look at that face and her smile

the look on his face, that moment of clarity, after Peggy says she knows her own value and not caring about other people’s opinions, he just pauses.

and she smiles as she walks past him to her desk.

he slips off his crutch.

when he asks her out, he’s the Daniel before the war, the happy and carefree man, and he’s just beaming.  he’s not weighed down by insecurity or fears. he’s confident and happy.

and that’s all because of Peggy Carter.  

he does the same for her, reminding her that she wants to be happy again. she wants more than a job that consumes her.

while Peggy radiates sunshine every time she glances in his direction.

I could talk about this scene forever because it so freaking beautiful and flawless.

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You know those Modmad sketches of Tony's expressions? That one really horrified face and we couldn't decide exactly what was happening? I think that's he exact moment that he realizes he just destroyed Paige's artwork in a fight.

oh my god 

oh my god thats exactly it

someo ne s ave him

ps  check out tumblr fuckign up

I can’t wait for the first time Root and Shaw go off on a mission together after Shaw gets back. I can’t wait for the absurdly huge smile that is going to be on Root’s face. Looking back on old photosets, I was noticing that even when Root’s mouth wasn’t smiling, her eyes usually where. And now it’s the opposite. Her mouth smiles, she fakes it to get things done, but her eyes are just so sad. So I can’t wait for the day when her eyes are fully lit up again, the day when she and Shaw are standing shoulder to shoulder, Root with her dual wield pistols, Shaw with her gun, Root making suggestive comments and grinning ear to ear.

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Holy crap okay so how would each of the turtles react to their baby saying his/her first words or really any special moment like that?? xx


Leo: I think his baby would stumble in while he’s meditating, stumbling over her tiny feet and offering him a warm gummy smile. Leo would smile and let the baby move closer, supporting her little body on his thigh before looking up at him with big eyes. The baby would smack her lips together, before letting out a ‘dada!’ and falling on her diaper cushioned butt. He’d open his eyes in an instant, picking her up and holding her close to his face ‘did you just say dada?’ and the baby would gurgle a laugh, kicking her little legs because her daddy was making funny faces!

Raph: Raph’s baby would be practically glued to him by the hip, clutching on his calf as he walked around the lair. So I think he’d be training, doing push ups with the tiny little baby on his shell, trying to mimic him while he counted but would come out as high pitched squeals. She’d lie on his chest, chew on his bandanna tails and let out a ‘daddee!’ while drooling all over his shell.He’d have to hold himself on his arms so he wouldn’t drop her, but he’d have this wide smile on his face ‘what did ya say?’ ‘daddee!daddee!’ she’d bounce on his shell, giggling and hugging his neck from behind.

Mikey: He’d be the only one who’d try to ‘teach’ his baby how to say daddy. The tiny baby would be so busy chewing on his pacifier he wouldn’t pay much attention to his father’s attempts ‘Daaaaddyyyy, can you say daddy?’ nothing ‘Papa?’ nope ‘…dada?’ his son would just blink his blue eyes at him before going back to his toys. Mikey would pout and just lie close to his baby son, leaning on his folded arms. He’d eventually fall asleep and a tiny voice would wake him up along with a weak tapping on his shoulder ‘dada dada dada’ and that’d make Mikey snap his eyes open with a huge smile, seeing his baby son sitting in front of him with a curious look because his daddy was crying a lot.

Donnie: Donnie’s boy is a small curious little being that enjoys sitting on his father’s lap while pretending to help him on mashing his little hands on an unplugged keyboard, thinking he was helping. Donnie would just smile at his baby before going back to work, eventually flicking between pages and showing a picture of him and his gf/wife as the screensaver. His son would widen his eyes, laughing cutely while pointing a chubby finger at the screen ‘papa! mama!’ and he’d clap his little hands, not seeing Donnie’s surprised look. Luckily, he was prepared for this moment, because all the cameras had instantly moved to his son when he said the first syllable. Something to keep for posterity. 

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Happy birthday hawtsee​! As per your request, here’s some Katniss and Madge as best friends, and Gale is Katniss’ ex, so he’s off limits to Madge, but of course they fall for each other. Enjoy, I hope you had a wonderful perfect day!

