imagine if every time a movie strayed from the book it was based on the main character looked to the camera like they were on the office like

dumbledore: DID YoU PuT yOuR NmAMe iNTO thE GOBLET o FIRE??????/
harry: *looks into camera*

ron: you never told me your father was a seeker too!
harry: *looks into camera*

snape [dying]: you have your mothers eyes
harry: *looks into camera*

Max watched as the movie reflected in Chloe’s amazed eyes. They were at a drive in movie theatre and no matter how much Max wanted to concentrate on the movie, she couldn’t look away from Chloe. The way that she stared at the screen in excitement, her eyebrows crinkling in anticipation, her mouth opening and closing in excitement or when there was a plot twist. This was so much better than watching the movie.

“Max, are you even listening?” Chloe asked her. Max must’ve blanked out and hadn’t heard a thing Chloe had said. “Oh um haha sorry. What were you saying?” Max asked as she felt her cheeks get hot and quickly adverted her eyes to the screen. “I said, wasn’t that hella awesome?” Chloe asked. Max decided to sneak a peak at Chloe once again and found her smirking at Max.

“Uh, huh. Yeah it was totally hella awesome.” Max replied, stuttering on a few words as Chloe continued to smirk at her. ‘God, she’s so hot when she does that.’ Max thought.

Chloe leaned in closer towards Max. So close that she could feel Chloe’s breath on her cheek. “You know, if you want to do something, you should totally just do it.”

Max didn’t need to be told twice. Their lips met and suddenly everything else didn’t matter. Max’s hand went to Chloe’s thigh as she felt a hand press against her head, pulling her even closer. Chloe’s arm wrapped around Max’s waist and pulled her into her lap. Max pulled away once she felt her lungs burn, panting as she stared into Chloe’s beautiful eyes.

Chloe’s eyes were lidded with lust as her hands started to slowly move under Max’s shirt. “Is this okay?” She whispered into Max’s ear as she started to toy with the band of the girl’s bra. Max, deciding to not trust her voice, just nodded as Chloe’s hand ghosted over her breast. Max’s breath hitched as Chloe roughly kissed her, moaning as Max swiped her tongue along her lip.

Max almost fell off of Chloe’s lap when they heard a knock on the window. “Uh…Max?” Warren asked. “Oh shit,” Chloe said while laughing.


Boruto looks just like naruto but at times he reminds me of neji way back during the chunin exams, its said that boruto is considered a prodigy just like neji was and at times when boruto is disrespectful towards naruto it reminds me how neji was with hinata. I doubt were going to see borutos break though with naruto soon the mini series will end around the time boruto the movie is suppose to come out 😔 I really wonder what kishimoto has in store for ths little guy, I just hope he gets the break though like his uncle neji did

and this is weird because like this excitement isnt even based on the franchise. the mad max films were iconic if anything and definitive for the post-apocalyptic genre but not like timeless stories/classics. the new mad max movie just honestly looks incredible stand-alone

I was tagged by my sweet and beautiful friends dreamingincastles and whit-tay13 THANKS ASH and WHIT!

Four things people call me: Rebecca, becca, becks, beck

Four movies I’ve watched more than once: The blind side, the Heat, While you were sleeping, New Years Eve

Four books I’d recommend: Gone Girl and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, The hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins, any Nicholas Sparks book!

Four places I’ve lived: Georgia, GA, Georgia, GA

Four places I’ve been: Florida, California, Canada, Washington D.C.

Four foods I don’t eat: Shrimp. Lobster. Crab. Oysters. Basically, I don’t eat shell fish because I am really allergic!

Four TV shows I watch: Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Nashville, Scandal

Four things I’m looking forward to this year: My first Taylor Concert, Three of my best friends getting married, my first trip to Disney World, my mom hopefully getting a new Liver

Four things I say a lot: OMG, What Even?, ummmmm, Yasssss

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I just found your blog and I'm loving to see there's a lot more people who also ship Steve and Natasha and based on your gifs I'm guessing the new movie has a lot more scenes with them?

At last count, (which was 0.006 seconds ago when I looked at the follower list) there are at least 3,500 people who ship Steve and Natasha! Wahey!! You’re in good company, friend. :)

As for Age of Ultron… Not as many as we would like. And my shipping goggles were firmly in place to search for them. There’s plenty of meta floating around about the handling of all of Phase 2′s movies culminating in AoU, so I won’t rehash it here (and not everyone has seen it yet!)

