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Since the beginning, the true heart of the series has been Emma Swan’s journey and her evolving relationships. This journey is emblematic of the show’s themes of love in all its forms, family, courage, resilience, and forgiveness. And all of these themes were beautifully exemplified in Emma’s scenes with her parents and with Killian. When Emma returns to Storybrooke having just faced and fought against her darkness, she has a look of pure joy and comfort as she hugs her son and then Killian. We often say that we can find home safe in someone’s loving arms, and that solace is evident as she hugs the man she loves as if they’d been apart for a year. As happy as Emma was to embrace her loved ones she still backs away from her mother, and importantly Killian notices. This leads to one of their loveliest moments ever because it was not only about the two of them individually and as a couple, but also Emma’s family. Killian takes Emma to the docks, hoping gazing upon the horizon will be calming, to which she says it is. But I think the real calming presence in Emma’s life is Killian. You see the comfort and openness she has with him now in both mannerism and expression. She sits between his legs, and any kind of tension she feels is alleviated the moment she looks into his eyes. Killian says he knows her heart is still uneasy and he feels like it’s his job, or at least he hopes it’s his job, to protect her heart. Emma assures him that she no longer needs protection from Gold, but that is not who he is talking about. The truth of what he speaks is so exquisite and further solidifies not only what an astute and loving man he is towards Emma, but also her family. When Killian traveled back in time he could see how much her parents mean to her. So seeing her push them away, he understands the pain they’re all experiencing and it affects him deeply. Colin O’Donoghue played this scene so gorgeously with tender sincerity as Killian explains that perhaps they did not tell her everything because they were ashamed and they wanted her to like them; and he wisely explains how they tried to protect her because they wanted her to be happy and to make her proud. For a moment Emma deflects saying she would have liked to have known how they turned themselves around saying how she likes when people find their good hearts along the way, an obvious reference to the man sitting before her. And Jennifer Morrison shows in an instant how much Emma admires and loves Killian with a sense of pride in her smile and voice. As much as Killian surely appreciates it, he knows that’s not what is important in this moment. This is why this scene is so exemplary. Not only is it moving to realize Killian perfectly understands the feeling of shame for past wrongs, not wanting to tell Emma for fear of losing her, but we also see just how much he cares about her on a profound level. True love inspires us to be our best selves and fight to stay on a path of light, love, bravery and forgiveness. He could have easily simply held and kissed Emma, enjoying a quiet moment for themselves they so rarely are granted. But he knows she is in pain and if he can guide her towards forgiving her parents he will. He is a fan of every part of her- the stubborn woman she can often be, but also the loving and forgiving soul who showed him that life could once again be filled with light and love.
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Stay ( Part III )


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You heard people talking around you, your eyes were still shut, maybe it was a dream, maybe not. You didn’t know. Not until you felt a hand holding your hand. “Y/N, wake up.” a voice said as you opened your eyes slowly, beginning to readjust. “Mom?” you asked. “Oh my God! She’s awake! Thank God!” your mom said happily, crying as she hugged you. and kissed your forehead. You looked around the room, people started to fill in around you, your dad, brothers, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Sophia, Lou, your aunt, cousins, everyone was there, hugging you in turns as they went out, but someone was missing.

“Where’s Harry?” you asked out of the blue.

Zayn looked at you, smiled as he held your hand, “He went out.” “Oh… Okay, will he be back? Cuz he was here last time, I heard him talking to me.” you asked clueless. Liam took a deep breath and walked to the other side of your bed, rubbing your head, “Yeah.” as he left the room. Sophia walked in the room right after her boyfriend came out, worried, “Y/N! You’re okay! I can’t believe you’re okay! I was scared!” “Haha hey Soph.” you smiled. “Don’t you ever do that to me again! Ever!” she giggled hugging you.

“Hey Ni.” you smiled looking at Niall, standing at the edge of your bed. “Hey.” he smiled hugging you, kissing your temple. “So, how did I survive this tragic accident?” you joked when everyone left the room except Niall. “Well, your heart was getting weaker and weaker so the doctor searched for a donor, and he did found one.” Niall replied scratching his blonde hair. “Really? Who’s the donor?” you asked curiously. “The doctor said that the donor want his or her name to be kept as anonymous.” “What? I can’t know who saved my life? Come on!” you giggled. “Sorry.” he replied as he left, making you even more curious.

