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“What is she doing?” Cas asked watching you make faces at yourself in the mirror.

“Is she doing what what I think she’s doing?” Dean asked walking over to peek in the bathroom door.

“She is.” Sam laughed watching.

You had your music turned up loud, so you hadn’t heard the guys approach the bathroom. 

“Guys! Sooo not funny!” You screeched when you saw them standing there. In your embarrassment you slammed the door in their faces. 

“I still don’t understand. What was she doing?” Cas asked again looking at the brothers confused.

After the two calmed down, they explained how when you were younger you like to make faces at yourself, especially how you loved to watch yourself cry in the mirror. 

A/N: Funny thing. I am told that when I was younger I used to make faces at myself all the time in the mirror, the oven door, and the dishwasher door. And that I used to love watching myself cry … 

Too Much | WooGyu

In between the flashing lights
I forget you for a moment
The many dazzling things
Make my eyes go blind

He never felt this confused before and the worst part of it, he thinks, is that he feels as if he is never going to come out of that state of confusion. 
Words spin him around and make decisions hard to make. If he knew where to look, he would; if he knew what to look for, he would. But in that moment he thinks of only one thing - one person - and he knows he is part of what makes him happy; makes him calm and serene. Because when he remembers flashes of light, he always remembers him and when he sees nothing, he always sees him no matter what. 

“Why do you keep taking so many pictures?” Sunggyu asks him. He attempts a poker face, but the sun blinds him and he needs to squint so he can look at Woohyun. The younger laughs at him because he is sure that he can’t see a single thing and before he can make fun of his nonexistent eyes, he feels the palm of a hand on the back of his head. 

“Gyu hyung!”

“No manners…”

I’m more comfortable when I’m with you
The place that embraces me

Nowadays, pictures are scarce even if Woohyun managed to fill quite a few albums with pictures of the two of them despite Sunggyu’s constant protests and requests that Woohyun deleted those, he never did. It’s their memories, the younger says and then Sunggyu snorts because “Memories are in our heads”

“And in our hearts, hyung.”

Sunggyu snorts yet again, rolling his eyes right after.



“Gyu hyung?”

“What?” Sunggyu turns around, throws that forever annoyed stare at Woohyun and half hopes that he has something remotely intelligent to say after all of that.”

“You’re in here ~” Hands motion in ridiculous movements, of hearts and weird butterflies and chest patting because ‘I love you’ is so mainstream for Nam Woohyun and he needs the full retro slash greasy k-drama kind of line to make a point.

“I’m going to punch your skull out…”

And Woohyun smiles, dimple showing and shoulders shaking as he tries not to giggle because to him, it sounds like “I love you too.”

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Rowena - Aka Scottish Goddess

Okay, but I haven’t seen enough on my dash recently about Rowena, played by Ruth Connell and I just cannot overstate how much I love Rowena.

Something about… Well, her everything.

The face that she does.  The way she looks down at people so perfectly.  (Also a sucker for the accent, I won’t lie, it kind of completes her.  I think it is probably the most perfect scottish accent, oh myyy)

Look at this absolute queen.  With her flaming red hair and her killer makeup and the sass that permeates every word, expression and movement

How she just gives no fucks and how Crowley just takes it because she’s his mother and oh my god, Rowena calm down, yer givin’ me a heart attack here with your sassy perfection

I mean, c’mon.  Can there be more Rowena love?  Maybe I just haven’t been on the right side of tumblr to see it.  If so, please let me know, because this scottish goddess deserves so much love.  Rowena is just w o w

Not to mention her perfect proclivity for manipulation.  You have to admire how clever she is.  I mean.  c’mon

Please, just a round of applause for the actual perfect character.  Rowena, you delightful, manipulative, fun, awesome, amazing, classy, sASSY Scottish Goddess.  Also lots and lots of love to…

Ruth ‘Ruthie’ Connell!  The portrayal of this perfect character brought to you by her!  I’ve seen a well-written character portrayed badly and thus be ruined.  But nooooot in this case.  Thank you, Ms. Connell, for helping to bring to life one of my favourite characters to date.  Here’s to hoping you stick around, because please.

