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Veronica Mars thoughts on 1x13 Lord of the Bling

I took a day off and talked about Veronica, so obviously I had to talk Logan in this episode.

This episode could alternately be titled “The Rehabilitation of Aaron Echolls.” I talked about our expectations vs. the reality of Aaron back in my thoughts on Return of the Kane, and this reminded me strongly of that. Aaron and Logan are again contrasted: Logan’s sarcasm and denial against Aaron’s sorrow and good family values. This time we have far more sympathy for Logan. We know about his abuse, we’ve seen his face when the radio was speaking about his mother.

The downcast eye, the near-grief in his expression…and now he has a reason to be grieving! But what’s striking about Logan in this episode is his certainty. As Hassija and Gray (2012) (cause hell yeah, I have nothing better to do at 3am on a Sunday than look up psych articles related to my unimportant reviews of Veronica Mars) record, there is a moderate correlation between victims of abuse and self-blame. But Logan does not appear to have that attitude. I’m not saying that he doesn’t feel it inside, but his presentation assigns blame outward, both for his abuse (“On the way home I spilled a milkshake in the Beamer and you gave me a nosebleed…I guess we just remember it differently, Dad.”) and Lynn’s death (“So okay, Dad, let’s be honest. Maybe we both wished we’d been better. But she’s only gone because of you.”).

However, he is equally certain about the idea of Lynn’s escape rather than her suicide. He is clinging to that denial despite its implausibility and it makes me wonder: perhaps he clings to his version of events, openly advocating as the truth Aaron’s position as the villain of his and his mother’s lives because he wants to believe it rather than truly doing so. It’s pure speculation, but it seems to me that Logan’s apparent lack of self-blame could be covering up just that.