ALEXA WINDSOR requests NAME UP TO PLAYER as a MASTER or SLAVE from ENGLAND who looks like BRANDON ROUTH, MAX IRONS, AARON TAYLOR JOHNSON (fc is open to suggestions) and is 25-32 years old. The story is that Alexa’s mother bore a child out of wedlock  when she was only fifteen. Instead of claiming him as her child, they managed to make him look like her younger brother instead not to taint their family name. YOUR MUSE lived with Alexa and her twin brother in the court, growing up in the palace with them even if he’s a few years ahead of the twins. YOUR MUSE has always been really protective of Alexa ever since she was born and that protectiveness simply developed over time to possessiveness and obsession. Alexa always looked up to him and there was nothing she could deny him of so it was only a matter of time before things escalated. A secret affair between the two transpired, one that she decided to put an end when her parents arranged a marriage for her. Yet, that didn’t stop him from pursuing her after a few weeks of her leaving for the island. [NOTE: INCESTUOUS THEMES]

Request Received! 


Titus Whitaker is 27 years old. He is a Siren and looks a lot like Max Irons. He is also OPEN.

  • Occupation: Smuggler
  • Weapon: Machete, Brass Knuckles, Semi-Automatic Pistol


{ + }: Outspoken, Passionate, Protective, Reliable
{ - }: Assertive, Daring, Hot-Tempered, Sharp-Witted

Growing up during what very simply appeared to be the apocalypse is harsh, especially when his father’s motto was, “Don’t stop moving.” Titus, his father, and brother left their home the day the news of the infection reached them. His father had demanded, “Pack only essentials, we leave in thirty minutes.”

They drove until their car ran out of gas, and then they set out on foot. They passed countless bases but his father refused to enter any of them. “It’s not safe to stop, we have to keep moving,” he’d mumble. When Titus’ brother came down with the flu, his father panicked and shot him, claiming that his brother was infected and he was doing the humane thing. Titus’ rage began then, and it slowly grew the more they went on as if nothing had happened.

When he and his father were in a tight bind, infected all around, Titus saw his chance. He shoved his father into the arm’s of an infected. He watched as it bit him, removing chunks of flesh. Titus turned and ran away, his father’s screaming could be heard for miles, though he never looked back. He survived alone for countless months, searching for somewhere safe. When he finally found a working radio, the Sirens’ message was playing on repeat. With a goal now in sight, he headed straight for their base. The Sirens were impressed with his combat and survival skills, but were concerned with his mental state after he retold his story. When he proved he was mentally and emotionally stable, they accepted him


  • N/A

MARIA TERESA BRAGANZA requests NAME UP TO PLAYER as a MASTER from COUNTRY UP TO PLAYER who looks like JAMIE DORNAN, MAX IRONS, AARON TAYLOR JOHNSON, SAM CLAFLIN (fc is open to suggestions) and is 24+ years old. The story is that another reason why Tessa escaped to the island was due to her parents forcing her to marry so soon when all she wants to do is have fun and get wasted like people of her age. Tessa doesn’t believe in arranged marriages so she was adamant about marrying YOUR MUSE while YOUR MUSE insists on courting her and getting to know her before the marriage and all that romantic shit she’s not really used to, which is why she’s trying to pull away. When she disappears to the island, YOUR MUSE made up his mind on doing the same to show his determination to bring her back.

Request Received! 

AUGUST CAVANAUGH, haus client, is twenty five years old and looks an awful lot like Max Irons


  • Exhibitionism
  • Nipple Play
  • Oral Sex (Giving/Receiving)
  • Anal Sex (Giving/Receiving)
  • Throat Penetration (Receiving)
  • Soft + Hard Cum Facials
  • Snowballing
  • Cum Marking
  • Bukkake
  • Incest
  • Light Bondage
  • Scratching
  • Hair Pulling
  • Choking
  • Biting
  • Face Fucking (Receiving)
  • Pseudo-Rape
  • Daddy Kink


August grew up in a strict family. His father was a politician and his mother worked as an anchorwoman, so the family was always tightly regimented and restrained by firm rules and tight leashes. The one person he had to cling to was his twin brother who seemed to chafe just as much under the tyranny of their parents as August did—and in addition to the twin brother was an older brother and an older sister, who were praised every step of the way and never put a toe out of line.