How can Luke manage to look so calm in the most adrenaline rushed situations like he’s standing on the stage in front of thousands of people who are screaming and he’s just like ‘okay cool no biggie’ and he’s so relaxed and not nervous at all but then you see him rolling on the floor making obsessive and scary faces and squeaks because he’s so excited and happy that someone got him Smarties

This one supposed to be Jared and Jensen photo op. And the news about Jared hit me so much that I changed my clothes to these immediately.
Anyway, I asked him to place one hand on my cheek, but he did what he did and asked if it was ok. Like it won’t be ok to have both Jensen’s hands on your face. Nope. =)
All I can remember are Jensen’s eyes and a very serious face, and I didn’t think of where to place my hands, so I just did this.
His face is incredible. I know now that he doesn’t look like Dean at all, and his face is different, and he is all different from what we see on videos and pictures. So strong, confident and calm, but so serious at the same time, so solid. 

He cupped my cheek and clapped it a couple of times when we took a pic, I suppose he understood that the shirt was dedicated to absent Jared.

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Gom kagami okamura react to waking up with their face in their so's boobs plz

KUROKO: It’s really a mystery to him how he even got there; Kuroko didn’t have his mind in the gutter at all during his dreams. He simply rolled off you when he saw you weren’t awake despite this weird position.

KAGAMI: It was really so soft that he almost felt like not waking up. But upon hearing you groan and opening an eye, Kagami almost screamed trying to get off your boobs. To which you finally woke up and told him to calm down.

KISE: Of course he’s a little embarrassed to find himself on top of you, face planted in your cleavage. Not wanting to look like a pervert, he scrambled off you, desperately trying to forget how nice it felt inbetween your boobs.

AOMINE: As a known breasts-fan, Aomine sees no problem with his current predicament. He promptly falls back asleep, enjoying the feeling, before you woke up and of course lectured him endlessly for being a pervert.

MIDORIMA: Sputters incoherent sentences upon waking up on your chest. “Geez, Shintaro, you woke me up,” you complain, sitting up as if Midorima wasn’t just doing something potentially lewd. “Why are you ok with this?!”

MURASAKIBARA: Boobs were really soft, like two marshmallows, Murasakibara thought as he continued to doze off. But you kept moving around, noticing the substantial weight on your chest, shrieking when you see him lying there.

OKAMURA: He immediately backs away from your breasts, feeling terribly guilty for what he saw as sexual acts in your sleep. Though he enjoyed it, he still wanted to be a good boyfriend and apologize if you felt violated by it.

AKASHI: He apologizes for ending up there, albeit unconsciously. You blushed, mumbling: “It’s ok if it’s you who does it.” Akashi feels his smirk widen in consideration of this statement. “Oh? Saying things like that is dangerous, ____.”

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What are the ways I can use coconut oil?

-moisturize your body and face with it (it’s so calming for freshly shaved skin, my sister actually shaves with it and she says it’s the smoothest shave u can get without waxing)

- makeup remover

-helps repair nails and hair (i do weekly hair masks with some warm oil) + its a great hair oil

-suntan lotion

-i can’t talk from personal experience but i know some ppl use it as a deodorant

-add a little to your foundation for a dewy look or use it as a light base for your makeup (i recommend this tip for winter or dry skin types)

-tons of ways to cook with it

-as a toothpaste or oil pulling

-acne treatment (disclaimer:  i know this has made acne worse for some ppl while it’s completely cleared up problem areas for others soo….this one kinda depends on you! definitely look into it)

-lots of natural home remedies for common sicknesses include coconut oil too

i’m sure i’m forgetting soo many but anyways i highly recommend u buy a jar

You’re a Supernatural

(His point of view)

