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Look of the Week - What was your favourite look for the week

This week was another fashionable week with an engagement, state visits, national day,… Vote for your favorite look of last week. Who rocked her outfit the best? Choose from the pictures above and vote here. You’ve got one week to vote and we’ll let you know who won!

In the most recent poll, we see Crown Princess Mary once again prove that she is viewed as the most stylish Princess in Europe! The Crown Princess wins in the Erdem dress which she wore to the gala held by the Carlsberg Foundation. In second and third place is Queen Letizia; the first outfit is what she wore to meet with audiences at Zarzuela Palace, and the second for the reception held for the President of Panama and his wife. Thank you to everyone for voting! The next poll will be made available in a few!

It's not Wednesday. Have some wedding stuff.

All of a sudden the last line changed and this became kind of nsfw?

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The gaming community is so fucking laughable seriously. When they’re not being sexist or completely unwelcoming of any kind of representation other than straight, white men, they’re bickering like fucking school children over the best consoles and companies. Get the fuck over it. Buy whichever console appeals most to you and…that’s it.

anonymous said:

Why does it look like Louis has tattoo cream or something on his web? You know like when it's a fairly new tat and you still have to put stuff on it. Weird.

I noticed the shininess right away and honestly my first thought was “fake tat.” But it’s probably just a weird lighting thing.

Send me “alt!” and I’ll introduce you to a charecter I’ve rped in the past, want to play in the future or am currently playing somewhere else!

Aladdin's Genie


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