In 2008 I was lucky enough to to work as a background performer on the Star Trek reboot. Though I never met Nimoy personally, I was in a couple of scenes with him (marching in the background when Spock and Spock met, and sitting in the final scene of the movie when Kirk receives his title as Captain while Spock looks on from the balcony above.) 

I remember when we were all seated for the final scene and whispers started up, people started pointing to the area above us. ‘Nimoy was above us, did you see Spock up there?’ JJ Abrams then got on his microphone and introduced Leonard Nimoy, who leaned over the railing and waved down to us. And as one, like 100+ background and all the movie crew present, all stood up and gave him a standing ovation. 

I’ll always remember that moment, just as I will always remember what Star Trek means to me, and how it has affected my life and who I am as a person. Spock has, and will forever, hold a special place in my heart. 

 Goodbye Mr. Nimoy. You lived long, and you prospered. You will be missed.

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what about your first time with harry? like not the virgin-type of first time, but the first time in your relationship with him and he is super sweet about it, but he can't restrain himself from the occasionally dirty talk. it'd be awesome if you feel like writing it :)

Thanks so much for the idea love!! It kind of went in a more romantic direction than I expected so sorry if it wasn’t what you wanted but I hope you enjoy it!

You’d been seeing each other casually for about a month now, and although you were more than content just holding his hand and throwing your legs across his lap while you watched movies on his couch, you couldn’t help the growing desire to really feel him, to touch his skin and and have him touch yours. He felt the same, he couldn’t stop imagining what your body would look like, would feel like underneath his in the dim glow of his bedroom window. Tonight was different and you both knew it- the sexual tension that had been blossoming between you had reached its peak and although he wanted nothing more than to have his way with you, he didn’t want to rush into anything and scare you away. He truly was a gentleman and you knew that if you wanted this to happen, you’d have to make the first move. And as you walked back to his house after dinner that night he kept his hand on your lower back the entire time, making you feel safe and secure and you couldn’t tell him how much that meant to you. You wanted to show him how much you cared for him in the only way you knew how, so as soon as you walked through the front door you kissed him with as much force and passion as your 5’ frame would allow. His hands ran along your sides and yours were roped around his neck holding him against you. “Babe,” he groaned, pulling away and attempting (and eventually failing) to detach his body from yours. Your lips trailed down his neck as your hands fluttered down to his hips. He grabbed your wrists before they could travel any farther down, his eyes dark with an unspoken warning. “I want you,” you panted into his ear, leaving small kisses against the soft skin below his jaw. “Are you sure, love? Don’t rush into this,” he gently pulled your face so that your eyes met his and when you looked into his face you saw love and desire pouring from his gaze, filling you with a warm you’d only ever dreamed about. “I trust you, Harry. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything,” you whispered, your confidence fading as he stared at you in silence. Did he not want this? Was he not attracted to you?

"I love you," he whispered softly, taking you by surprise and sending your heart off at a racing speed. You loved him too; god did you love him, but you couldn’t find the words to say it. So instead you showed him, traced the words with your tongue against his own and bore yourself to him, placed your vulnerable self in his sturdy hands and trusted him not to break you. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered between kisses against your collarbone. The last of your clothing was shed and soon he was inside of you, filling you to your core and thrusting slowly, careful not to hurt you. “Are you okay?” he crooned, trying to suppress his moans because damn you felt better than he’d ever expected. “More, Harry, more,” you moaned, writhing beneath him. “I love you,” he repeated for the hundredth time that night, increasing his pace slightly. “Show me,” you whispered wickedly, daring him to speed up. And oh, did he make you feel amazing. Your bodies moved together like the most beautiful harmony, finding a perfect pace and breathing curses against each others’ skin, your hands exploring each other in ways you’d never known before. “Fuck,” he whined as your lips explored his skin. Harry kept his eyes on yours the entire time, watching the way your eyes squeezed shut and your chest heaved as you tried to control your breathing. He loved you, and he felt sure of it now more than ever before. And only once you’d reached your high did he allow himself to find a release, reaching the most glorious pleasure he had ever known within you.