Derek Hale
      ‘Yes, because that sounds like a brilliant idea,’ said (y/n) sarcastically, not looking up from the book she was reading.
      Peter snorted in response. ‘I’m glad you agree. So, you’re prepared to kill him to stop the Kanima then?’
     I noticed that despite her calm demeanour (y/n)’s hands tightened on the book and her eyes narrowed dangerously.
      I rested a hand lightly on her shoulder. I could feel the tension in her shoulders; Peter had finally struck a chord with the normally calm girl. I rubbed her shoulder lightly. She smiled up at me slightly; there was a look of relief on her face.
     ‘You said,’ she said through gritted teeth as her attention turned back towards Peter, ‘that we wouldn’t need to kill him.’
      Peter shrugged. ‘I actually said he wouldn’t die.’
      (Y/n) clenched her jaw, closing the book with an almost terrifying calmness. I could hear that her heart was beginning to beat a little faster, and gave her shoulder a light squeeze.
      I noticed that my uncle’s attention had turned back towards the laptop, as if totally disinterested in the argument now.
      ‘Hey, we’ll sort it,’ I said to her softly, trying to reassure her. To be honest, I had no idea what was actually going to happen. I knew she’d been close to Jackson when they were younger, but there was nothing else I could really do to try and help calm her. The Kanima was a threat we needed to get rid of, even if it meant hurting Jackson in the process at this stage.
      ‘What, so you’re just gonna turn him into a zombie then?’ she asked dryly. I noticed that her hands were shaking slightly.
      Peter stopped typing, and turned to face (y/n) with an incredulously raised eyebrow. ‘No,’ he said coolly, ‘there’s no such thing as zombies, darling.’
      His tone was about as condescending as it could be, and the effect it had was shocking.
      Surprisingly, (y/n) stood up quickly, and I moved aside slightly. I could hear her heart pounding as the anger built inside her. The strangest thing about her reaction, however, was the fact that her eyes were burning a familiar amber colour.
      ‘You’re a werewolf?’ I said softly, complete shock washing over me. How had I not noticed?
      (Y/n) sighed, closing her eyes and shaking her head slightly. She took a deep breath before opening her eyes. They’d returned to their normal colour and there was a slight smirk on her face.
      ‘Yeah, I was bitten when I was like six,’ she said, rubbing the back of her neck in a slightly nervous gesture.
      Peter sniffed, a slight amount of confusion clouding his features. ‘How comes you don’t smell like one?’
      ‘There’s this weird invention called deodorant that helps,’ she said icily, a slight smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth though as she looked over at me. I could hear Peter muttering darkly though.
      ‘How comes you never said anything?’ I asked, raising an eyebrow at her as I folded my arms.
      She shrugged slightly. ‘With everything else that happened when we met, when was there time to?’ she asked, smirking.
      ‘Don’t you think it was kind of an important thing you should’ve mentioned?’ I asked. ‘And how long were you thinking of keeping this from me?’
      She raised an eyebrow at me. ‘Okay, so it was a kind of important thing I possibly should’ve mentioned. And I was hoping I wouldn’t have to, but I guess nothing prepares you for the annoyance that is Peter Hale.’