You pressed the nurse button and waited. A few minutes later a women came in with a tray of food, “Hello.” she smiled. “Hello, how long have I been out?” you joked. “Umm.. Six days.” she said as she placed the tray on your lap. “Can I ask you something?” you asked holding her hand. “Sure, anything.” “Okay, who’s my donor?” you asked looking up at her. She froze. “Umm.. Hello? Who’s my donor?” you asked again. “I… Don’t know, I’ll ask the doctor.” she replied as she left. You waited and waited till she came back with the doctor, “Finally.” you smiled. “Hey Y/N! Can I call you Y/N?” the doctor greeted. “Hey! Yeah! So who’s my donor?” you asked. The doctor came up to you, looking right at you, without saying a word, “Doctor, come on. I have the right to know who my donor is okay?” you giggled. “The donor told me to keep this anonymous.” “I don’t care, I won’t tell anyone, come on.” you begged.”I think it be better if you talk to your friends first.” he replied. “Friends? What do you mean?” you asked getting furious. You were about to say another word when Niall came in. It was awkward. “I’ll leave you two alone.” the doctor said breaking the silence as he went out with the nurse. “But I need to know!” you yelled.

Niall dragged a chair and sat right beside you, “What’s wrong?” you asked him. He looked pale, like he’s been crying for hours. He didn’t say a word, he took an envelope from the pocket of his jacket and gave it to you. “What’s this?” you asked. He smiled weakly and held your hand. You pulled your hand away and read the front of the envelope, “Kitten.” you spoke as tears started to fall from your eyes. “I’m sorry.” Niall said with his cracked voice. “No…” you said in denial. You stood up, took the needle out of your right arm, took the tubes off and went outside. “Y/N! Come back!” Niall pleaded. You ignored him and ran as fast as you can until your chest started to hurt as it gets heavier, you sat on the floor right in front of a giant window as you took the letter out of the envelope.

You started to read, realising that it was Harry’s handwriting.

“Hey kitten.”

“I hope you’re okay! I heard that surgeries hurt a lot! I saw you earlier today, you were so beautiful sleeping peacefully. I didn’t want to wake you up though.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry for everything. I didn’t mean any of this to happen. I’m sorry for getting mad at you. I’m sorry about the girls. I’m sorry for not caring.I’m sorry.”

“Anyway, enough of the sorrys! I don’t want to make you cry! Please don’t cry! It’s going to be okay!”

“Kitten, remember when we went hiking with the boys? You were so scared of the snake I caught! You were so adorable! You cried when I threw the snake at you, I’m still sorry about that by the way. The moment you cried and laughed and got pissed at me was the moment I realise that I’m actually falling for you.”

“Remember that night when we stargazed? Yeah, when I said my first I love you? That was real. I do love you.”

“Life is funny. The next thing you know is you fall in love with your best friend.”

“I was going to take you to see a movie the other day! I was going to kidnap you! But the doctor told me not to! So I didn’t! God I’m so cheesy.”

“To be completely honest, I suck at writing letters, you know that.”

“Now, what else? Ah!”

“I wrote this because I want you to promise me something.”


“Okay, I want you to promise me that you’re gonna ace the final exams and got into the college you always wanted! Have fun at college! Go to parties! Meet some guys!”

“I also want you to promise that you’re gonna travel the world before you’re 30 like we planned! I want you to see the world. Don’t you worry about me ‘cuz I’ll be right beside you. I want you to see Maldives! It’s absolutely beautiful there!”

“I want you to promise me that you’ll learn to cook better! ‘Cuz I don’t want your future husband to get food poisoning like I did!”

“I’m joking! Haha! But still, learn how to cook!”

“Hmm… I want you to promise me that you’re gonna smile even when the skies are grey, because your smile is the most beautiful thing in the world that could actually brighten up someone’s day!”