But never fear, Civil War is coming, and with it the return of the Russos. Who we all might be hanging a few too many hopes on, but such is fandom life. :)

LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND TODAY. I honestly thought I’d have to order them online but I found them at Hot Topic. I wasn’t even looking for them, I went to the mall to look for a movie but nah couldn’t find it. Then my mom was like “let’s look at Hot Topic” and I was like w/e but THERE THEY WERE. Everything was buy one get one 50% off too so I got both… I didn’t see Super Grover but I saw all the other ones that are out atm.

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can you explain why mad max was so good? like from the trailer i just thought it looked like the typical action movie: people blowing things up and half naked girls running around only to please the male audience

i will try my best to explain yeah. it had a lot of action and things were blown up and yes there were half naked girls, but their objectification by Immortan Joe was basically labeled as extremely wrong since even before we actually /see/ the girls with images from their room such as the following

the girls are definitely NOT just pretty for the eyes, they are strong spirited, badass, sensitive, adaptable, smart and care for each other more than anything.

(btw there is a scene that pleased me deeply in which we first see the girls spraying each other and drinking water from a hose and it’s when max first sees them and licks his lips wantonly and goes “water.”  also this scene.)

there is furiosa who is basically everything you’d ever want in a female lead character, has a super interesting backstory which i’d very much like to learn more about (and i’m sure includes some very questionable choices since she was one of Immortan Joe’s most trusted warriors) , is competent, disabled, not sexualized, has feelings that are not bout romance because the world has gone to shit and we don’t have time for this, is protective of the girls and is respected by Max and a shitload of other men. she’s awesome.

Max and Nux are pretty cool too.

letloosethekraken replied to your post “Honestly, I like Tilda and Benedict as actors but it’s the creative…”

That seems to be Marvels way. Hire craps director, tell them what to do, make them big name. James Gunn, his movies were b grade genre style, cult following, but now he is a big name. Russo Brothers, what did they do before CA: TWS?

Good point. 

Looking it up the Russo brothers only films before CAWS were “You, Me and Dupree” and “Welcome to Collinswood”.  They did also do a lot of TV shows.

Though I’d say the difference is James Gunns previous movies were actually good (Well except for movie 43 but that was a clusterfuck for everyone involved and cannot be blamed on any one person) 

Party like it's the end of the world (and if we keep this up, it just might be)

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1HLMpnZ

by idioticfangirl

The Avengers have to host a party. Read on for drunk dancing, drinking games, flirting, and Steve failing to keep anything under some vague sense of control. Really, it’s everything you’d expect for an Avengers party.

Orange_Coyote asked me if I was planning on doing this fic, and suddenly I had all of the ideas in my head, so thank you!
Also, it looks like there’s going to be a lot more of these, seeing as me and my friends were like oh my god rounders oh my god shopping oh my god oh my god so yeah stay tuned

Words: 2701, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of The Avengers Team-Building Shenanigans

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1HLMpnZ


when you drove me home
in the dark,
i remember watching the wipers 
swish across the windshield
and i remember watching the 
highway signs blur past.
and then all i remember is
looking at you.

with my head on your shoulder
and hand in yours,
i couldn’t help but mimic the smirk
i saw on your face.
you were letting your beard grow in,
because you knew i liked it.
i could see the brake lights reflect in
your eyes
and the stop lights illuminate your face
and i knew that was it.
that was the moment i fell in love with you.

i felt like we were in a movie
because you were so sweet
and your favorite cd played softly through
the old speakers
and you sang every word of the love songs to me.

i don’t think you knew it yet.

i think you knew it a little later on
when you said you were tired
but you let me come over anyway.
we had the house all to ourselves
but all we did was watch tv on the
couch together.
you held me so close
and told me this had been
the best weekend of your life
and i said i had to agree.
you’ve brightened my world.
and no, you don’t put the stars in the
sky each night for me,
and you don’t make the world turn
back toward the sun
but you make my life brighter
every time you call me cutie pie
and every scene in our love story
is perfect.


As a feather floats,
So delicate,
So free.

As the wind rustles the trees,
Swaying them,
From side to side.

As you listen to an old,
But familiar song,
That feels like a shot of nostalgia,
First a burn,
Then a sense of flying.

As you watch a movie from the past,
Reminding you of past days,
When you were young,
When everything was in your reach.

