This is now my new wallpaper and will be for a long time.

He’s so fucking attractive and I love him so indescribably much and I just always think of first setting eyes on him 3 years ago and being attracted to this blonde haired boy with his laugh and his adorable teeth and his accent that I couldn’t pinpoint and just being attracted to him ever since and now here I am. I am truly just in love with him and I feel ridiculous and it makes me sad.

Jonghyun/Taemin; Second Impressions; PG

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     May doesn’t really idolize Steven, per say??? Like… it’s difficult to explain. She sees him as someone to look up to and admires his skills but at the same time, no part of her feels like he’s someone she needs to actively work to impress— she’s comfortable around him, casual even. If anything, he’s like the older brother in college or smthn that sometimes brings brings cool things when he visits (only its steven so its not rly cool shit its just fcking rocks) and she’s relaxed enough with his presence that she feels fine joking around and teasing him and stuff.

     Basically she sees him as a huge nerd but like. a cool nerd.

w ha t I thought I wouldn’t grow anymore but I did 

the way Ellen page looks is exactly the way i want to look oh my gosh

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you look rlyyy good plus ur shirt is bomb

my shirts an old ofwgkta shirt that i got in high school when i used to skate and smoke 24/7 while listening to them lmao