LOTD: Kendall Jenner

Happy 19th Birthday, Kendall Jenner! In honor of her big day today, we’ve taken one of her recent looks, while out in NYC, and recreated it just for you. Kendall’s look is stylish, yet very weather appropriate - perfect for those rainy days. She wears a quilted leather mini, ribbed turtleneck sweater, a long overcoat, opaque tights, lace-up wedge booties and carries a bowler bag. To get her style today, shop our similar pieces below!

Kendall Jenner in NYC - October 23, 2014.

Wool-blend Turtleneck Sweater

Black Crepe Jacket

Quilted Skirt

Opaque Full Tights

Hidden Wedge Boot (Women)

31-Hour Fold-Over Tote Bag, Black/White

Mindy wore this incredible sequin skirt and leather jacket ensemble in “Sk8er Man” but it also came with an incredible price tag of well over $1000! It seems Forever 21 liked the look just as much because they’ve come up with this look for less which comes in at under $100!

Forever 21 Tribal Sequin Skirt - $22.90

Forever 21 Faux Leather Convertible Jacket - $39.90

You’ll find Mindy’s exact pieces here

Start with an oversized band/biker tee. I got mine from Walmart’s men section for 12$. You can also take an old one from a thrift store.

1. Make visible marks on your tee. Make two lines about 2 inches apart, centered on both shoulders. Then make lines under the armpits, where you want the “holes” to stop (I suggest marking these ones with the shirt on). Then draw another one under the collar.
2. Visualize where you’re going to cut or connect the lines with a marker if you prefer.
3. Cut neatly along the lines and get rid of the hemline of the shirt. I wanted mine to be long but you could also make it a short cropped top.
4. Stretch the sides you just cut to make the ridges less visible. Wear the shirt to see if everything looks good, make adjustments if necessary and you’re done!


Quinn’s Rag & Bone brogue wedges were her absolute favorite shoes during Seasons 2 and 3, to say nothing of how much they were loved by Glee fashion fans! So, we’re ecstatic to share these spot-on replicas from Forever 21, which will set you back a mere 8% of the cost of the real deal.

Thanks id-rather-be-flying!

Forever 21 Smart Spectator Wedges - $36.80

The Real Look: Rag & Bone wedges