And once it was over and your sweaty body was strewn across his and your breathing had finally slowed but your hearts were still racing, you lifted your head to him and told him, “I love you so much it scares me.” Instead of replying he just tightened his grip around you, unable to contain the smile on his face. You’d found each other and somehow you’d managed to capture Harry Styles, mind body and soul. You were it for him, and as your eyelashes fluttered shut against his cheek and his index finger traced the grooves of your bare back, he felt his heart swell in the most beautiful way. “I’ve got you, love,”

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Okay so I've always thought about this since I saw S2 E1 but never said anything about it until now. Alright so you now how Finn is fingering Rae and all that jazz, then later Izzy and Rae decide to get a bikini wax bc they wanted to be groomed for when they were going to have sex. Why did Rae want to get waxed when Finn most likely felt her pubes anyways? This might be weird but I always asked myself this lol. Like obvi she wants to look presentable but I'm sure Finn wouldn't have cared.

Dunno, really. I have a feeling it was Rae who mentioned the waxing to Izzy because she was the one who saw the porn movie and noticed the woman on the tape didn’t have any pubic hair. I think Rae cares way too much about what women look like as far as media and things like that and I truly believes she throws those expectations on Finn and boys in general.  Like she watched the porn and must have been like oh so woman go bare down there so Finn/boys must prefer it this way. I hate that she pays so much attention to that because she doesn’t realize that Finn doesn’t care if she has them or not. He obviously didn’t seem to care he just wanted to pleasure her. Shoot, even if he had, it’s your decision if you want have pubes then go ahead and if any boy has a problem with that he can fuck off cause he doesn’t have the honor of pleasuring you.

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YOu know the acorn scene where Bilbo says he picked it up in Beorn's garden, like, they had time for Bilbo to see Beorn's garden and maybe he and Thorin had a nice conversation there and Bilbo took the acorn to remind him of that convo and thats why Thorin looked at bilbo so reverentlly b/c he's thinking the same thing too, and BILBO WAS GOING TOASK THORIN IF HE CAN STAY AT THE MOUNTAIN BEFOR DWALIN INTERRUPTS IM PREPARED TO FIGHT ON THIS


we were robbed ok. Laketown, Beorn’s house… They ABSOLUTELY had private convos and stuff, we just don’t get to see it because the movies were already like 3 hours long. They totally had deep and long conversations where Bilbo would ask all about Erebor and how amazing it once was and how Thorin grew up and dwarven culture and that’s how he can speak so fondly of it even though he never saw it in non-shambles. And Bilbo totally told Thorin all about his life and being so humble about it because ‘it’s no grand adventure and I was no dwarven prince, but…’ and just talking about how he loved it there but never really had many friends (and talked shit about the Sackville-Bagginses) and then they laugh and talk about their adventure so far and avoid talking about after because neither wants to say what they think/hope Bilbo will do in case the other doesn’t agree and they don’t want to ruin it. So they talk and talk and Bilbo takes the acorn with intent to plant it when he gets home (because he doesn’t think Thorin wants him to stay at the mountain) and when he sees it he’ll be reminded of Thorin’s ‘friendship’ and the adventure they took together. WHICH MAKES THORIN’S DEATH EVEN SADDER because bilbo had said he wanted to plant it to remember everything, and Thorin responds as he’s DYING with ‘plant your trees, watch them grow,’ which translates to ‘plant your tree, remember me, and remember me as I was, not with dragonsickness.’


and yeah he totally was going to ask if he could stay he was so grossly attached to everything at that point

I was thinking of doing a post inspired by that Disney Fandom post (about character traits and their relatability to you, and how we see ourselves in our favourite childhood movies, etc), but instead with the Yogscast fandom.

The post would start out with the ‘fill-in-the-blank’ question,
“Have you ever felt like…”

pan to:

Honeydew in a MoonQuest-AMV-inspired setting,
“you were going against tradition?”

Xephos staring up at the stars,
“you were homesick?”

Sips looking over the decimated original SipsCo compound,
“you needed to start all over again?”

Sjin looking out at his farm,
“you grew apart from your best friends but never moved on?”

