If you have an addiction & slipped up recently, this is just a reminder to keep pushing forward. God has not left you, and you WILL beat what ever is consuming your life. Don’t lose focus, and don’t feel like you’re too dirty or worthless to run back and fall at Jesus’ feet. He died for you to give you freedom from this. He sees your struggle and His grace has got you covered.
Love you. x

if u ever think u made a bad first impression just remember that u can never make a worse first impression than the entire website of tumblr.com gave me when i first joined and the ‘bitch i might be’ meme was at its height

"The most effective argument for Christianity is Christians who are saints, lovers.  The world did not say: ‘See how they explain one another!’ but ‘See how they love one another!’  You cannot argue with a saint.  He would just kiss you, as Jesus did to Judas and as He did to the Grand Inquisitor in Dostoyevski’s parable in The Brothers Karamazov
How do you fight love?  You don’t.  You lose.  That is, you win.”

~from The God Who Loves You.

(art: Christ taken Prisoner, by Gustave Dore, 1800’s)


"She is hilarious and she is fire. I didn’t expect her to be fire but lord I’m a have me a time". Beyoncé

“She’s very very smart,”  [the TV show Babies Choice] teaches the babies that when you say hello, that means you’re going to be around. But when you say, ‘bye bye,’ it means you’re going to disappear. So when you’re around her, when she looks at you and she’s tired of you, she looks at you and she says, ‘bye bye!”.  ”So with me I’m like, ‘No bye bye! No bye bye!” Gloria Carter

"My twin, my fellow sassy pants, my dancing partner, my incredibly smart, beautiful, niece-y-poo, turns 3 today! I love her so much❤️❤️❤️" Solange

"She is a powerhouse. She is like, the boss of everything. And she can do all the choreography to Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ video even though she’s just 3 years old. She’s just super smart and I love her so much." Gwyneth Paltrow