Monty & Miller in Blood Must Have Blood, Part One

So I thought of making a bit of a thing with pictures of some of the Noiverns in this community, and here are ten of them all from different blogs. Reasons I wanted to do this to see how different all of our Noiverns are design wise. (And can say personality wise too because holy heck none of these bats have the same traits.) Also hope none of you mind I drawn your Noiverns ahah. XD

Now the Noiverns counting to the right aaaare:

Nommy/Mic is by me

Fayzel from ask-dibbythelatiblogger

Evan from askteamterry

Valentine from ask-kibble-and-vok

Gale from bat-dragons-tavern

Angela from askragingsalamence

Papa from askpokeshamans

Nolan from the-army-on-the-horizon

Roxanne from aloft-in-the-stars

and Cecil from askaromatisse

Enjoy the little portraits, and Bat dragons uniiiite!

Sharing the feels

So I’ve been thinking about this depressing meta about “If only Steve went to find Bucky” and the thing is … I think Steve and the Howlies TOTALLY DID.   I mean, how could they not?

The following is a compilation of rubyandhergingercat and my conversation about this:

So imagine Steve and the other Howlies go back to look for Bucky’s body while Phillips interrogated Zola.  It’s a bit delayed because they had to get Zola back to the proper authorities, and then they had to climb all the way down the mountain pass.  By then fresh snow has covered any signs of falling, but they keep trudging through the forest, looking.   But they’re looking for a body, not a bloody trail.   After a day, or maybe 3, or maybe a week, they’ve scoured the entire valley and found nothing. 

That’s when they come across a Soviet encampment.  The Soviet commander invites them into the camp and Steve asks, in rudimentary Russian, if he’s come across Bucky’s body.  The commander inquires a bit more, then sadly shakes his head, puts a comforting hand on Steve’s shoulder, and wishes him the best of luck — the commander knows what it’s like to lose a soldier.  And of course he’d keep an eye out and send the body back if they ever come across it.

The next day they get a note from Phillips saying that Zola’s revealed Red Skull’s master plan and they’re needed back at SSR headquarters.


Alright, people are quick to be hating on Lexa for what she did to Clarke. But can I just point out here. 

Lexa said about making the decision with her head, not her heart. Now if you look at the gifs above(not mind btw.) Who’s thinking with her heart here? Not Lexa. 

Clarke is emotionally effected by what Lexa is saying here, and though Lexa is saying she’s sorry, there is little to no remorse or anything in the way she’s saying it. 

She doesn’t feel bad for what she did, she feel’s bad because she knew if she listened to her heart, she’d be stood right beside Clarke and would have lost a lot of her people. 

Clarke on the other hand, is getting upset by what happened, she’s pretty much begging Lexa not to leave, not to walk away. She’s letting her heart make the choices for her. She’s not listening to her head, which I have no doubt is telling her to understand why Lexa did what she did. 

Right now, Clarke doesn’t understand, but when she’s thinking more rationally, she will. Lexa did what she did for her people, even if that meant hurting her own heart and hurting Clarke. 

Okay, so if you don’t think that the American schools are messed up, lemme tell you that I was in the gifted and talented program for nine years and if you got anything less than distinguished honor roll (meaning all A’s which is 90% or above), you were really looked down upon by your peers. I got just normal honor roll (two B’s) one marking period and I threw the certificate away because I could see that people were looking at me funny. Even now, in highschool, I’m two years ahead of my grade level and I got one C in science (due to my many absences) and a bunch of people just stopped talking to me as if they consider me a lesser or something. So yeah, if you’re “smart” you had better preform all the time even if you’re under extreme stress and your mental illnesses are literally killing you or you’ll get shunned by your “friends”.


cute pics of me feat. a plant that if i had to name i would call Hermes

also today i worked for the first time in forever and the guys were so excited to see me!!! nacho actually hugged me and told me several times throughout the night that he missed me. jose luis was like “you cant leave again” omg. im so sad thinking about going away to school next semester and not being able to work there year round!!!! wtF!!

my friend was talking about some guy and how he was hot and “i would, yknow” and I was like *awkward asexual silence* bc like. no, I don’t know?? I never know lmao but like I wasn’t gonna get into the ace life right there in the middle of class so