dad approves of my new place. also.

*gleeful pterodactyl screech* i will be able to make meatballs, and apple pie, and pizza, and all the nice foodstuffs i couldn’t back at my old place.

So my grandmother said we couldn’t name our horse Francis on the grounds that it sounds “too f*ggy”. I mean. Did you… Did you forget your gay grandson is in the car or are you just trying to make a point? Well, I guess it was your daughter that said I couldn’t get a unisex sweatshirt with the Superman logo on the grounds that it made me “look like a d*ke”, so…

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In the best of broken resolutions i was just wondering how Gwyn got the scars around his hip to lower back that detail intrigued me and would human Augus or gwyn ever have any tattoo's piercings and what music would they listen to? Thank you for your time and I hope you had a good holiday

Gwyn got the scars around his hip / lower back from Efnisien. And Efnisien went to juvenile detention for it (because he couldn’t be tried as an adult at the age in which he hurt Gwyn). Gwyn doesn’t talk about it with anyone, especially since his family were sympathetic to Efnisien. But that’s why he’s sensitive/annoyed when Augus pays particular attention to them. 

Augus prefers classical music and sometimes quiet, background indie stuff (like Woodpigeon, Shearwater, Greg Laswell, Sneaker Pimps, Portishead etc. - His brother will never forgive him for his taste in music). Gwyn listens to anything that has a decent enough beat to run to, and otherwise he hasn’t developed much of his own taste because he prefers silence and doesn’t really know how to hunt down the kind of music he might like. 

As for tattoos/piercings, I’m not sure! I’d hesitantly say a no to both for Gwyn, but I’m not going to set that in stone. As for Augus…possibly a no to tattoos, but I see him having a few piercings in his life that he’s maybe gotten rid of now (eyebrow / nose / etc.), probably because of how he wanted to appear in the workplace so that colleagues would take him more seriously. (I feel like this Augus cares a great deal about reputation, and thought that if he was going to keep the lustrously long hair, he’d have to ditch the rest of his accoutrements - though he ended up ditching that too, but that was on a bet, so it doesn’t count).

I did have a good holiday, thank you! <3 :D And yeah, the scar thing: Efnisien. I like to think there’s a whole background story there where Efnisien always kind of bullied him and then one day just took him hostage in a treehouse and it was very very bad. Gwyn doesn’t talk about it, and Efnisien went back into adult jail soon after his release from juvie because he hurt someone else, but Gwyn is always sort of aware any time Efnisien has an appeal coming up.

*shoves angst into everything*

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thank you jesus another person who hated the movie. maybe if they didnt use mainstream actors and kept in the book it would have been 10x better

yeah they relied a lot on the actors to draw in the crowd (but i think they did fine picking people who at least looked somewhat like how the characters were described). i liked the movie before i read the book but after reading, i realized how much they really left out (i would accept it if the book was like, as thick as the goblet of fire but it wasn’t even that long). after the movie, i was left with so many questions (my number one was how the hell did gally even end up finding everyone at the end????) the book was a little slow at times, like i mentioned, but they literally made the movie super short for no reason…

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How would the Hellsing and millennium guys act around their pregnant partner

Oh my goodness, I hope I fulfilled your request well enough. I wasn’t really sure and there weren’t too many GIFs expressing what I wanted, so I just sort of winged it XD So, here you are then dearest anon! 


He would be much more affectionate. Being a vampire, he’d be rather worried for his lover, vampire or not, since he had no idea it was even possible given what he is. He’d have a careful watch on them at all times, looking at their health constantly.


Despite his usual perverted and less-than monogamous nature that is usually perceived by others, Pip would be delighted. He’d be so happy about being a father and being able to raise one and love it with everything he had; quite the enthusiastic father.


He, like Alucard, would be more worried about health than anything. Vampire or not, he would still worry constantly of how his partner was faring, knowing that this was sort of his fault that there was another being inside of them. He’d also worry about being a good enough father, but his partner would reassure him every time.

The Major

He wouldn’t to be with them constantly, since he still had things to do, but would absolutely find time, partnering up for things like baths and naps. They would both appreciate the little things and the small time frames they had, making the most of it as their child grew.

The Doctor

Of course, the Doc knew how it happened, but was nonetheless enthralled with the creation of life in his beloved. He constantly check on them and being awe with them. He was so used to death all of the time that this was something incredibly new for him.

The Captain

Prepare to be carried absolutely everywhere. The Captain’s protectiveness would go into overdrive as he went out of his way further to protect his beloved partner and their unborn.


He would be so ecstatic that he would forget sometimes how careful he needed to be. His enthusiasm would be through the roof and he’d always want to touch his partner, especially in the belly, loving to watch it swell.

Luke Valentine

Luke surprisingly enough has very strong paternal senses. Perhaps from having a younger brother, he would more vocally express his need to protect his pregnant partner, even coming off as mean because of it, but only out of concern for his love.

Jan Valentine

Very touchy, more than usual. He’d be a little shocked at first, not really knowing if he actually wanted to be a dad, but then the idea would grow on him, much to the relief of his partner.


Very comforting and very gentle, he’d treat them like a porcelain doll (the very opposite of Schrodinger). He actually had some idea of what was going on and wanted it all to go smoothly, especially making sure that his partner wasn’t ever scared.

Whew, there we are, this was probably the most difficult one so far, haha. These are fun and I’m glad you guys enjoy them so much :)