Let’s just say I’m really a all-black-everything kind of girl whose favourite colours are leather, patent and camouflage. But this spring, I can’t help but to be infected with pastel blues. As I’ve always said, a change of hairstyle really changes my overall attitude towards dressing up. This particular shade of cool icing blue has been sprouting up everywhere such as runways and look books so just what is so luring about this shade? Personally, I think it’s so refreshing, calming yet energetic at the same time. I am obsessed with pastel neoprene garments and pairing the cool tone ensemble with baby pink blusher and lips. Sweet as a macaron! For the cat lover in me, it’s always a bonus when a feline friend greets me in the middle of the street. I just stopped whatever I was doing and gave the cat its well loved neck rubs. I have always envied people who are able to care and protect his pet. No amount of material things can compare to affection from a living creature. Stray cats sure know how to remind me that you can feel joy simply through giving generous neck rubs. :b SHOP top & bottom from the latest collection at www.dressabelle.com.sg!


It’s always interesting to relook at fashion from a certain era in history. As I have learnt in fashion school, how people dress is almost always a reaction towards an event. For instance, big shoulder pads in the 1980’s symbolised power as more women entered the workforce then. Personally, I really love how glamorous women were in the 1950’s, an era of the tiniest waists (since the Victorian era) and red lipsticks. To make this vintage look seem more convincing, I even curled my bangs! Dressing like a fifties girl isn’t complicated, in fact it’s one of those styles that is flattering on anybody. Colours do matter, afterall being the first element that most people notice in an ensemble. Think of colour combinations you wouldn’t normally wear such as red & green, yellow & pink etc. To avoid looking overly tacking, simply wear the accent colour in small amounts. The fifties is about having a perfect hour glass silhouette that is so feminine in every day. So as a rule of thumb, anything that gives structure but still tapers in at the waist would be on-the-spot. It’s no wonder this dainty yet ravishing style is so well loved by women till today.

Uli is wearing Button-down Floral Romper (worn as top) and Acrylic Jewels Necklace (upcoming collection), all from www.dressabelle.com.sg

Look Book Friday: Water Colour Drapes Top

How is everyone doing in this PSI400 haze situation? Can’t think of a more interesting greeting..when haze seems to be the only thing Singaporeans are concerned as of now. For the benefit of my foreign friends: Singapore is currently experiencing severe haze due to the forest fires originated from Indonesia. 

While I understand that it is best to stay indoors, my rebellious instinct urged me that this weather is going to be awesome for photographs! The blanket of particles somehow create a dreamy, fantasy-like atmosphere, as strange as it sounds. And I was right! I’m not encouraging any of you to risk the hazardous act. I hope you enjoy this set of photos and keep in mind that this wouldn’t be possible without my two really helpful photographers who braved the haze with me! 

I decided to go for a lightweight, flowy ensemble because comfort is priority in this suffocating weather. I love the layers and colours of this camisole which really reminds of of Paddle Pop popsicles! Since layered tops like this tend to be volumous, it is important to reshape your figure with a belt or any high-waisted bottom.

The idea of today’s outfit is a feminine take on festival fashion. Yes, I love channeling my inner hippie but at times I still want to look girly and polished for day time. Even though the colours for this outfit is mostly pastel and muted, I retained some rocker elements by adding metallic jewelry.

By the time the shoot came to an end (about 20 mins), the barely visible horizon had turned into a complete blur. Sad to say, we also saw dead fishes on the water’s surface, that shows just how toxic the haze is to small animals. I am deeply saddened by the fact that our Earth is on the brim of giving up on humanity, and the only ones to blame are ourselves. So take care my friends! Health is golden.

Get The Look: DSB Water Colour Drapes Top