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Leave Your Lover

title: leave your lover
pairing: luke and reader (plus ashton)
requested: requested sooooo manyyyy timesss
(mini fan fic?!?!)
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The sun was replaced by the full moon, lighting the path we were walking on to get to this party she’s been talking about. I don’t know if Ashton saw this but there was this glimmer in her eyes that just made me happy, because this glimmer showed that she was happy and was enjoying her time with me… and her boyfriend; that happened to be my best friend.

I’ve always liked (y/n), even before she got together with Ashton. I liked the way she smiles and how she’d laugh at my stupid and clearly not that funny jokes and the way she-

"Luke, are you alright?" I stopped thinking when her hand was pressed on my shoulder as she wore this worried face that made her look adorable. I mean everything she does made her look adorable. Well, she’s effortlessly adorable. But then I asked myself if Ashton was bothered with this. I would back up if he wanted me to, he’s my best friend, but I swear if he hurts her I’d clearly be overprotective over her. But surprisingly, he had no bad reaction, no glare, no frown and no disgusted look on his face.

In fact, he was calm, like he didn’t care and this was unusual. He wasn’t like this. Not with his previous relationships where he’d always be protective and territorial and stuff like that. And that made me wonder if he was actually serious with her.

I pursed my lips into a thin line and just nodded, walking away from the pair. Now if you play that back and put it in slow motion, you could hear my heart shatter as I watch his arm snake around her waist. I told myself many times that it was stupid of me to be jealous and to be feeling what I feel right now. I am Luke Hemmings and nothing was special about me, I wasn’t like Ashton who was muscular and nice and all in all perfect for her, I’m just Luke Hemmings and I’ll be Luke Hemmings for my whole lifetime and that sort of sucks.

I entered the house, lights of different colors landed on random spots, people of different ages and races bounced and danced and grinded on each other as the music played. I sighed and walked around, leaving Ashton and (y/n) together, I spotted a beer keg and got myself a cup and sat down on the empty couch. I also spotted her dancing with Ashton, meters away from me.

I felt lonelier as seconds became minutes and minutes became hours. I just watched her, wishing I could be in Ashton’s place forever; I’d love her more than he could. She was drunkenly dancing and smiling at me. Ashton was nowhere to be found and that was also unusual.

I stood up, walking to where the bathroom was. When I got there, I knocked on the door but I couldn’t hear if somebody was in it, so I pushed the door open.

Guess what I found.

Ashton sucking a girl’s face off as his hands hiked her dress up. My eyes widened and my blood boiled. It disgusted me. He betrayed her. He betrayed me. I wanted to punch him. I wanted to snap his neck for doing this to her. But no, I just ran back to (y/n) and took her by the wrist, dragging her carefully outside.

“What’s wrong Lukey?” She slurred, her eyes were red because of too much alcohol and her cheeks were pink.

“Let’s just go home.” I shook my head and sighed, calling a taxi for us to go back to my apartment. I’ve decided to just tell her in the morning.

We arrived at my apartment. After paying the taxi driver, I carried her inside and into my room, where she has been multiple times. I gently put her head on the soft pillow, trying not to fail but simply didn’t do it right.

“Where are we?” She asked with her droopy eyes and tired voice.

“We’re in my place,” I whispered, taking her heels off, “And you need to sleep.” Moving up to see her face, a small smile plastered on her lips. I shook my head, laughing quietly at her. I was about to go but she reached for my wrist, quickly stopping me,

“Thank you.” She told me a genuine and sincere smile crept on her lips and it once again did not fail to make me fall for her.

“You’re always welcome.”

The love I had for her was too different and too real and too painful, but loosing it made me feel more pain than she has already given me, making me a mess.

I woke up with the sun on my skin, turning around to see if she was already awake. And she was.

She was lying on the couch parallel to mine, on her phone, tears slipping from her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I stood up, my vision still blurry, but I didn’t care, this was a bigger thing than me.

“Ashton…” She trailed off, covering her face in the saddest way possible, hurting my feelings more than I expected it to.

“He cheated on you.” I mumbled, kneeling beside her, hugging and rubbing her back in the most soothing way as possible.

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gofromdusktildawnthings asked:

I just watched the Clip of Norman on GMA and of all the questions they could ask him in that little game it's :" whose character death broke the internet THIS Season" and boom queued Beths promo pic for the Season! I don't even know WHAT to make of this!!

I saw that on my phone!

Don’t you find it interesting that they are dropping Beth bits just two days before the season finale?

Because I do!

And I love how they asked him the romance question right after that and Norman got this adorable look on his face and began biting his lips like he was fighting to keep his mouth shut. Like…come on people!

It’s happening. And soon….





The grey one kept wanting to lick the flash from my phone.


Okay, so, yeah. My dad’s dog Alma went and got herself sneakily knocked up so whoopsie! PUPPIES! They’re adorable. And I promised to show my friends photos of the fluffballs, soooo here they are!



Look how cute I am!!

i’m obsessed with my Kaylee parasol. i break it out whenever i feel sad and i instantly feel better when i channel my inner optimistic-Firefly mechanic ;)

also…BRAIDS!! i was originally doing a  Wednesday Addams bit but then Kaylee’s sweetness took over. hehe.


Watch calif0rnia—dreamer :) she’s really good

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Send me a “(/)///(\)” and I’ll use a random number generator to see which kiss my muse will give yours.

26. Collarbone kiss.

Karin and Alvin sat on the opposite ends of the couch, reclining on the handles as they faced each other. Karin read a sports magazine while eating a bar of chocolate while Alvin happily feared on a piece of cake. Karin glanced up at him from her magazine. He looked so adorable, a look of pure happiness spread across his face. He looked so innocent, she felt a sudden burst of affection for him. She lazily moved forward but ended up falling on top of him. She laughed and looked at his shocked face before pressing her lips against his collarbone because it was the part of him closest to her mouth.