He’s looking at her again. She can feel it. Madge has always been able to feel his gaze on her, a constant shiver up her spine. He’s relentless. She won’t look back.

"Madge?" Katniss’s voice pulls her back to the present. She turns to face her friend and smiles brightly, ignoring the boy across the room at the counter. "You don’t have to pretend like he’s not here," she tells him with a smile. "Gale." Madge wrinkles her nose. As Katniss’s best friend it’s Madge’s only duty to hate Gale Hawthorne. That’s what best friends are for. Hating ex boyfriends. "We’re on decent terms."

"I don’t care," she returns. Madge reaches across their own booth and grabs a fry from Katniss’s plate. They’re at Sae’s Place, a small family run diner on the edge of town. Most college kids don’t like to make the trek from the university but Katniss and Madge have been coming here since Freshman year. "He’s still an ass."

"Yeah," Katniss’s eyes dart in Gale’s direction where he’s eating at the counter with some of his friends and then looks back at Madge. "Whatever. Thanks."

Madge arches an eyebrow. “For what?” 

"Just," Katniss shakes her head. "Thanks."

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How Long?

It was a small moment that made Skye realize that everything would, in fact, be okay.

She had woken up one morning to see Simmons curled up next to Fitz, who was sitting next to her bed. She looked over and saw that the engineer was awake, and staring down at Simmons with pure love and devotion in his eyes.

He slowly noticed that he was being watched and looked up at her.

"You two are so cute," she whispered, not wanting to wake Simmons and take this moment away from Fitz.

"Toss off," he whispered back, a smile on his face.

"Whatever, Leopold,” she replied, smiling at his glare.

"Careful there, Poots,” he shot back, laughter in his eyes.

She tried to keep a straight face, but her composure slowly cracked and she was fully belly laughing in a second - Fitz right behind her. The pair of them laughing woke Simmons up, who just looked at them with a puzzled expression on her face.

"Is everything okay?" she asked, sleep in her voice.

"Yes, Simmons," Skye replied, a smile on her face, "I think everything is."

In the box sat a fox, the snow that fell on it’s coat did not melt like it was supposed to. The fox had a blank stare as it looked towards the house, eyes glassed over. This beautiful little creature had sadly met it’s end on the road. But that was not the end of this journey for the fox. 

This red creature had been picked up by a teen, smuggled in a garbage bag and left in the box in front of one of the witches houses. These witches were old ladies, who bartered with the kids brave enough to face the large old homes and the odd old inhabitants. But when they brought them bones and dead things they got cookies and they got the learn. 

The old lady peered out her window and saw the red creature. She smiled and tottered out, he cane clicking on the sidewalk as she walked towards it, gloves on her hand and a garbage bag tucked under her arm. She studied it, looking for a note to see who it was from, And when she didn’t see one she frowned a little worried. But she picked up the creature and placed it in the bag and headed back inside, where the creature went into the freezer to await the child who found it to come forward.

But no one ever did, she saw many kids come and go, but none of them claimed the fox. She continued with her trade, hoping one day to meet the child who’d placed the fox in the box, along with a few other animals that had clearly been roadkill, but no one ever came forward for these animals.

That was until one snowy day the lady peered out her window and saw a kid trudging toward it, hugging a backpack and headng toward the box. She pulled on her cowl and headed out, “Hello dearie, why don’t you bring that in and warm up?” she asked. The teen was older, but didn’t seem to drive, for they had walked here. “Come in.” she said again and the teen eventually nodded and followed her in, carrying the bag. 

Once she had the young person settled, and the prize, a jackrabbit skull, placed in a bucket she handed them hot chocolate and set the plate of cookies down before settling in her chair. She looked at the shy teen as they sipped the hot chocolate, “So are you the one bringing me all these creatures without a note?” she asked softly.

The teen nodded, “Yeah.” they replied. A

The old lady smiled, “Why don’t you ever leave a note, or come in?” she asked.

They shrugged, “Well.. I’m not supposed to be picking up these things, my parents think it’s gross and don’t want me touching it… but.. I don’t want to just leave these things on the road.” they said.