Isaac Lahey
      The sun had slipped below the horizon about half an hour ago but (y/n) still hadn’t texted me. She’d said about going swimming to clear her head because of everything that was happening in Beacon Hills. I’d asked her to tell me when she got back though – okay, so I was perhaps worrying about her a little more than I needed to, but still – and still, my phone was silent.
      I tapped my phone nervously against my hand, chewing the inside of my lip slightly while pacing at the end of my bed.
       ‘You know,’ came Scott’s voice from the door, making me jump around. There was a slight smirk on his face, and he was leaning against the doorframe. ‘You could always go and find her. I mean, it’s not like you don’t know where she’ll be.’
      ‘She’d kill me,’ I said, pocketing the phone though. ‘But, I guess she’d understand. I mean, with everything that’s been going on.’
      After about five minutes of pacing I finally left, taking Scott’s old bike to make the journey there quicker.
      I reached the little clearing in a quicker time than I’d anticipated. My eyes were on the lake as I placed the bike carefully against a tree though. In the soft moonlight the water shone like glass, the treetops reflected in the calm surface.
The calmness, however, only made me worry.
      ‘(Y/n)?’ I called, stepping closer to the edge of the water. Something flickered near the middle of the lake, causing panic to rise in my chest. ‘You there?’
      I stopped by the edge, squinting slightly. There it was again, the shining thing flicking out of the water. I stumbled back slightly, uncertain as to what it was.
      ‘Isaac!’ I heard her say excitedly.
      I jumped slightly, before squinting at the edge of the water nearest to me. She was grinning up at me, using one hand to wipe some of the water off of her face. I felt my heart settle slightly. The odd glimmering in the water was still niggling at the back of my mind though.
      ‘You should probably get out of the water,’ I said, crouching beside her as I offered my hand out to her.
      She raised an eyebrow at me, tilting her head slightly. I noticed, however, the glimmering flick out of the water closer to her.
      ‘(Y/n)!’ I said, quickly pulling her out of the water out of sheer panic. I could hear her protests but my attention was on the water, searching for the mysterious thing.
      ‘Isaac,’ she said, her voice was surprisingly calm though. I turned my attention towards her quickly. And that’s when I noticed.
      She had a slightly shocked expression on her face, a slight annoyance too though due to her arched eyebrow. I noticed, however, that the glimmering was coming from her. There was a glittering tail where her legs should have been, covered in dark blue scales.
      ‘You… you’ve got a tail,’ I said, awestruck as she flicked it in what I could only assume was annoyance.
      ‘Yeah, mermaids tend to have them,’ she said simply, before flicking me with water. I blinked a few times, my attention still on the tail, before looking towards her though.
      ‘You’re a mermaid?’
      She nodded slightly, averting her eyes towards a small rock by her hand.
      ‘That’s awesome,’ I said, grinning as she looked back up at me, a smile slipping onto her face as she pulled me into a hug.

Scott McCall
      ‘Ugh, can’t I just say that I’m normal?’ asked (y/n), putting her head lightly against the keyboard, but the sound it created was something slightly dramatic.
      We’d been looking up all sorts of supernatural beings all evening – Stiles had Skyped us earlier to try and help, but his dad was working on a case so of course Stiles had decided to try and solve it too.
      This had all started the other day in class when (y/n)’d moved a pencil without even thinking about it. She’d been furious with something or other that Greenburg had said and the pencil had landed on the table beside him. There was also the time that the twins had been trying to annoy Boyd. Their mutterings were getting louder and after a few moments she turned towards them, her expression like thunder, and the books on their tables jumped threateningly, causing all attention to turn towards them.
      And, of course, since then we’d been trying to figure out what she was. As of yet, however, we’d had very little luck.
      I moved towards her, resting my hand lightly on her shoulder. Her screen was currently filled with information on Charles Xavier as well as a small section on nymphs. I gave her shoulder a slight squeeze.
      ‘Hey, we’ll figure it out and then we’ll figure out how you can control it,’ I said softly, but I couldn’t help but frown slightly.
      She sat up slowly, and turned around to look at me, a slight annoyance behind her eyes. The whole situation appeared to be grating on her slightly, and I couldn’t blame her.
      I noticed, however, that there was a small book on the table beside her, trembling slightly.
      ‘Hey,’ I said, moving slightly so as to steady the book, ‘it’ll be alright. We can stop now if you want,’ I said. The book was still trembling, but it began to struggle less under my hand.
      She shook her head. ‘No, I want to know, it’s just so frustrating, you know?’
I sighed, kissing her on the top of the head lightly. ‘I don’t know how frustrating this is, but we’ll help you get through it.’
      She nodded slightly, just as my phone rang. I frowned, but quickly answered when I noticed it was my mom.
      ‘Hey, Mom, I’m just–’
      ‘I think I found something,’ she said, her voice almost excited as I raised an eyebrow at (y/n). Confusion crossed my face though. ‘Poltergeists.’
      ‘Poltergeists?’ I questioned, and I noticed that (y/n) was already typing, her brow furrowed in confusion though as she got towards the end of the word.
      ‘Yeah, spirits which can move objects when annoyed,’ my mom said, just as the screen in front of (y/n) was filled with information on the things.
      And then, a slight amount of happiness lit up (y/n)’s face.
      ‘That’s it,’ she said happily, practically ripping the phone out of my hand. ‘You’re a genius!’ she said, and I could just about hear my mom chuckling.
      I moved towards the screen, flicking through the information. I could feel (y/n) bouncing on the chair beside me excitedly though.
       ‘How am I gonna learn to control this though?’ she asked in a small voice once she’d hung up the phone. There was slight panic on her face; her eyes were wide, moving quickly as if she were scanning my face for the answer.
       ‘I don’t know,’ I admitted, pulling her into a hug though. ‘But I’m sure we’ll figure something out. I’ll help you through this.’