“I want you to keep your head up and never stop believing, achieve your dreams ‘cuz I know that you’re capable of doing it!”

“Promise me that you’ll always help a person in need like you always do, ‘cuz that’s the best feature of you! You’re a super smart, beautiful, kind, and amazing girl and I want the whole world to know that.”

“The world needs to know how amazing you are kitten, don’t forget it.”

“Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve you at all. I really don’t. You’re the most beautiful person on the inside and outside! I’ve never met someone like you. Ever. I am lucky that I got the chance to meet you!”

“I’m so thankful for the times we had. For the fights, cuddles, kisses, everything. I’m thankful that I get to know the real you! I get to see you sing to one of my songs like crazy! I get to see you smile looking at little kids. I get to see you giving me the silent treatment. I get to see you study for your tests.”

“Most of all, I get to see you happy.”

“I support every choices you’re going to choose in the future, ‘cuz I know that you’ll always choose the right path.”

“Ohh, I’m also thankful that you were so sweet and kind to me!”

“I know that everyone hate my jokes but you didn’t. You laughed even though you know it’s not funny. You listen to every little things I said that’s not even important. You came to our show on my birthday! The surprise on stage was so sweet! I’ll always remember that!”

“Thank you so much for letting me enter your life, and ruin it a bit haha!”

“Thank you for letting me hold you close to my heart.”

“Kitten, I was so scared, if I leave you, you’re gonna fall into someone’s arms, not mine, and you’re gonna make much more meaningful memories with them. But I’m not scared anymore.”

“I actually want you to be happy with another guy.”

“I don’t care who.”

“I just want you to be happy.”

“I know that you’re smart enough to know the right and wrong, the good and bad. Believe me, I’ll always be there for you, no matter where you are.”

“This is how.”

“If you’re having a rough day, just look at the sky. If you see a super small star, that’s me! It means that I’ll always be looking at you from the clouds. I’ll always take care of you. You’ll always be in my heart.”

“When there are no stars, look at the window. If you see the sun shining through, that’s also me. I’ll aways be there to make you feel warm. The point is, I’ll always be with you.”

“You don’t know how much this hurts. Writing this letter. Seeing you cry right now, hurts.”

“I don’t want you to cry, please smile.”

“Wipe that tears of your face babe.”

“Y/N, kitten, baby, sweetheart, haha.”

“There you go! There’s that adorable smile I long for!”

“By the way, I made Niall promise to take care of you while I’m away! Don’t worry, you can trust him, because I do. He’s a great guy, and you know that! And also, he’s the best mate and brother I’ve ever had!”


“I want you to know that we’ll meet again someday, somehow.”

“I’ll always visit you in your dreams, always!”

“Don’t ever forget that you’re Y/N Y/L/N. The most beautiful, sweetest, kind, smartest girl I’ve ever met! Now go and share that to the world! I know this is not fair to you, I’m sorry for that.”

“Okay fine this is my last sorry.”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. I don’t know if you noticed but I held your hand when I came to visit you.”

“Haha that’t not important, I know I know.”

“Someday you’re gonna look back to this day and the days that we spent together as the best memories of your life I hope! I hope that I could be one of those people that’s gonna be forever in your heart because you’re forever in mine.”

“I love you so so so much. I love you so so so so much! I love you I love you I love you! Times a million! And then times a million more!”

“Thank you for the amazing 2 years we had! Not even a single regret out of it! I’ll think of you until the last breath that came out of me! Even though I stopped living, that doesn’t mean that you have to, too!”


“Do not cry! Do not think of me as it like I’m gone forever!”

“I PROMISE YOU that we’re gonna meet again someday.”

“That you’re gonna be back in my arms again.”

“Then we’ll be together forever and ever and ever and ever!”

“I’ll wait for you, wherever I am. I’ll always wait for you.”

“I love you kitten.”


Harry x

*Val hugs Zendaya more than once and kisses her temple numerous times* 

-the tag freaks the fuck out but ( a good chunk) still believe that they aren’t dating-

*Val does the same exact thing to a different woman*

-Doubters: “Val is dating that girl! Did you see that red room footage?!”- 

I’m sorry, but this way of perceiving these things don’t add up.

