid Hannah whose blog background literally burns my eyes out, but that doesn’t matter, because it’s Hannah’s blog.

But yeah, I think you’re really awesome. I like watching you from afar, and then spitting out my drink at every other post you reblog. It’s fun. 

By the way, I’m gr8. Thanks for asking, broski.

jqg said:

I suppose that's understandable! But I mean it's not like school's kinda over though.. I mean, unless you plan on not going to college? But I guess graduating has to sort of be like moving.

no i’m going to college

it’s just way different

and like idk, i’m gonna miss the people i know now that i might never see again

jqg said:

gaaaah so you're graduating oh man i know a ton of people who are and stuff i just, i mean im not graduating for a while, but ghjkjsndfh i hope its fun i guess i mean?? i dont know what do you say to things like this


i’m kinda scared idk

i’m gonna miss everything so much