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(Part 3/3.  Part 1 can be found here, Part 2 can be found here.  For the Rune Factory Spring Fever Event, theme 4: an unusual gift.  Early LeonxFrey.)

“Hey, you.”

The response is immediate.  Her chest freezes mid-breath; her hands pause in their wringing, only to go limp and land in her lap.

Frey looks up at him, her hair finally spilling onto her back and revealing her sun-brushed face.  Her eyes are neither red nor teary, much to his surprise (and delight, because a crying girl is always harder to console than a stable one).  Instead, she mostly looks —

— pensive. 

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Imagine: Stiles agreeing with all the insults coach sends at Greenberg because he got to you first

Stiles was standing next to Scott and behind coach Finstock while he complained about you going to the dance with Greenberg. Being coaches niece, Stiles makes sure to talk extra loud so coach hears.

“Hey, Greenberg! If you keep dragging your stick on the ground I’m gonna shove up your-”

“Hey, coach, how ‘bout I go and replace Greenberg for a bit?” Scott suggested, giving Stiles a look over his shoulder as he set a hand on theirs coach’s shoulder.

Finstock looked at him and sighed. “Go. Greenberg, get your ass over here.”

Stiles snickered and covered his mouth and Finstock turned and rose an eyebrow at him. “You find this funny, Stilinski?”

Stiles’ face lifted a little and he shrugged. “A little.”

Meanwhile, at Lydia’s house, you were dressed in a skin tight, cherry red mini dress that likely showed off your butt and various other parts you’d prefer people not see. As you unzipped the dress, Lydia made a noise of excitement and emerged from her closet with a black dress that looked like it was a good length.

“This one should do it. It’s not skin tight and it’s got a bit of flare to it. Try it on,” she shoved it at you and put the dress you had been wearing before back in her closet.

You slid into the dress and zipped it up, looking in the mirror. It wasn’t bad and it accented all the right places so you weren’t gonna say no. You nodded. “Yeah, it’s alright.”

“You look great,” Allison said, this being her first time speaking since you got to Lydia’s. She was draped across the bed and reading an old, falling apart book.

“Thanks,” you blushed and sat in front of Lydia’s mirror to do your makeup, looking back at Lydia who was getting dressed into her own dress. It with pale green and contrasted her hair gorgeously, making her look like some sort of she-devil sent to steal boyfriends and crush hearts. God, you hated her for being so beautiful.

By the time all three of you were ready, it was time to go to the dance. Lydia’s mother wished you all a good night and you piled into your car and headed off to the dance. When you got there, you saw Greenberg waiting at the doors, his face pale.

“Hey,” you greeted him, hooking your arm with his. You could feel someone staring at you but you weren’t gonna turn around and look because you knew it was probably just Lydia boasting about making you look pretty.

He smiled. “Hey. I got you this, I didn’t know if I was supposed to so…” he handed you a single red rose and his cheeks lit themselves on fire.

“Awe, thanks, Greenberg,” you said, holding the short stem between your fingers. It was thornless so you tucked it behind your ear and followed him into the school, listening intently as he ranted about Finstock pulling him off the field earlier.

As you entered the dance, you started having second thoughts about going with Greenberg. Across the room, you could see Scott and Stiles lounging at the punch table. Stiles looked distraught and disheartened, a bored and almost sad look on his face. Scott, on the hand, looked ecstatic and was scanning the crowds of people; probably looking for Allison.

You danced with Greenberg for a while until you got tired, then came up with an excuse to go see Stiles. You leaned onto the table next to him and tilted your head. “What’s wrong, Stiles?”

He shrugged. “Nothin’…”

“Hey, you can tell me,” you said, pulling him close by his tie. You could see Greenberg in the corner of your eye and you wondered if you were stepping over a line for both of them.

“I just…Why’d you come with Greenberg, y/n?”

“He asked me and he seemed nice so…And no one else was gonna ask me…” you sighed.

“I was.”

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“What a cute squeak, how about I bite there again?”

Alexa couldn’t have really held that little, adorable squeak to escape from her lips. It was just that in mere seconds, that man had found her weak spot, right in the crook of her neck. And when someone touched her right there, she couldn’t help but melt in his arms.
She licked her lips and looked at him sideways, her hands now tightened on his hard biceps. She had tried to resist him, but had totally failed. «I… I guess I’m gonna squeak again.» she shyly murmured, her cheeks burning red.

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  • ian and mickey are best friends growing up. ian gets picked on for being small and scrawny, but mickey always defends him. when they’re 13 years old, mickey kisses ian, both of them sitting across from each other on the bed on a hot summer night.
  • ian hates himself for letting mickey fall off that train. he still has fucking vivid dreams about mickey’s hands trying desperately to meet his and hang on, about how scared mickey looked right before he let go and fell into the mountains.
  • mandy is natasha romanoff!! she and ian become close and kick ass. he always teases her by calling her “daddy long leg” instead of black widow, but she fires right back by reminding him that his superhero name is fucking captain america.
  • mickey knows the man on the bridge. he’s can’t put a name or memories to the face, but he knows that red hair and those faded freckles. after pierce wipes his brain again and gives out assignments, he forgets about it, until he sees the man again. it fucking hurts when the man calls him “mickey” and “boyfriend”, but when he hears “i’m with you til the end of the line”, he stops. and when the man falls into the water, mickey drags him out, because he fucking knows him.
  • later, they’re okay. mickey starts to remember things again. how hot dogs tasted at the town fair, how the creaky beds at the orphanage felt, and how a redheaded boy named ian blushed after kissing him. eventually, he moves in with the redheaded man named ian and things get better, he starts remembering
  • they spend whole days in bed kissing sometimes, teasing each other about being old men (they throw parties on their 100th birthdays btw), limbs wrapped around limbs and both of them smiling. mickey loves ian’s freckles, he loves trailing them with his fingertips. while ian doesn’t have any scars (he heals too quickly and perfectly), mickey does, but ian loves the contrast between them. he loves the marks still in mickey’s skin, and he’s fascinated by mickey’s arm, he loves kissing where the skin and metal meet. 
  • winter soldier au!!!!!!!!! this was more than 5 and they aren’t even really headcanons

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Ryou-chin and Hara being kissed out of nowhere from their crush because they " couldn't help themselves" ?