The lady smiled, “Well I know, parents sometimes are set in their ways. But sometimes you need to try talking to them, or even just asking if you can come here and learn, so nothing is in their home. Getting educated so you can teach them that it’s not all scary and the start of a murderer.” she said softly. “I’ll teach you, if you want, and if your parents will let you. So then you can state an educated case.”

The teen nodded and smiled a little, “I’d like that.”

So the old vulture began to teach the teen and even though they never were allowed to bring any fresh dead things home, the cleaned bones and hides helped them ease their parents into it.

A Night Out

God, his coat feels like sandpaper, Amber thought. At this point in the night any mild inconvenience was less preferable to a badger gnawing off her arm. ‘Just dinner, just a miserable, embarrassing dinner. And now we’ve linked arms.’

She had dinner with other coworkers before. It was not a big deal. Grab a meal, talk for a bit, go home. It was bonding experience! Allen was super nice, but the whole situation was off-putting.

“I’ve had a fantastic time so far,” Allen said looking around while taking in the city lights like he expected Amber to feel the same.

“Yeah. ” Well, now or never, she thought. “Hey Allen?”

“What’s up?” he had an enormous smile on his face with puppy dog eyes. This was going to make things at work really awkward.

“Look, you are a super nice guy, and tonight was…” she had to pick some way to say this without putting him down but also demonstrated strict platonic-ness “quite a thing.” Amber was clearly not on the top of her eloquence game tonight.

“I feel the same way!” he broke into a grin that showed her intention rocketed over his head.

Now was the time to be blunt, if not now, then things would just get more awkward. Time to be clear and straightforward.

“Well, you see..” she slipped her arm from his.

“Fancy a magic trick?” a man holding a deck of cards jogged up to them.

“Oh, this could be fun!” Allen clapped his hands together.

Damnit Allen.

Without missing a beat, the man continued. “Okay, see this card?” He flashed a card towards Allen’s face. “Now sleep,” he slapped the card on Allen’s forehead before he could give another dumb grin. Allen’s legs buckled and he collapsed. Before he even touched the ground the man dipped his hand into Allen’s coat and pulled out his wallet.

“Who the hell…” before Amber could grab the man’s arm, he was off and running. Allen was splayed out on the cement. His grin was still spread from ear to ear.

“Allen?” he was breathing but otherwise unresponsive. So pretty much the same.

Amber heard footsteps running towards them. A woman jumped over the two of them and sprinted off in the direction of the card-dealing man. Another man sprinted towards them and yanked the card off Allen’s head as he passed.

“Your boyfriend will be okay!” he shouted as he sprinted to catch up with the woman.

None of those words will ever describe Allen, she thought.

“Did you say I was your boyfriend?” Allen blushed, and he sat up.

“Nope!” She walked away.

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RootxShaw prompt- Root and Shaw are together, and the number of cute, adorable pet names that Root gives Shaw has increased significantly. Shaw is fine with it when they are alone, but lately Root has been doing it in front of the rest of the team, and the names have even gotten more ridiculous. This leads to teasing from John and Lionel, while Shaw is beyond grumpy and wants to shoot everyone.

Don’t Call Me Cute, Cutie

"Morning, Sweetie." Shaw hears the greeting through her ear piece. Turning her face away from the people on the subway she replies.

"Hey, Root."

"You on your way in?"

"Yeah. You?"

"I’m already here." Shaw can here the satisfied smile on Root’s face; and pictures her sitting at the station, arms crossed, reclined in Harold’s desk chair. The subway car comes to a halt, and Shaw steps off.

"I’ll be there in a minute," Shaw says, looking back and forth. Satisfied that no one is watching, Shaw slips past the terminal and towards an unoccupied section of the subway. Then, like a phantom, she disappears into the wall, taking an entrance that would never be found unless someone already knew it was there.

"I’ll be waiting, honey." Sameen hears shuffling and the rolling of a chair.

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Molly smiled happily as she sat at the head of a beautifully decorated table in an intimate corner of Angelo’s. Candlelight from what seemed like hundreds of tall sparkling candles atop her chocolate strawberry birthday cake, flickered across the faces of all the people that were her family. John, Mary, their daughter Hannah, Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade.