Rythian after Zoeya left in Blackrock Chronicles,
“you were alone?”

Lalna, trying to convince NanoSounds he’s not Lalnable Hector,
“no one would ever trust you again?”

Lomadia perched high up in Owl Island,
“you just needed some time alone?”

Then the statement:
“They’re here for you. Signed, the yogscast fandom.”

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*don't know how to curtsies* *smiles nervously* Hello! Hm... I want to read something that I don't if exist but... maybe you or one of your followers can help me find something like it? Well, I want to read a pirate history but with a woman who pretends to be a man to join the crew. *smiles* Er... Thank you! *runs away*

Hmm. I don’t know about anything with this plot line specifically. (Although you might try the second PotC movie). However, I have read a lot about pirates and there were some pretty boss woman pirates you could look into—Anne Bonny and Mary Read, for example. 

But someone else out there might have an idea. Followers?

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Can you explain the one bear pig thing to me please.??

This guy? 

There is a whole back story to it in the book that didn’t get put into the movie. One of the hotel’s previous owners was bisexual and slept with the guy dressed in the bear suit (dog suit in the book). The previous owner was throwing this big party and the other guy was basically dressed up as a dog and acting like a fool in hopes of winning back his affection. Then later he shows up in the hotel taunting and scaring Danny. 

"There was a man on all fours halfway down the corridor, between him and the stairs. Danny froze. The man looked up at him. His eyes were tiny and red. He was dressed in some sort of silvery, spangled dog costume. A dog costume….The man’s mouth and chin and cheeks were smeared with blood. He began to growl at Danny. He was grinning, but the growl was real. It was deep in his throat, a chilling primitive sound. Then he began to bark. His teeth were also stained red. He began to crawl towards Danny, dragging his boneless tail behind him." 


""Get it up!" the drunken dogman cried out from around the corner. His voice was both violent and despairing. "Get it up, Harry you bitch-bastard! I don’t care how many casinos and airlines and movie companies you own! I know what you like in the privacy of your own h-home! Get it up! I’ll huff… and I’ll puff… until Harry Derwent’s all bloowwwwn down!" He ended with a long, chilling howl that seemed to turn into a scream of rage and pain just before it dwindled off." 

Creepy as fuck. 


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Personally the "problem" I have against the wyvern design is just that its everywhere in big name hollywood movies (looking at you, hobbit >:( ) and I think it sucks because like, there is nothing wrong with that design at all, (I mean, look at all the HTTYD designs that use it! ) Its just that all the big name dragon designs use it and are looking really same-y. Like, the last dragon movies (not HTTYD) with four limbs I can remember were dragonheart and eragon and those movies didnt do well..

Tbh I feel you on this. 

Though I think the sameyness also applies to four limbed dragons as well.  Its all very samey to me, regardless of the amount of limbs. Its all been seen before. The reason HTTYDs dragons stand out are due to shapes, color, proportions, and what animals are referenced.  Then again it has the freedom of a more “cartoony” universe. But i think the same idea can apply to ‘realistic’ dragons. You can definitely kick sameyness out the window and still stick with a two legs + two wings format (Nadders, Monstrous Nightmares).  If they stopped using the same neck/head proportions over and over and over for one.  I mean, I dont think they should try to FORCE themselves to only use the two wings + two legs format, but i definitely dont think its the only thing thats samey about dragon design in movies and games.

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This NH vs SS shit is ridiculous, brah. I never would have thought tension would form between both fandoms after both became canon. It's unnecessary and stupid. What I don't understand is why some SS fans keeps trying so hard to put NH down. They shouldn't even concern themselves with NH to the point where they need to instigate. NH's development has no effect on their couple. They only come across as petty and jealous because NH got all this official material.

Thats definitely what its looking like. And when everyone voices their opinion on it the lil clique tries to play the victim like NH started it all when we’re much too busy enjoying the gift Kishi gave us to try to lord it over our (for the most part) allies. One even admitted all the attention NH was getting through the movie made them feel like the NH fandom felt they were superior to SS when it was really their own inferiority complex. Funnily enough, the whole thing is quite reminiscent of Sasuke right before he picked the fight with Naruto on the hospital roof.

