After a long journey the heroes finally reached the fortress of (name pending), ready to stop and seal away the villains that had been transforming and taking over the country side. Upon entering, Lord Dragon Master gazed upon the armour that had been stripped from him at the onset of the quest. Within it pulsed all his power that he desperately desired. Though suspiciously unguarded, he did not hesitate, and rushed to put it on and regain his dominion.

However, as soon as the helm was placed on his head and the armour set was completed, it was too late to realize that his suit had been cursed…

The power that flowed through him had been altered, and as it surged through the armour his body and mind shifted, changing to punish LDM for not standing with those he had come to stop.

As the metamorphosis ended, where should have stood an empowered Lord Dragon Master, ready to aid the heroes, now stood a new foe again blocking their path…

Whatever shall the heroes do, and what will become of LDM now…