Stiles Stilinski
      I wandered up the front path, fiddling awkwardly with the little present that I’d brought (y/n) for her birthday. I’d been planning on giving her the necklace at school but she’d been ill – or her parents had let her stay at home for once – so I was left with one last option. Use the spare key to her house and leave it on the table for her as a little surprise.
      The key was in a little nook in the wall just under the letterbox, as it always was. I slipped it out, only just realising that both of her parents’ cars were gone. This was evidentially going to be easier than I’d thought.
       After opening the door, lifting it just a little to try and stop it squeaking just in case, I stepped quickly into the hallway. The usual smell of vanilla filled my nose. But, rather than calming me like it normally did, I felt panic rising in my chest. Wasn’t it only that strong when there was a candle burning?
       I placed the present on the table by the door, before sneaking further into the house, sniffing to try and see if I could smell burning at all.
      ‘Hello?’ I asked quietly, hoping that someone might actually have been in now.
      There was no response, and I made my way quickly into the living room. While there was nothing in there I could see into the dining room.
      I could see that (Y/n) had her back to me. Her iPod was on the table, and I could see the wire of her headphones coming from it. There was a candle on her other side. The flickering flame appeared to be larger than any safe flame I’d seen before.
       I was about to call her when she moved her hand above the flame. I froze, worry washing over me. But, she curled her hand above the flame at a safe distance. I noticed that the flame appeared to jump off of the wick slightly, a small ball of fire hovering in mid-air. She tapped her clenched fist with her other hand and the ball of fire appeared to transform into a small dragon, flapping pathetically above the wick before settling on it as a flame once more.
      ‘What was that?’ I said, barely able to keep my voice hushed.
      (Y/n) turned around quickly, knocking the candle as she did so. Utter shock crossed her face but she clicked. The candle appeared to hover just above the floor, bouncing softly as if caught in a wind tunnel.
      ‘Stiles!’ she said, pulling her headphones out. ‘What are you doing here?’
       There was an odd annoyance on her face, and her eyes flickered down to the candle. She sighed though as she moved to pluck the candle from the air.
      ‘Are you telekinetic or something?’ I asked, rubbing a hand through my hair.
      She shook her head slightly, her eyes on the candle as she placed it carefully on the table. ‘Not quite. I can control the elements. Well, that’s as far as it goes yet, Dad recons with enough practice–’
      ‘Hold up, your dad knows?’
      She chuckled. ‘How would my parents not know I was a witch, Stiles? Where’d you think I got it from?’
      My mouth fell open at that comment. ‘How comes you never told me, I’m your best friend?!’ I asked, outraged, but she chuckled lightly at that, shaking her head with a slight smirk lighting her face though.

The Dog named Dean (DeanxReader oneshot)

Summary: After deciding to go on a witch hunt by himself, Dean gets himself turned into a dog.

A/n: So i made this at first with a scary descriptive smut scene at the end but it felt wrong so I took it out lmao.