When you look in their eyes,
And everything fades away,
Everything is a blur,
Except them,
In that moment,
Stemming into eternity.

At least, it feels like an eternity.

As the sun shines,
As the moon is bright,
We try as we might,
To reminisce,
To live,
To love,
And I think that’s enough.

Today in the car

Brother: There are actually men’s right.s activists?

Me: Unfortunately.

Brother: But why? They already have all the rights?

Me: I’m so proud of you right now.

anonymous asked:

"I love the juxtaposition here..." What do you think how Steve in AoU seemed to say that Steve Rogers died in 1945 and there is only Captain America now. That he doesn't deserve home and family (with Natasha!) and there is only war for him. I was sadden by it for Cap has always been my favorite (especially with Evens Portrayal) I believe he deserves some peace (with Natasha!).

(x). Oh man, Anon. I feel like Steve’s PTSD was one of the few things Age of Ultron did right. (Although before I start, I should mention I don’t ship Natasha and Steve as anything but friends). There were so many lines in AOU that gave insight into Steve’s depression, listlessness, and feelings of disconnect. It’s woven into every Steve scene, and it’s amazing.

Right at the start of the movie, Sam encourages Steve to look for a place in Brooklyn, but Steve keeps resisting. He jokes that it’s too expensive, but he doesn’t reply when Sam says “But home is home, y’know?”. In fact, he looks forlorn, staring out at the party below – not joining in, separated from it all. It’s a thousand yard stare, typical of PTSD and the battle-worn soldier.

It’s questionable whether Brooklyn is Steve’s home anymore. Can Brooklyn still be home, if all the buildings are gone, the old neighbourhoods have vanished, friends and family are dead? What is home to Steve? 1945? Because if that’s true… he can never go home. The concept of ‘home’ definitely plagues Steve throughout the film.

In the same scene, he tells Bruce in a self-deprecating tone that he’s the “world’s leading authority on waiting too long”. It implies that he hasn’t moved on from Peggy and still feels regret. It’s important to note that this is all said and done at a party that’s happening because the Avengers have ‘put an end’ to HYDRA and the Chitauri. Steve should be thrilled, but instead you see how lonely and out of place he feels. He spends more time wandering than interacting with the other Avengers – with one exception. He spends significant time with Thor, who really IS the Outsider. It says a lot.

…And then Wanda’s vision scene. Where the dancing turns to brawling and the wine stains become blood. That moment gave the best insight into Steve’s PTSD. His perception is forever tainted: war is all he sees, and he can’t escape its horrible aftermath. Worse, when Peggy asks him to imagine going home, the dance hall empties. Steve literally can’t imagine it. 

He’s always on the outside, looking in: people celebrate the war being over as he walks through their scene, but his own dance hall is empty. There’s this horrible melancholia to the entire scene.

Then the farm. Again, it’s Thor and Steve – the outsiders – who are most uncomfortable with Clint’s family. Steve basically clings to Thor until Thor leaves, and then Steve can’t cross the threshold to go back inside the house. It’s a home he’ll never have, that slipped from his grasp when he crashed the plane. I think it hurts Steve to see the farm – it’s the American Dream he builds for others, but can’t have for himself. The American flag in contrast to Steve’s uniform is a nice touch.

When Tony mentions that Steve walked away from Wanda’s vision seemingly undisturbed, it’s just another tell. The vision didn’t shake Steve because it was nothing new, the same PTSD he lives with daily. And when Tony remarks “Isn’t why we fight so we can end the fight? So we can go home?”, Steve rips a log in half. Because again, what is home to Steve? He has no home. His fight doesn’t end, as his vision showed him. Steve’s lost sight – he doesn’t even know why he fights, anymore. There’s a line later on where he mentions they may be monsters, which is such an unusual line for Steve.

The only thing Steve feels like he has anymore is Captain America: it’s his only place, purpose, and sense of belonging. It sounds like it’s the only reason he leaves the house (”I have no plans tomorrow night”). In fact, the only time Steve has friends is when he’s Cap, when he’s fighting some battle. As he says, Steve Rogers was buried 75 years ago, and someone else came out of the ice – a different Captain America than the one he built. And Steve has no control over this Captain America. The idea became something beyond Steve while he was on ice, so even his superhero persona isn’t his own. Steve Rogers is fading fast, and this idealized Cap is taking over (”Language!”). There’s practically NOTHING that Steve can say is his: no home, no personality, and no persona. That’s jarring, and scary as hell. Because then you have to ask… who is Steve?