Look, believe what you want about Val and Z and their relationship but you can’t tell me that when Val does things like this to Zendaya it’s not couple-y and that when he does it with someone else, it is. That just doesn’t make any sense. It can’t be either or. If you didn’t take the V/Z red room footage as confirmation that they are dating then you shouldn’t take the red room footage of Val and JJ tonight as confirmation either. Because they basically were the same type of interactions. In my personal opinion, Val’s interaction with Zendaya was a bit more couple-y than his interaction with JJ but that’s just me. Just chill out doubters. 

I sit beside her in the passenger seat and experience the world through her eyes for just a moment. She’s tapping fingers on the steering wheel, she’s singing her heart out, she hits every note, she’s dark in the nighttime, but so bright in my heart. I watch her. I watch the road. I feel myself looking through her eyes and though she knows she’s hugging the highway, grounded completely, physically, she doesn’t feel the pavement passing at all. She’s listening to that music blasting from the stereo and she’s in another world with heroes and heartbreak and struggle and beauty. She’s standing in a field of wild flowers letting the wind carry the song around her, through her, for her. She’s here with me, right here, just there, but I know that her soul is peacefully adrift, and I can’t bring her back but I know she’ll find her way home from her heart to her head and back again. She’s not mine to retrieve but I’m hers to return to. It took so little to fall into this. Her eyes on my future, her hands holding my fears. Her love’s the best thing that ever tripped me and I’ve never fallen for anything the way I’ve fallen for her grace.
—  12:02 // I hope he sees me and thinks

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oh no yeah as a parallel it's totally cool, but I also saw it as Jimmy & Amelia's endgame, their happy ending as it were, and it kinda felt like Robbie was telling us "so listen up guys you're gonna get textual confirmation, after all, I was the 1 to write the 'I love you' line for Cas, too, but it looks like you're not gonna get more than a hug on the physical side of things. That doesn't mean it's not true love though! See? They're soul mates!" Just a feeling I got, is all... *shrugs* who nose

Oh! I get it. I wasn’t even thinking forwards after all your good work paralleling things back to old Destiel stuff. :P

I dunno, Robbie also wrote in the thing about Destiel hugging in 10x05 and did you see how eyeball meltingly cute that thing with Kristen and Siobhan was? I would die if Dean and Cas did that and that came under the umbrella term “hugging” :P Who knows.

I can’t even try and think negative thoughts because I’m too busy picturing them holding hands like that. Send help.

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Okay so idk if this is just me or what but I feel like the most recent pictures of Luke are going to increase global warming like sometimes i just want to fight him but I also want to hug him. Also like I swear he looks like a younger Garrett Hedlund oh mah lawd.😍😍😍 (if you don't know who that is its okay just look him up I promise)

Luke has been even more devastatingly good looking than he usually is and I didn’t think that was possible but this week has proved it is

Im rambling and annoyed because I had a thought about Pythacarus and was gonna share it but  then I forgot it so Im just gonna post something else I was thinking of Like Im never getting over how close Icarus and Pythagoras are in the candle scene how intimate it is more than when they hug (and it looks like Icarus is leaning in slightly - no I haven’t watched this gif a hundred thousand times I don’t know what you mean) BUT PYTHAGORAS CAN’T LOOK AT HIM and what if we see Icarus crying in the candle scene as well it will be too much I mean when Pythagoras cries fairies die and when Icarus cries angels fall and I can’t bear it I need them to be happy 

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Hi i am the anon who asked about the football fans here... I always wanted to be friends with you guys but i am too shy:/ im a bvb fan btw

omgggg well thank you for starting all this! i really have wanted to know who are the football fans on here but this is just perf! look at all the football fans now that have shown themselves!!! <3333 *hug*

awww well let’s be friends!! pls!!! even tho you support bvb i mean my hubby mats is on your team sooo ; ) no hard feelings since i’m a bayern fan hahahah <3333 in the robron fandom there is no hatred for being of a different team fan!!! <33333