Chen: But it’s because.. Out of our members, I’m not one of the younger ones. I’m right in the middle. So, when I look at the members younger than me.. I get worried. Even when Sehun is just walking-

Baekhyun: He looks like he’s going to fall over.

A Bucky Barnes/ Steve Rogers playlist. Both sides of their story, in one convenient playlist. </3 {listen}


Ways to Go— GroupLove. Call it Fate, Call it Karma— The Strokes. No Light, No Light— Florence + the MachineMiss You— Foster the PeopleNational Anthem— Lana Del Rey. Skulls— BastilleStockholm Syndrome— MuseYou Always Hurt the Ones You Love— Ryan GoslingTu LuzCarla Morrison


Futile Devices— Sufjan Stevens. Porno— Arcade Fire. Pompeii— BastilleBlack Sheep— MetricKiss With a Fist— Florence + the Machine. Not a StrangerThe Hush SoundTake Me Out— Franz FerdinandMedicine— DaughterUnder the Sheets— Ellie Goulding. You Are My Home— The Hush Sound.

Happy #pancakeday aka the best day of the year 😉 #vegan @oranicburst maca/banana/buckwheat pancakes, with banana, warmed raspberries, looooads of peanut butter, coconut flakes and some @therawchocolatecompany mulberries 💖 perfect fuel before the gym with @loumjones!

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your blog is so inspiring!! im going off now to buy looooads of fruit and healthy stuff which ive been crazily deprived of recently, what smoothies or breakfasts do you suggest?

ahh thank you!! good for you wow go you i’m jealous .. uhhh i love breakfast its my fave meal of the day i have museli with soy yog and heaps of fruit or oatmeal plus fruit, overnightoats, pb banana toast, toast with avo, greek yoghurt fruit and granola, regular cereal which isn’t full of sugar eg weetabix, pancakes w fruit, eggs eggs eggs you cant go wrong have them poached boiled fried scrambled lit anything!! as for smoothies, my fave includes a shit tonne of greens and frozen bananas and then any other fruits i fancy and some superfood powders and water / non dairy milk added but i sometimes have mango and kale and water and then anything goes really usually banana or mango, pinneaple, berries, dates, melon, greens and superfood powders/chia/flax seeds .. i dont really drink a lot of smoothies in the winter as i prefer to have a warm drink in the morning like coffee or tea but if u live in a hot climate/in the summer smoothies are ace!! hope this helped, enjoy your fruity-ness!!!

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top five times u've eaten garlic bread

o shit umm

- the garlic bread in zizzi’s when i went out with my best pal from home and took an empty cider bottle because the shape of it made me laugh
- the time when lucy and sinead came round and we ate looooads of garlic bread
- when i had all my best pals up at uni for my birthday and we ate so much pizza and garlic bread
- the cheesey garlic flatbread me luce and alex had in ‘spoons that time before they saw mobo and i got really drunk off 2 ciders and we took loads of rad nd cute selfies in ‘spoons toilets
- the first time i went to lucy’s house and met tango and we had a stick of garlic bread each and watched love actually

I’m going to London for 2 days in April with my family and I can pick one thing to do for myself what should I do? I’ve never been to London before and of course there’s looooads to do but we won’t have that much time plus it has to be something bearable for my family ahaha

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Who do you think would be a good judith grimes from the walking dead; not a child, but more like late teens to early twenties? id appreciate the help looooads

  • Halston Sage
  • Kiernan Shipka
  • Bridgit Mendler
  • Elle Fanning
  • Sabrina Carpenter
  • Sasha Pieterse
  • Alli Simpson
  • Jennette McCurdy

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Have you ever thought about writing anything Ziam with an Egyptian pharaoh Zayn?

i have not thought about it personally but now i am thinking about it!!  i am thinking about it very much!!  my only reservation is that i’d have to looooads of research because i’d feel uncomfortable trying to wing it but any au with zayn as the royalty he deserves to be is a good au to me

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Who do you think would be a good judith grimes from the walking dead; not a child, but more like late teens to early twenties? id appreciate the help looooads

Okay, I went along with the assumption that Rick was the father, not Shane. And as not much is known about his or Lori’s nationality, I just went for actresses with darker hair and blue eyes as genetically speaking, that’s what you can assume she’ll look like older, even more so when you look at Carl. I hope this helps, but if not check out this LIST for further choices. Good luck !!
             - Kat Dennings ( 28 )
             - Kristen Stewart ( 24 )
             - Abigail Breslin - she had a darker hair phase ( 18 )
             - Alexis Knapp ( 25 )

Day 19: Have you ever given them something of yours? What was it?

Looooads of stuff, most recently I gave her a hoodie of mine and a raincoat (the latter totes not on accident)

homovegetables i wanted to make a post for you too oo!

WE’VE BEEN FRIENDS FOR SO LONG i kinda lost track of how longe weve been close but i enjoy being your friend all the time! i know school has been kinda getting in the way and im sorry about  that but never think that ive forgotten about you or that im upset with you in any way! you brought me to my first con and without that i wouldnt have gotten into cosplay or met some really great people + youre looooads of fun one of the most hilarious people ive ever met and i looove you!!

6th October 2014; 23.55

Talking to a mate. One time in December of last year we stayed up talking til 6am. And this mate messaged me at 6am whilst getting ready for work. LOOOL. We spoke looooads mannnnnn.


I had to take Cinnamon to the vets yesterday morning, doing this always makes me feel like an awful person because getting her into a pet carrier is a mission and a half and it obvs freaks her out :(

Anyway, she has to be sedated next Weds and it’s gonna cost looooads (like more than a spay!! Seriously?!) and paying money to help my bunnies is not something I hesitate with but I don’t trust the vet I saw and I kinda want a second opinion. It just seems like a massive jump from anti-biotics. Bleh. I don’t know. I guess I should just trust the vet regardless of my opinion of them.. but she never told me what it entails or the risks etc and it’s making me very very anxious :(

Anyway, I saw Chris afterwards and we went for lunch at Prezzo and then for icecream at the little icecream co. Yum yum.

We went back to mine and played burnout but we both got quickly bored of it.

Chris opened the cage to Spock and he just shut it again 😂 but he did eventually come out and was in love with Chris and just sat on his shoulder for ages.. and everytime he left he would fly back to Chris. Good to know my bird doesn’t love me 😢

When Chris left I spent the evening looking up tattoos and watched the purge, I was pretty disappointed with the purge really 😕

Today is my usual moan that I have a 2-8 on a Thursday day. I’m not keen on 2-8’s but I’d like them more if they weren’t with the 2 shit seniors.. however there is a little good thing because one of the shit seniors is on annual leave so I won’t have to deal with her today 😉

I doubt anyone will actually do this, but please please share the post I just made about the cover-up bikini.
Body acne affects LOOOOADS of teenagers and it’s so humiliating. Now that mine’s mostly cleared up I feel so much happier and self-confident and I just wanna help as many people find a way to feel like that while they still have it because everyone deserves to find something they feel comfortable wearing.

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Who do you think would be a good judith grimes from the walking dead; not a child, but more like late teens to early twenties? id appreciate the help looooads

A daughter to Sarah Wayne Callies could be one of the following fcs in my opinion. Keep in mind that I only considered the mum, since I couldn’t find who the father of Judith is. Photos of Judith online showed her with brown eyes so I tried to find as many fcs as possible with brown eyes, although some have hazel/blue eyes. 
x Laura Marano (19)
x Danielle Campbell (20)
x Emma Dumont (20)
x Taissa Farmiga (20)
x Shailene Woodley (23 - if the father is of african american descent)
x Lucy Hale (25)