I’m going to say my peace and be done with it.

We prided ourselves on it then and should pride ourselves on it now. 

We fought with our resilience and determination. With our education and faith . We fought with our presence and unity. Most importantly, we fought and won without the use of our fist. That in itself allowed the world to see the real enemy for the savages they were and still are. 

Don’t believe me? I have the proof sitting right next to me, the proof in the form of a strong, accomplished black woman. My grandmother, who lived it. My grandmother who marched, who along with thousands of others used her tongue instead of knives to cut through the hate. She sits next to me a college graduate, voter, hard worker, money not an issue, a happy and successful marriage and a large multiracial family surrounding her. Most of those things wouldn’t be possible if non-violent protest weren’t the route taken. 

Did they get everything accomplished? No, but they got a hell of a lot further then many others. No matter how frustrated, how furious, just remember they felt the same…they felt stronger. Now it is our turn to finish what they started by walking in their foot steps, taking the high road, same as they did the heroes before them. 

So to answer your question… I agree, violence is worse.

The Pirate and the Innocent ((closed rp

Bull and his pirates have been the strongest of them all. They actually break the pirates stereotype of being mean and scary. These actually respected people and even saved lives. Most pirates think they are weak until they fight with The Chargers.
The Chargers needed to go to a close town and get supplies. Bull sent different members to get supplies while he went to go get them rum.
On his way, he heard the most beautiful laugh. He turned his head and saw the most beautiful and innocent looking woman ever.
He walked up to her. “Hello, miss.” He smiled.



Jack was more than a little pissed off when he woke up in the Master’s study. He was sure he’d be killed for his insubordination and cockiness. When he was told he was stripped of his rank and weaponry, he was ready to kill someone just because he could, but then, that’s what had gotten him into this mess. 

He left the Master after being given an assignment and told to take a higher ranking assassin with him to supervise him. Jack grumbled to himself as he walked, looking for a suitably gullible underling. He smiled when he saw the man that had always followed him around before. 

Jack walked over to the boy casually, “I have found myself in an awkward situation. Would you care to help me.” He had to nearly bite off his tongue to keep from ordering the boy to help him and asking instead. 

((I’m just going to throw out there that they should probably be normal, mortal humans…. but at the same time, it’s not as fun.. You choose.))

Geri was watching the others train, having already mastered the move they were working on at the moment. He sighed and twirled the small blade in his hand. He had heard about the last mission Jack went on, discovering his punishment was fairly severe.  He couldn’t believe the result of his punishment but wasn’t surprised with how their order was.

He rolled his eyes at one of the trainees, watching the man slip off the target dummy as he tried to dig the knife into the straw neck. Before he opened his mouth for a snarky comment, he nearly jumped off the bench he was sitting on when Jack spoke to him. He turned with wide eyes and an open mouth, unbelieving that the man he’d been desiring for so long was actually talking to him.

He looked around slightly, making sure he was the one Jack was actually addressing, “um….yes? I mean, yes. Yes of course. How can I help you?”


Cisco Ramon and Ray Palmer being absolute nerds (.❂‿❂.)

you know watching the pet shop episodes reminded me 

who wanted to give pet shop a cute little hat and scarf? like i bet it was hard to make a hat that would stay on a bird’s head

was it dio


maybe we should stop trying to force this relationship

How to be bold unsubtle AF: A guide by Oh Sehun 

some people thought he was whispering something to tao and accidentally leaned in too close and managed to touch his cheek with his lips but cOME ON rEALLY his lips are literally puckered in the first gif or am i blind like his entire jaw juts out i doubt it aND his lips aren’t even close to tao’s ear in the slightest

i mean he might’ve very well whispered something but like…

come on. tao’s reaction is literally self explanatory.

that’s not a “oh my god another man accidentally put his lips on my cheek wtf” reaction but more like a “hOLY SHIT MY BOYFRIEND JUST KISSED ME ON sTAGE IN FRONT OF tHOUSANDS OF FANS wTf oMG holyshitholyshit???!! ! !!1? reaction 

my favourite thing about anakin skywalker is how he has no idea that like every woman he meets flirts with him mercilessly because he’s the most married person in the galaxy