Nearly 92,000 fans of the three-season gumshoe show funded the “Veronica Mars” campaign. And now Thomas and Bell are finally making the project they have been trying to convince Warner Bros. to make. When asked how she feels about the project’s success, Bell said, "I feel fucking great. I’m also not responsible for all the prep work, so it’s easy for me. I love the script, and I’m so excited to see everyone again. Working with my old friends and working on this project is going to be the perfect summer experience." (x)

If you’ve ever felt like watching veronica mars I think now would be the time to do it because

  • a/the fandom is going to be super active this year because WE ARE GETTING A MOVIE
  • b/ there is a veronica mars rewatch going on right now so you should watch it (or rewatch it!) with others because it’s always more fun when you have people to share your feelings with (and trust me, this show will give you all the feelings!!!)

anyway, just join the vm rewatch