But August wasn’t prepared to live like that. Being moved from one private school to the next, being instructed on how to talk to the media and how to present yourself in public, being groomed into being something he wasn’t for as many years as he could remember—it exhausted August. He was gracelessly shoved into every pre-approved after school program his parents could find: Baseball, Soccer, Track, and though he didn’t mind the sports he wished he could have made the choice himself to go into them.

In high school he was told that he would be following the family legacy one way or another and was presented with two options. Either he could go to college for Law or Business like his two older siblings had, or he could join the army. Not wanting to risk the army, he geared himself for Business school as soon as he entered the ninth grade and suffered through the classes that his father picked for him to go into.

Fate had other plans for August though. Shortly after turning fifteen he started realizing that the feelings he was having for his male classmates weren’t quite what was considered “normal”. He was gay, and no sooner had he realized it himself than he’d told his twin of the fact. While his brother accepted him without hesitation, Mr. Cavanaugh was not as forgiving when August came out. He couldn’t risk the scandal of disowning or neglecting his son, but Mr. Cavanaugh’s political leanings would be jeopardized by a gay son, so the iron grip on August’s life grew tighter, and before long every minute of August’s life was scheduled so that he wouldn’t have time to explore the feelings he was having and more importantly, wouldn’t be caught doing anything that could ruin Mr. Cavanaugh’s position.

Eventually the stress became too much for August to bear. He graduated high school as planned and got into Cornell, but after his freshman year of college he was on the verge of a breakdown. He managed to convince his father to let him take a year off, where he joined up with a non-profit organization that helped build homes in third world countries—it was hardly a relaxing vacation, but Mr. Cavanaugh approved of it and August got a chance to live a little bit outside of the heavy gaze of his father.

Once he came back though, nothing had changed. His father was as strict as ever, and now his twin brother was saying he might be gay as well. Not wanting his brother to have the same fate he did, August pushed his disobeying into overdrive to keep his parents from noticing. Just shy of finishing the first semester of his senior year, he dropped out of Cornell and started living exactly the life he knew his father could not stand. August went out to clubs, gay clubs, where he was seen making out or sneaking off with anyone who caught his eye. Sometimes he brought his twin along and the two brothers stole away into the darkness with a third party together—written off as August’s “corrupting influence”. He smoked, he drank, he loudly voiced dissident opinions.

And then his father called mentioning an invitation to the Haus of Perseus. Once August found out the nature of the Haus he thought it was too good to be true, but it came with strings—he’d be allowed to accept his invitation provided he went back to school and got his degree, and that all of his “self-exploration” as Mr. Cavanaugh called it, remain contained to the grounds of the Haus. August accepted the deal, and now splits his time between finishing his degree and unwinding at the Haus, where he finally gets a say in who has power over him.

Interviewer: What are you going to miss about each other when you’re separated?

Jake: His charm, his clever English wit…
Max: Thanks Jake… I won’t miss that much about him.

“Grumpy, it’s my name - sometimes they call be Bashful though. Whichever mood I’m in that day.”

STURGIS PODMORE is a TWENTY-THREE year old MUGGLEBORN WIZARD and graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 6 YEARS AGO. It is said that they look like MAX IRONS, they are known as THE GRUMP  and they are currently OPEN.

✔ - Honest, Family Orientated, Warm to those he cares about
✘ - Grumpy, Angry, Excessively Loud


Wand: [UTP]
Extracurricular: [UTP]
Patronus: [UTP]
Animagus: N/A



House: Ex Ravenclaw
Occupation: Works in the Ministry [UTP what dept.]
Hails from: [UTP]
Birthday: 1954. [UTP]
Sexuality: [UTP]


BENJY PENWICK; Friend. [Expand in application.]
ARTHUR WEASLEY; Knows him from the Ministry. [Expand in application.]
AMOS DIGGORY; Best friend. [Expand in application.]
SCARLETT FAWLEY; Ex girlfriend. [Expand in application.]

theryanprescott asked:

[HENRY CHAMBERLAIN] is [TWENTY-FOUR] and he's a [WARLOCK]. Rumors say they're part of the [CRESCENT PACK] and that they look like [MAX IRONS].

holy cow, watch out for max irons. oh shit, that’s henry chamberlain. run. accepted !! you have five hours to send in your account or your role will be reopened !!