Warning: A little not pg-13 at the end, no smut, swearing

Words: 3730

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Omg. Your blog is heaven. Please please please do morning sex with ash???

it would be so lazy and yet he’d still be doing anything he could to make you feel good. like you’d be there, all nestled up in the sheets looking so wonderfully relaxed and calm that he couldn’t help but dive under and rest his hands on your thighs, spreading them gently so that he could have access to you. and it was just something that he wanted to do because he loved going down on you, loved seeing your face scrunch up before you came because that was all because of him. he was making you feel this good, and it was a fact that he could never get tired of.

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if that comment was made by Ed Miliband or any non-Tory MP they would have been forced to apologise or face ejection by the Lord Speaker. but bc it was hamface it’s cool. look at gideon laughing gormlessly in the back omg i hate them all so much. “calm down dear” how dare he speak to a member of parliament like that? and he says it like 6 times? this is why women avoid politics bc they’re patronised and talked down to. this isn’t nothing, that was a calculated and deliberate remark by hamface, he would never have said that to a male MP. 

and there were no repercussions for this at all? he didn’t even apologise when ed balls told him to he was like “i’ll tell you to calm down too if you like”. he should have been EJECTED just for talking to her directly, you’re supposed to speak in third person and only address the lord speaker. i’m still mad about this tbh and we’ve got 5 more years of it. david cameron is literally a playground bully who relies on ridiculing and shaming his opponents to avoid their scrutiny. mess.

Random Sentence Starters
  • "Oh my God, remember the time I blew up the bathroom?"
  • "Y'know, a calm sea never made a great sailor."
  • "Wait, when I look away, are you going to kill me?"
  • "I always hope everytime I look in a new wardrobe, I'll find Narnia."
  • "That would be a perfect way of doing it. Kinda old-school but effective."
  • "Hey, watch your language."
  • "No, just... look over there. Don't look back until I say so."
  • "Okay! This is kinda like Christmas, huh?"
  • "Oh my God! What the Hell is that?!"
  • "...What happened to your face?"
  • "Uh, yeah, I dunno, what the Hell--"
  • "...Hey, don't look at me like that. I don't know."
  • "Hey, hey, check this out--oh shit."
  • "They're kind of cute..."
  • "Okay, MOVING ON!"
  • "They all dressed the same and their faces were covered!"
  • "You managed to look asleep AND terrified at the same time."
  • "Oh and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and this one looks like its been ran over by a fucking LAWN MOWER."
  • "Fix it right or I'll kick your ass!"
  • "Maybe you should try and patch things up. Except you look like you need more than a patch."
  • "Oh my God, you actually brought duct tape..."
  • "They're kinky, too~"
  • "Did I say that just how you wrote it...?"
  • "You're fucked."
  • "Of course I'm getting hostile! You pissed me off!"
  • "But I wanted you to be just like me."
the introductory project

yoo i’m hannah! (she/her) i’m a teenager from england B)) (im not cool ok sorry) i’m ace and questioning as far as my romantic attraction is concerned but i like looking at pretty people. i really like listening to indie folk and calm stuff on 8tracks as well as writing, reading and just generally wasting my time!!! i guess those are talents. i dislike homophobes, misogynists and our corrupt government but thats quite deep so i also dislike peanut butter and really hot weather and sleep. i like youtube (because i can decide who the good and bad crowds are………………)i also really love pj he’s very creative and nice to look at. here have a selfie from ages ago bc i’m trash:

I know this is really meaningless to most people, but I really want to take a horse home for the summer months. Over the past semester, I’ve had a really hard time mentally. This horse is the only thing that’s really kept me sane for the most part. I love him and if I go home without him, I’ll have to face four months of being misgendered, misnamed, and facing shitty people in my hometown with nothing to keep me calm. 

The problem is I need money to do such things. i’ve already got a bunch saved, but i’m looking for help. if you want something done for you, a little project or a knitting thing, i can do it. i make these really cute headband things with little bows; here’s a picture of what I mean (I can also do it without the bow if you so choose!). I also make scarves. I can do blankets, but blankets take months and months and are really expensive to make. 

