looks amazing!!!

And my MCM is Francisco Lachowski. (*☻-☻*)

So proud of Dan and Phil!!!

It’s me, the tiny and tired pre-everything transboy from Finland, who doesn’t even pass…. wow, that was a lot of negativity. Despite that, I’d really appreciate if someone wanted to befriend me, because I’d really love to have more friends c’: Also today I found this cool name, Aaren. I haven’t decided anything yet, because I wonder would it even suit me.

Maybe one day I will be able to afford Yves Saint Laurent clothing…

Good night ! Which is your favorite look ? Me : 3rd guy !

Hello there friends it’s me, Kyler. I’ve submitted quite a few pictures that show me as Katie because most days I do feel female. I’m always worried I won’t “pass” out in public, but I’ve been growing more confident and it feels so much better to be able to dress as a boy on the days I feel like one. Being Genderfluid, before I didn’t know what was wrong with me, and I wondered why half my days I felt wrong. Now, I’m happier, and prouder, and even my social anxiety has gone down. Plus I’ve meet quite a few really awesome people from this blog specifically, and I really just wanted to say thanks. This is a really great place and without it I don’t think I would be where I am today. (:

If any of you other cutie patootis would like to check me out my main blog is here, or maybe if you like animal crossing you can check out this one

Omg guys !!! I have 1084 followers!! Wow. 1 0 8 4. I made this blog on Saturday and it already has 1k+ followers! Thank you THANK YOU. I love you all so much, & here is a pic of cactus cos i love you all like i love cactus and I love love loooooove cactus. Ok. Omg i love you all. Let me cry now. 😭

No words to say … Ideal for a spring/summer relaxed but chic style. Don’t you think so ?

maaya sakamoto diary entry (31/3/15)

Title: Once again this year my birthday has arrived
March 31 is my birthday!
35 years old! It’s here!
That means then that I’ll be doing ‘that thing’ again this year.
Every year on my birthday I receive many words of congratulations, everyone’s warm words make me incredibly happy. That happiness transforms into my creative works, and those are the new works that I then present to everyone… It’s a beautiful cycle in which my feelings are returned to everyone.
They’re also circulated once more in the “Birthday Charity wallpapers” too, it’s already been many times this year, hasn’t it?
One day, I suddenly had a thought. Every year on my birthday I receive many gifts. Of course I’m very happy about that, but after seeing so many boxes filled with gifts, I deeply felt that it was too much. Every day there is everyone who are supporting to my works, always looking out for when my CDs and books are released, so much so that you juggle your time to come and see my live concerts or stages, and because of this I am incredibly grateful. And like that I feel the same happiness when I receive presents everyday. So I would like to tell everyone that there is no need to specially send out gifts on my birthday, as everyday it is already enough that your feelings reach me. But then what of those who still want to send presents~! For that I have this proposal for every year.
From the date of my birthday, March 31, for one month, I sell a limited edition wallpaper, and all of the proceeds will be donated to the relief efforts done by the Japanese Red Cross Society for the Great East Japan Earthquake. This year’s photograph for the wallpaper was shot in Malaysia, its design is similar to that used for the “Birthday Daily 0331”, and can be used on the computer and two types of phones.
Every time that it’s downloaded I will happily think of it as “Congratulations!”, and in return for every wallpaper it will be “Thank you!” And with this interaction, if we are able to help those others who urgently need help, then that will make my birthday even more meaningful. I’ve always thought that this would be quite a good idea. If you like this project as well, please be sure to join.
This year I will be listening to my own song “Naritai” to get myself fired up, I’ll be setting out on my 20th anniversary til the end once more.
モバイル版 坂本真綾IDS! http://sp.ddef.jp/sak/