Anime nerds help me find an anime movie

I was thinking about this anime I saw as a kid on toonami or something and I don’t really remember much about it but I wanna find it. What I do remember is

  • There were mechas I think??
  • The world was possibly flooded
  • The mechas were piloted I think by monster girls??
  • I say that last point because I remember a scene where like, some kinda mermaid girl or whatever pops out of a mecha and bites the hand of I think the protagonist guy, and there’s a scene later where he’s thinking about the girl and looking at the bitemark
  • Possibly there was a fox girl???
  • the movie was like, foggy. lots of foggy scenes 

That’s about all I can recall but I remember seeing it once when I was a little one and it really transfixed kid-me and I wouldn’t mind hunting it down and seeing what I liked so much about it as a child 


middle-earth meme: {1/4} dwarves

'I wish you all the luck in the world. I really do.'

The Academy Awards are on Sunday, which got us thinking: What if Oscar winners were decided by Tumblr users, instead of the Academy of Motion Pictures?

We looked at all the original posts, reblogs, searches, and likes to rank the nominees based on user activity in 2014 (plus January 2015 to give December films a fair shake).

Some of the results were expected: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tumblr’s long-necked favorite, was a shoo-in for Actor in a Leading Role from the start. We thought his movie, The Imitation Game, would take the top spot too, but in a dramatic twist, Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel—a film almost purpose-made for fan art—snuck in to snag Best Picture.

Hope you enjoy going through the rest. Here now, is how Tumblr ranks this year’s Oscar nominees:

Best Supporting Actor

5. J.K. Simmons, Whiplash
4. Robert Duvall, The Judge
3. Ethan Hawke, Boyhood
2. Edward Norton, Birdman
1. Mark Ruffalo, Foxcatcher

    Selfie by Mark Ruffalo (markruffalo).

    Best Supporting Actress

    5. Laura Dern, Wild
    4. Patricia Arquette, Boyhood
    3. Keira Knightley, The Imitation Game
    2. Meryl Streep, Into the Woods
    1. Emma Stone, Birdman

    Illustration by Roman Titov (teetov).

    Best Leading Actor

    5. Michael Keaton, Birdman
    4. Steve Carell, Foxcatcher
    3. Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything
    2. Bradley Cooper, American Sniper 
    1. Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game 

    Portrait by Wise Snail (wisesnail).

    Best Leading Actress

    5. Reese Witherspoon, Wild
    4. Felicity Jones, The Theory of Everything
    3. Julianne Moore, Still Alice 
    2. Marion Cotillard, Two Days, One Night
    1. Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl 

    Portrait by Shannon Chan Ziali (whamonster).

    Best Animated Feature

    5. Song of the Sean
    4. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
    3. The Boxtrolls
    2. How to Train Your Dragon 2
    1. Big Hero 6

    Illustration by Melissa Doskotz (melissadoskotz).

    Best Picture

    8. Whiplash 
    7. The Theory of Everything 
    6. Birdman
    5. Boyhood
    4. Selma
    3. American Sniper
    2. The Imitation Game
    1. The Grand Budapest Hotel

    Portrait by Freya Allan (freyaallen​).

    Tessa and Scott grace the cover of Macleans

    “I met a man who I wanted to be like. He was professional, independent, married. All that ‘Leave It To Beaver’ shit. I was a bit of a loner at the time, so I really latched on to him. We’d play basketball, and bowl, and go to movies. We’d hang out almost every night. But then at some point he disappeared for two months. So I decided to go looking for him. I went to his house, and knocked, and kept ringing the bell, but nobody was answering. Then finally after a few minutes he opened the door, and the house was filled with smoke, and there were two naked chicks behind him, and I liked what I saw. I didn’t go inside right then, but I thought about if for a couple days, and finally decided to go back. I didn’t try crack until I was forty years old. And I only did it because I was lonely and needed acceptance.”

    a bunch of my younger cousins bullied me (not really) into watching Pocahontas and well

    I think I need help


    Happy 34th birthday,Joseph Gordon-Levitt !