All I’m asking is for donations. If you want to donate, cool. My PayPal is hannah.greenberg@oberlin.edu. If you want me to make you a thing for a product, even cooler. Just shoot me a message. 

Please help me out, guys. I’m trying to make ~^$500 and I’ve made about $20 of that goal. 


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Uta's, both Kaneki's, Nishiki's, and Yomo's reactions to finding out that their s/o is a shapeshifting bakeneko/nekomata?

Uta has always been partial to cats, so despite the calm and collected look on his face when his partner admitted they were basically a demon, he was throwing a party in his mind. Numerous times he had asked them to turn into a cat just so he could pet them, sometimes forgetting in the process that he was dating them. This, in turn, did upset them but Uta always found a way to sneak around their anger–he was a pretty slick bastard, and a few rubs on their back behind their tails was more than enough to satisfy them.

Kuro!Kaneki found it amazing that the folktales were true–he never paid much attention to it but it came as a shock when his partner confessed. He’s curious about the kind of world they lived in, asking if there were other demons out there that were like them–kind and docile (and cute, but they were probably the only cute demon for him. He also didn’t tell them this). There has been countless times where they’ve shifted into a cat and climbed into his lap, demanding pettings and groomings with a noisy meow.

Shiro!Kaneki thought of this as a pretty logical explanation as to why his partner was so cat-like–chasing birds and small rodents, their obsession with yarn and the like, and why this cat always showed up on the front of his door when they were gone. At first it’s strange getting used to the idea that he was dating a demon of legend, but soon enough he adapted to it, not minding if they lied on top of him, in their cat-form or human-form.

Nishiki found it extremely unnerving. He was basically dating a cat at this point, but his partner made sure to correct him that they were a cat demon. As the initial shock subsided, Nishiki just didn’t care if they were a demon or a cat or whatever they were, merely reminding them with an annoyed voice to not spit out hair balls at his place and to not shed their fur everywhere whenever they turned into a cat. That, and he didn’t appreciate them sleeping on top of his textbooks when he was trying to work, but they don’t listen

Yomo took the news better than his partner thought he would. He’s calm about the entire ordeal, seemingly not phased that he loved a creature of ancient myths. It was only when he confessed that he’s known about the existence of demons that everything made sense as to why he reacted as calmly as he did, but things proceed normally after that–minus the fact that they had a habit of turning into a cat whenever they got particularly emotional.

This is Everything: Chapter Eleven.

Thank you all for sticking around and your patience. 

Here is chapter eleven…finally. 

Not beta’d so ignore silly mistakes. Feedback is always welcome.


All writing here.

Chapter Eleven: Safe.

“I lost my mind trying to find yours.”




Hannah is sleeping. Her breathing is calm and slow. She looks so peaceful and content.

Grace watches her eyes flutter.

She wants to reach out and trace the lines on her face, the dip above her lip, the top of her eyelids. All the flaws and perfections. 

“I fucked up, Grace.”

Grace had heard the desperation in her voice even over the phone. The words were heavy on her tongue and the guilt sitting on her shoulders.

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Imagine you are a professional assassin who used to work for SHIELD but disappeared after it fell and Coulson and May track you down to recruit you when they start rebuilding SHIELD again

Requested by Anon | Gif not mine

It is amazing how the small things stay in a mind. It has been months since you actually have seen Phil Coulson the last time but one pair of the steps that are approaching you from behind are without any doubt his.

“So HYDRA hasn’t offed you, yet Coulson”, you state, turning around. He doesn’t look good. Stiches and mostly bruises covering the better half of his face. Melinda May, standing next to him, looks only marginally better.

“The same goes for you, Y/N”, he responds with his typical small smile, “As I was glad to find out.“ May does not look that glad. Then again, she never really does. You appreciate her professional calmness.

You don’t want to beat around the bush. “Two former agents and a professional assassin meet in a back alley. What is the punchline?”

Couldon and May exchange a look before he answers “We are rebuilding SHIELD. What do you say? Are you back in?”