As their chorus of voices sung ‘Happy Birthday’, Molly turned to her gorgeous husband, the worlds only Consulting Detective Sherlock Holmes, who was sitting to her left and looked into his joy filled eyes as he leaned in towards her. His hand reaching down to rest gently on her small baby bump, holding her gaze Sherlock smiled and whispered, “I love you.”

♠ — (( effervescxnts )) 

taking a long sip from his cup, christian scanned the room
looking for someone to talk to. he’d come to this party with
a few of the guys who were living on the same floor as him
but he’d somehow lost them in an attempt to get a  hold of 
a drink. spotting alaska’s familiar face across the floor, christian 
swiftly made his way through a few groups of people and slid 
into the seat next to her. ’ hey. ’ he smiled, mentally scowling 
himself at his crap attempt at starting conversation. he leant into 
her slightly taking another sip of his drink. ’ i hope you don’t mind
 me coming over here but i don’t know anyone else at this party 
and you’re the only face i actually recognise. ’

Open Up the Gates | Elsanna

Despite the fact that she had basically turned her shower into the final scene of Titanic that morning, Elsa was determined to have a good day with Anna. Well, she was going to force it, at least. She was going to put on that happy face and pray that her little sister didn’t see through it.

“I guess we should look at dresses for the Founder’s Day thing,” Elsa said, following her sister down the street. She wasn’t sure if any store would normally allow them to bring their dog inside, but once they saw the adorable smile on her sister’s face, well, Elsa was certain they’d allow just about anything. She clicked her tongue to get Olaf’s attention and tugged his leash, the 6 month-old puppy to follow them.

“I’m really not looking forward to it, though,” she sighed and gave her sister the leash, reaching up to braid her blonde hair over her shoulder. “I don’t…I don’t want to be up there in Dad’s place, you know? I have to give a speech to. Maybe you could stand with me.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath when her fingertips, cold to the touch, grazed her skin. She sighed and dropped them to her sides, clenching them, willing the coldness away without much success. A cold breeze blew by them and Elsa shivered, not because of the late February cold front, but because she knew what..who…had caused it.

She fished her phone out from the bottom of her purse. A small line of frost crept along the side of it, but Elsa brushed it away. Still no messages, other than Snow, no missed calls. Not like she’d been expecting one. Of course not. Even so, her finger hesitated over his name for much longer than it should have.

Elsa bit her lip and decided against it. “So,” she said, dropping it back inside her purse. “Where to, sissy?”

melindasqiaolian asked:

"When You Hold me in your arms everything is okay."

Phil’s head was pillowed against her leg, and Melinda looked out into the dark wilderness, her gun loaded and ready to shoot at the first sign of any movement. 

"You’re being overly dramatic." She states calmly, looking down into his smiling face with ax exasperated, yet fond expression. "It’s just paintball." 

"Just paintball?" Phil gasps out, sitting up sharply. "Melinda this is not just paintball, this is field training." 

"Over dramatic and a dork." 

Write a sentence of a story for me and I will give you the next five.

the-winter-wonder-lulu asked:

Lulu was walking with an smile in her face when she saw a woman infront of her, she poked her leg "Hellooooo! who're you?"

Zoey turned around after feeling someone poked her leg. Not seeing anyone facing her, her only option was to look down. She was glad she did as she found the Fae Sorceress in her winter outfit.

Zoey gave her a friendly smile and knelt down in front go her saying, “I’m Zoey! Nice t’ meet ya!” Chuy approached Lulu and sniffed her.


freddy-freak-rejects asked:

Mike sat at his desk tossing his white and blue fedora from hand to hand and picked at the gap between his from teeth as the small radio on the desk played Billie Jean. He was at Freddy's early today and Jeremy was sneaking a nap in a closet.

freddy-freak-rejects (Sorry it took so long)

With a smile on her face, Doll headed towards the back office. She had come before closing to surprise Mike, so she was trying to be as quiet as possible. Popping her head into the room, she chirped out, “Surprise!”

However, noticing that this man looked way different than Mike, she paused. Stepping into the doorway, she questioned, “Um… I’m looking for Mike. Do you know where he is? I’m his girlfriend…”