Okay so ignore the reflection; I took this from my kindle. Just look what it says: Max Irons, Douglas Booth, and Xavier Samuel auditioned for Jace.
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Oh, him? That’s FINNEGAN HEWLITT, a SEVENTEEN year-old JUNIOR who goes to ILLYRIA. He might look like MAX IRONS but around Stamford, he's usually just known as the DEALER. Although he's known to be APATHETIC and MANIPULATIVE, apparently he's LOYAL and INTELLIGENT, too. [ FINNEGAN is played by ANN in AEST ]


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alias: irish
age: 23
timezone: GMT+10 (australia yo~)
about me: hi, i’m irish and i’m one of the admins on ND. i live on the east coast of australia, and i’m currently studying event management (which occasionally makes me go crazy over character weddings so i’m sorry in advance). i drink a lot of coffee and i like a lot of things but there’s way too many to list, but my main tumblr is probably a pretty good indication of what i’m currently feelsing over. 
plots i’d like/want to see: EVERYTHING TBH. aside from that, laurel and i are looking for a little sister for max irons & imogen poots (i’m thinking maybe lily james as a playby??), so if anyone is interested in that, feel free to inbox me. i’m also looking for an older brother for nathalie emmanuel and some dance studio friends for her… and i think that’s it, for now.
anything else?: just that i can’t wait to rp with everyone, and i promise that i don’t bite so don’t hesitate to inbox me (or the rp tumblr) if you have any questions or anything!

Meet Jaxon Cain Hummel-Anderson, hailing from Paris, France. He is twenty-one years old and currently working as a model for various fashion houses, but mainly works with Dior because of his connection with Kurt. He could be described as affable, witty, and charming, but also has a tendency to be flirtatious, reckless, and stubborn. Nobody knows this about him, but his ex girlfriend is three months pregnant with his child, not her current boyfriend’s. He is heterosexual, single, and looks quite a bit like Max Irons, but he doesn’t see the resemblance. Unfortunately for you, Jax is taken.

The Cruise–called MS Allure of the Seas–departed from Fort Lauderdale, FL, but Rachel thought it would be nice if everybody could meet up in Lima first. They split up into three groups of two families each to road trip from Lima to Fort Lauderdale. Jaxon’s family drove with the St. James, so he knows Ethan and Barbra.

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( JAXON UTP HUMMEL-ANDERSON ) is ( TWENTY ) years old. She/he/they is/are ( SEXUAL ORIENTATION ) and is/are currently ( RELATIONSHIP STATUS ). She/he/they is/are known to be ( THREE POSITIVE TRAITS ), but can also be ( THREE NEGATIVE TRAITS ) at times. She/he/they is/are hiding ( SECRET ). She/he/they looks/ook like ( MAX IRONS ), but she/he/they doesn’t/don’t see it.


“Keep everyone loving, good vibrations are happening.”

( WILLIAM FITZGERALD ) is a ( EIGHTEEN ) year old ( PURE BLOOD ) currently staying in ( GRYFFINDOR ). ( HE) looks a bit like ( MAX IRONS ), and they’re known around ( HOGWARTS ) as the ( TYCOON ). That’s probably because they’re ( BENEVOLENT, ACCOMPLISHED ) and ( IMPRUDENT, PRESUMPTUOUS ).

“Thousands of ghosts in the darkness / Lost in a strange neighborhood / The lights from the warm houses haunt them / They forgot what they lost / But they know it was good.” 

( FRANK LONGBOTTOM ) is a ( SEVENTEEN ) year old ( PURE BLOOD ) currently staying in ( GRYFFINDOR ). ( HE ) looks a bit like ( ROBERT SHEEHAN ), and they’re known around ( HOGWARTS ) as the ( PLANT KID ). That’s probably because they’re ( RESPONSIBLE & SENSITIVE ) and ( CLUMSY & MEEK ).

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First Glance:

Jensen Hummel is 28, and he is known around New York as the “Politician”. Some people would say he is empathetic and reliable, whereas others would say he is dogmatic and pedantic. He is also told he look like Max Irons, but they don’t see it.

Some Facts:

Moved to New York when he was eighteen to attend college, where he studied Law and then went on to being in Law school. Throughout those years he lived with his older brother, Kurt, as the two have always been close. He spent a lot of his spare time helping out with the younger kids, and always tries to be the “cool” uncle.

All his life, he has looked up to his father and has a keen interest in politics although at the moment he is working as a civil right attorney but he helps out in campaigns and is looking to move into politics after he is thirty.

Although the family have only just moved into their first house in the city, Jensen has been offered a job that would mean relocating, the pay has slightly risen from his current position though he doesn’t want to cause upheaval in his family’s lives.


Summer Hummel - When they met in college, they often bumped heads due to being each other’s main competition in their classes although they eventually became close friends, who had friendly competition, until they reached Law school where they went their separate ways and ended up dating. They have been married for three years now and have a newborn baby together.

Smythe Children - Being around for most of their childhood, Jensen likes to help out at any time that he can with his niece and nephews problems, whether it be a life crisis or somewhere to crash to sleep off their hangovers. Most of the time he is like their big brother, though worries over them sometimes.


                                         Frank Longbottom

Seventh Year Gryffindor
Looks like Max Irons


Frank Longbottom is an intelligent and outgoing bloke. He’s known for his jokes and kind-hearted nature.

Although he has a negative outlook on the war, he has a positive outlook for this future. He wants to defend what he believes in at all costs, even if it means sacrificing his own life. When he graduates, he’s planning to join the Order with his friends so he can be a part of the action.

For a year and a half now, he’s been crushing on a certain Alice Fortescue. However, when around her, he gets oddly shy and can’t seem to bring himself to ask her out, no matter how much encouragement he gets from his friends.


  • Alice Fortescue (friend/future wife)
  • Sirius Black (friends)
  • James Potter (friends)
  • Remus Lupin (friends)
  • Peter Pettigrew (friends)
  • Marlene McKinnon (ex-girlfriend, close friend)

Suggested Ships

  • Frank/Alice

Other Information

  • Future Order member
  • Future husband of Alice Fortescue
  • Future father of Neville Longbottom
  • Captured and tortured to the point of insanity with the Cruciatus Curse by Death Eaters: Barty Crouch Jr., Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black), Rodolphus Lestrange and Rabastan Lestrange after the Dark Lord’s first downfall

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LOGAN ANDERSON is TWENTY-THREE and looks just like MAX IRONS. He is originally from EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND. He is said to be +GENEROUS, +ARTISTIC but also -PROUD, -DOGMATIC — which is what mak em the TRUST-FUND BABY on the show. He has been dating LILY COLLINS FC for FIVE YEARS now. One thing he has kept a secret from her is THAT HE LIED ABOUT BEING UNDERPRIVILEGED TO HER BECAUSE HE THOUGHT SHE WOULD USE HIM FOR HIS MONEY. {OOC: Daisy, 19, GMT}

l-thorne asked:

LIAM THORNE is currently 27 and is a Royal from CROWNED PRINCE OF RUSSIA. They prefer to have fun with MALE slaves. Most people would describe them as CANDID & ALLURING, but unfortunately also pretty IMPULSIVE & SHORT TEMPERED. Their kinks are BONDAGE, MARKING, RIMMING, BREATH PLAY, but they’re not opposed to experimenting. They’ve also been told they look like MAX IRONS, but they don’t see it

Accepted! Max Irons is now taken, please send in your account within the next 12 hours, and welcome to the RP!


Hi, my name’s JACE, I’m 22 and my timezone is CST. I’ll be playing MALEFICENT(Sleeping Beauty), but will be known as MAVERIK CROW. He is 26 and is BLUNT, VAIN, MOODY. He’s packing 10 INCHES and he’s UNCUT. The guy’s into ROUGH SEX, BONDAGE and SPANKING, and claims himself as a VERS-TOP. Around the studios, he’s known as THE BAD BOY. Everyone tells him he looks like MAX IRONS.

Looking for a brand new rpg to join?

Come check us out! We are an active, friendly, and literate roleplaying group with a diverse list of characters.

We are currently accepting applications for male Trainers and Tributes.

Here are some of our most wanted characters:

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DELILAH VANDERBILT requests FIRST NAME VANDERBILT as a ROYAL from ENGLAND. They are 25+ and look like MAX IRONS, JAMIE DORNAN, DOUGLAS BOOTH or AARON TAYLOR JOHNSON, though they don’t see it. Their connection is YOUR MUSE is Delilah’s older brother and ever since they were younger, YOUR MUSE has been really protective over Delilah so when she disappeared without a trace, he was a wreck for weeks until their parents decided to marry him off to someone from the royal family, gaining a title himself. A few months after their marriage, his wife and their soon to be child was killed due to an unfortunate accident. With this another tragedy befalling him, he decided to take up his friend’s offer and relieve some of his frustrations on this island meant for royals. The last thing he expected was to find his younger sister, whom they have thought to be dead for over half a year now. [NOTE: MAY DEAL WITH INCESTUOUS CONTEXT, UP TO PLAYER TBH SO PLEASE DO CONTACT ME FIRST]

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