PuG by ancalinar

Loosely inspired by my WoW-playing days — but think of this as actual players wearing their avatars’ gear, rather than a faithful representation of in-game characters… or even faithful representation of their gear.

The story behind this goes something like this.

An arms warrior is jonesing to run a dungeon, but the only person she’s found is a stay-at-home mom leveling her moonkin alt. The warrior is in the process of putting on her ‘tanking’ set to run a dungeon, because she’s sick of waiting on a real tank… and the moonkin druid needs a new pair of britches, because the ‘tank’ is assuming she will heal and is sort of ignoring her explanations that she can’t do a good enough job.

Or something. Obviously this references the ye olde days, before you could toss your name into the PuG-generator machine and had to spam /general for hours to assemble a group.

Read whatever you want into it. :]


Some more of my favorite dresses from sheinside

I love the necklines of both dresses - especially the first dress, I really like how simple it is and I’m really considering getting it!
I find the second dress really cool too! (and it’s only $14 :o) I just love loose dresses!