Did you know that people still steal phones?  I thought that was a crime of the past since phones are free with a contract or whatever. Turns out…not so. Phones still get stolen.  I happened to me…while I was holding it.

I was standing in the at the edge of the sidewalk after leaving yoga at 8pm. I was replying to a birthday invite on facebook when *YOINK* my phone gets snatched out of my hand.  I look up thinking it was a joke and someone I knew took it out of my hands.  I see that a dude on a bike is riding away with it.  I paused and realized that I don’t know this fucker, so I start chasing after him.  I am yelling while running, “Hey!  Not cool! Give it back, man!" (Really convincing stuff, guys)
He is riding away, but then starts swerving, gets off his bike and starts running.  I run by the bike and try to get on it, but it’s all fucked up, so I continue chasing after him.  He turns the corner, and by the time I get to the corner, I don’t see anyone running.  I see this kid at the bus stop and I ask him if he saw a guy running.  He said “he went that way” and pointed down the street.  I looked at him, and I thought, “is this the dude?” but he wasn’t breathing heavily like I was, so I kept walking.  I kept looking back at him, though, and he was looking in my direction and I was suspicious. Although I was so crazed and out of breath I couldn’t think straight.
Luckily, there was this other dude on a bike that saw me running and he went to the cops that were on the next block and pointed at me.  The cops roll up to me to ask me questions and take a report.  They are completely disinterested, and really, I began to get over it.  It’s just a phone.
They are taking my information down, and I pause to walk around the corner to get his bike.  The chain is all tangled and the cog holding the chair is bent, so that’s why he jumped off the bike. I walk it back to the police so they can take it in for evidence. 
Then one them asks,
"Hey, is there tracking on your phone?"
Oh yeah, it came with the phone, Lookout or something
The cop gets on his phone and finds the Lookout site and I log in.  We hit the “locate” button and we find that the phone is a block away.
Another team of officers gets in their car and head over there. The cop I was talking to puts the bike in his trunk and escorts me to the police station where we can track the phone on the computer.
When I get to the station, I walk through their offices.  Think the detective offices on Dexter or CSI, but dingy, yellow fluorescent lighting, wood paneled walls, furniture from the 70’s…so not at all like the offices on Dexter and CSI.

We are on lookout.com tracking my phone and the phone is moving a few steps back and forth.  It seems that the thief is pacing with the phone, probably freaking out because there are cops around him. So on the walkie, the cop I’m with is updating the cop in car of what the website  says.  There is a feature on the site that makes my phone ‘scream’ on command.  We click it, and the cop on the other end of the walkie said, “We got him. We got the phone. Coming back.”
I can’t fucking believe it.  This app found me my phone AND the cops caught the dude.
Whatever negative thoughts I had about the LAPD, have been erased.  Because it was a slow night, they took the time to help me find my fucking phone. Tax dollars at work, people!

I am standing in the lobby, and I look into beyond the front desk where there is a hallway where they take people that just got arrested.  The cops walk in with this kid in handcuffs.  It’s the dude I talked to at the fucking bus stop!  It WAS him.  Goddamn it!

The moment I see him, I lean over the front desk and start yelling at him. 

Please see the video below: