“I-It’s getting worse…” Ryan said quietly to herself in regards to her mood. She had dealt with depression for a few months in the past but it had died down. However she could feel it firing up once again, she was constantly tired and had no motivation to get out of bed or do anything. She was sad… she felt empty and all she wanted was to have someone tell her it was going to be okay.


Hello hello! As it’s TDOV, and I’m a nonbinary person with they/ them pronouns, I’m here to post selfies of the adorable we all call Feli!

Currently, my name is Seren as opposed the name I still have legally,but I’ve been feeling a lot better about me since I started wearing binders and having people call me they/them pronouns!

Also, I just look hella cute and amazing.


Be strong for mother, Clarence

Hello, yes I cannot find my hands

I don’t know Nick… Maybe you’d best not harness the power of the sun to bake cookies.

Submit: Wanda & Tim at LL

Ballsy:  Not front row?  Ben!  And looky, Sanka and Mumsie Hunter too!  The two Clans are turned away from each other, kind of a gap there.

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve done my nails. Salon Centric has Young Nails now, which makes me very excited! I used Juice Me, a pretty coral peach color, and Lookie! Lookie!, a bronze/gold holographic color. I can’t wait to try more Caption colors in the future. The brush on these is amazing, as well as the colors they come in. #nails #mani #youngnails #captionnailcolor #saloncentric


Welp lookie what day it is. I guess its time for me to show my face on the internet! Have a great day guys. Dont be afraid to be you. Be proud of who you are. Your hella wierd? Show it off! You dont like anyone? Thats awesome cuz your already complete! Always remember what make you different is what makes you amazing. Even if your a straight white cis guy, you still have something odd hiding under the surface. Let it out! Lets hope today shows trans youth its ok to be themselves. And if you dont feel comfortable yet, thats ok. Just know there will be a day you can be yourself. Never give up on that vission. I love you all and wish only the best for all of us to someday be seen for who we are, no matter what label or place in our lives. Happy trans awareness day! DEVIN BURRIS- HE/HIM THEY/THEMAn extra line for all those who didnt make it to today. Your efforts weren’t in vien. We will keep you in our hearts so that you may live on. You are never forgotten. And even though I never got to meet you, I love you all as well. You are beautiful, sweet, handsome people.


As people have been watching the show and we’ve been getting fan reactions, we’ve gotten a huge amount of fan correspondence about saying "Thank you! Thank you for having siblings that don’t hate each other!" Everyone is so used to that, because storytelling is about conflict and so is comedy, so the natural place for the writer is to have characters constantly snipe and dig and dis each other. I think the funny thing is, Dipper and Mabel actually do that. They actually fight and poke and prod each other constantly, but it’s in a loving way.
Dipper will knock Mabel off of a chair or Mabel will completely undermine the purpose of something Dipper’s trying to accomplish, but they both do it with smiles on their faces. They enjoy each other’s company even though they get on each other’s nerves, and I think the underlying fact that they love each other means that we can get away with that stuff and it’ll never feel mean-spirited.
- Alex Hirsch