Congratulations goes out to the following characters for getting accepted into the group!  Please send in your account within the next 24 hours!  We look forward to having you around the haus!

ELI RHODES who looks like IAN NELSON
who looks like MAX IRONS


Meet David Charming. He’s 21 years old and kind of looks like Max Irons. He is a Fourth Year at WDPA. He’s open.

Trigger Warning: Possible Misogyny

→ His Past

   David Charming is the youngest of two and is the most spoiled. Growing up, he was very attached to his mother until she left when he was only 8, causing his beliefs that all women are essentially life ruiners. He soon grew to become more attached to his father, much to his brother Nick’s dismay leading to the two boys to compete over their father’s affection during their grammar school years. As a kid, he was known to be the leader of the pack and although Nick was older, David was the more popular growing up, whether it was in academics or the little girls on the playground.

→ His Present

    David flocks with the jocks, as he says and sticks with them through the end, constantly talking about sports and not giving a crap about what is actually going on in school unless it’s some sort of party that the others are throwing. Also, is the youngest captain of the varsity soccer team and this will be his second consecutive year leading their team to victory. Not only that, but he is the youngest team captain of the WDPA varsity volleyball team since when his own father had attended the school.

→ His Personality

    Sometimes the pun is intended when someone talks about how charming David could be, because that’s exactly how he is. However, when he gets nervous, he tends to stumble over his own words, especially in front of cute girls. Nonetheless, he might be a rowdy and at times a typical arrogant jock, yet he always has his heart on his sleeve. He believes that sometimes you have to be nice to get what you want and that’s how he keeps it. And even though he is a gigantic sports junkie, he is one of the smartest boys anyone would ever come across, from trigonometry to finding the circumference of the track outside, he’s practically a genius. David also isn’t one to give up on anything and anyone, showing that he’s very strong-willed and a bit stubborn, but if he wants to go far in life, he’s not going to change that.

→ His Qualities

  • + intelligent, kind, strong-willed
  • - rowdy, guarded, manipulative

→ His Relationships

  • Nick Charming (older brother): He has a strong rivalry with his older brother and more or less, hates his guts.
  • Aurora Rose (Crush): He’s always admired how pretty Aurora was, but he never got the courage to talk to her and let’s just say things are a little awkward knowing she’s younger than him by a few years.
  • Lucas Fitzgerald looks a lot like [ RYAN GOSLING ] and is 29 years old. He works as a waiter and is known around town as the the WRITER. They’re creative, outgoing, and charming but have also been known to be bossy, moody and secretive.
  • Leon Sullivan looks a lot like [ MAX IRONS ] and is 25 years old. He works as a musician and is known around town as the BOHEMIAN. They’re clever, compassionate, and creative but have also been known to be sarcastic, secretive and aloof.
  • Leon Hatchett looks a lot like [ NIALL HORAN ] and is 21 years old. He works as a musical performer and is known around town as the SLOTH. They’re laid-back, amusing, and sweet but have also been known to be lazy, unorganized and lethargic.
  • Vincent “Vinny” Bae looks a lot like [ COLIN O’DONOGHUE ] and is 29 years old. He works as a drug dealer and is known around town as the CHARMER. They’re charming, intelligent, and outgoing but have also been known to be closed-off, sketchy and deceiving.
  • Genevieve Carter looks a lot like [ JUNO TEMPLE ] and is 21 years old. She works as a receptionist and is known around town as the FALLEN ANGEL. They’re kind, imaginative, and perceptive but have also been known to be domineering, vulnerable and messy.
  • Amaya Trevino looks a lot like [ VICTORIA JUSTICE ] and is 23 years old. She works as a real estate agent and is known around town as the PHILODOX. They’re headstrong, charming, and efficacious but have also been known to be dogmatic, intense and machiavellian.
  • Molly Jenkins looks a lot like [ JENNA COLEMAN ] and is 25 years old. She works as a marine biologist and is known around town as THE FOREIGNER. They’re nurturing, friendly and creative but have also been known to be secluded, stand-offish, and guarded.