Of course, there’s hope. In CATWS, Natasha gets a glimpse of Steve Rogers, and she sees him as something more than Captain America – not the other way around. His friendship with Sam is a good way to bring stability to Steve’s life, although now Sam is an Avenger, so maybe not. But I think Bucky’s presence will help Steve most of all. Whether you ship them or not, you can’t deny that Bucky is Steve’s connection to who he once was.

Steve’s friendship with Bucky was huge part of his personality, back when he was skinny Steve Rogers. Bucky was with him through everything (”best friends since childhood…”) and helped shape who Steve became. They practically defined themselves through each other. What happened to Bucky is a reason for Steve to keep fighting, and watching Bucky find himself again may be the push Steve needs to find himself, too. I don’t think Steve Rogers is dead and gone – I think Steve’s completely lost himself. And I’m hoping in Civil War, his reunion with Bucky will bring him back to who he once was. Just like Steve carried with him who Bucky was, and helped Bucky remember – Bucky will help Steve remember himself, too. Because Bucky is home.

18/5/15 Oberhausen concert - summary
  • ashton wearing a man bun in the beginning
  • the supporting act was half an hour late so 5sos had to haste through all the songs
  • their microphones were wrongly pitched so they sounded like they were on helium the entire time
  • it made the banter almost unintelligible
  • so many cameras = concert movie??
  • michael shredding
  • luke was on his knees half the time
  • luke pulling faces
  • ashton probs fell in love with him on the spot
  • Michael kept repeating “Oberhausen” because it sounded so funny to him (it was adorable) 
  • seriously he looked like a puppy on ecstasy
  • hella muke 
  • calum forgetting the words during amnesia and being saved by the crowd
  • luke singing with closed eyes = new religion
  • “I told myself that I’m never gonna be ALRIII*voicecrack*IIIGHT”
  • many inappropriate signs (boys found it funny though) 
  • it was amazing
  • take me back
  • guy in a movie:I'm neutral towards you!
  • girl in a movie:I seem to be neutral towards you, too!
  • Writers:We must make them a couple, they are obviously in love, like, did you see that chemistry? there were fireworks.
  • Same sex people in a movie:*Have lived together most of their lives*
  • Same sex people in a movie:*are constantly worrying about the other*
  • Same sex people in a movie:*Risk their lives for each other on a regular basis*
  • Same sex people in a movie:*understand each other, show mutual respect and care for one another, have a history together and have better chemistry than probably most of the canonical couples*
  • Writers:Oh look at them pals! Buddies! Besties!
  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:What time period does the movie Up take place in? I mean I know it doesn't matter and it's probably best that we don't know but I was just wondering because all the characters sort of dress in older clothes and the movie has an older aesthetic. But what's REALLY interesting is that after the credits roll, they show a picture of Russell and Mr. Fredricksen going to the opening showing of the movie Star Wars: A New Hope which came out in 1977. But if the movie took place in the 70s then that wouldn't make sense because If that photograph was canon to the story AND if Mr. Fredricksen was about 70 years old in that photograph, then he'd be born in 1907, and if he was about 7 years old when he met Ellie, then it would have been 1914. But that doesn't seem right because there were semi-modern cars when he was young and it just didn't look like the 1910s at all. And even when he found out that Ellie couldn't have kids, there was obviously some sort of modern technology that could examine Ellie's reproductive system and idk a lot about history but I don't think that kind of stuff existed in the 30s. And also the technology to make dogs understandable to humans????? WHEN DID THIS FREAKING MOVIE TAKE PLACE???????

The truth is out there

There are a ton of alien species some people believe visit Earth, but these are the most popular.
The Reptilians, the Grays, and the Nordics.

I could talk forever about this, like the reptilians are usually considered the original inhabitants of Earth but are always lumped in with aliens. Also, they were invented by an American science fiction writer but were made popular in modern alien lore by an Englishman.

The Grays are an all American invention which is also why we see them most in fiction. The Americans make the most alien movies and shows.

Finally there’s the Nordics, not to be confused with the actual Nordic people. They are called Nordics because they look like Nordic stereotypes and because they were originally only reported in the Nordic countries. They have since been replaced in Nordic UFO rapports with the Grays.

I used Norway to represent the Nordics here because he is pretty damn in love with himself and it’s so rare that I get to show that part of his personality.