Sakurai: he stops breathing the moment your lips press against his with gentle determination, cupping his face with your hands and closing your eyes tightly, trying to ignore the heat spreading across your cheeks. Anyway, it can’t compare at the bright red color that dyes Sakurai’s pale skin. Soon after forgetting how to breathe properly he can’t hold back his breath anymore and has to separate from you. He can barely look at you in the eyes, overwhelmed by the warm feeling inside his chest. He turns around and starts babbling, muffled sounds against the palm of his hands that are covering his face.

Hara: he’s surprised, feeling the soft pressure of your lips over his, your hands clenching the collar of his shirt, making him bend down so you can kiss him properly, even if you are still tiptoeing. He’s enjoying this and wants to kiss you back with equal enthusiasm, but wants to wait and see what you’ll do next. He can’t help but smile against your lips, and when you separate from him he’s smiling down at you with a playful and somehow silly grin. “_____-chan is so daring” he teases, showing you a cheshire cat smile while still bending down so his mint breath envelopes you, making you feel suddenly embarrassed of your actions. It’s not that you regret it, of course, you just don’t know where did you find the courage to do it. “I couldn’t help it” you reply, trying to act calm and even offended by his mockery, but Hara isn’t having any of this. “You can be so cute sometimes ____-chan~”


Jason stood, drinking his tea, just staring at the wet clothes on the drying rack. Specifically, Beth’s underwear. The lacy pairs, the ones that he never got to see, were all immaculate, hand-washed. No, the only ones he peeled off her were cotton and faded in the crotch. “Seriously,” Jason muttered when Beth came into the lounge, “Is your vagina a colour sucking vampire? Like Marceline from Adventure Time?” he said, not looking at her, but just glaring at the underwear, “And how come I never get to see these?” he pointed at the red lacy ones, finally looking up at her with a expression of mock contempt.

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Can you please do exo reaction to you (their gf) came home late really drunk because you two had a huge fight. Thanks😁

Rules say you can requests up to 4 members from the same band. I’ll pick 4 of the exo members randomly :Kris ; Baekhyun ; DO ; Chanyeol

Honestly, I think all of them are mature guys and they’d prefer if you stayed and talked with them, so do not expect a happy reaction from either of them.

Kris would be mad, really! The second he sees you walking through your apartment’s door looking drunk and wasted, smelling of alcohol with red eyes, he’d flip off.
I see him re-starting the argument, trying to make you tell him why the hell you did that, maybe slamming his hand on the table, making you jump,
Eventually he’ll see how tired and sad you are and will help you to the bedroom, telling you to go and take a cold shower, while he is preparing the bed for you. He’ll be a little cold at the morning, there will be tension between you two. I don’t think he’ll go to sleep either, he’ll be morelikely to stay up all night and re-think the situation over and over.

Baekhyun would be really surpriesed, he is not used to seeing you like this. He’ll help you come in the house and change in some more comfortable clothes.
I don’t think he’ll say much, his usually bubbly and loud self would change to a worried and quiet one. You’ll notice something’s off right away.
Baek is a sweet guy and he cares a lot for his girl, so I see him snuggling next to you in bed and stroaking you hair, untill you fall asleep. He’ll definitelly want to talk the problem out on the next morning.

Kyungsoo I think would be really disappointed with your actions. In his eyes you’re a mature adult and he tusts you won’t be reckless, even you two were in a serious argument.
So when he sees you, he’ll help you in and will check if your head hurts or if you’re feling sick, but nothing else. Kyungsoo will give you the cold shoulder. He won’t talk to you, he’ll make sure you’re alright, but he’ll expect an explanation on the morning and untill then I think he’ll prefer to sleep on the couch.

Chanyeol would feel like all of the happiness inseide him was sucked out. Seeing his girl like this would make him feel like a wreck. He’ll hurry and will help you get inside, bringing you some water and new clothes.
While you’re changing tiredly he’ll have this blank expression on his face and I think he’ll be more upset than angry.
He’ll replay your argument in his head agaion and if it was something small he’ll feel like he has been hit by a car, but if it was something more serious he’ll want to stay and talk it out on the morning.
I think he’ll want to make it clear for you that he doesn’t want to see you like this ever again and next time he won’t let you go after a fight.
Chanyeol would cuddle you for the night, taking care of you and making sure you won’t get sick.


Your Parents Don't Like Him

(4/4) 5sos Preference

Ashton: You had never been so angry at your own mother before. You couldn’t believe she would ever treat Ashton, the guy you love, like she just did. He looked so hurt when your mother had said that, and your father had just sat there like nothing was happening. ‘It’s not my fault that you’re dating a man who is only going to cheat on you or hurt you. I thought I had raised my daughter right.” Ashton had looked down at his hands and you could see his face contort with anger mixed with hurt. You knew he had wanted to defend himself but he wouldn’t dare mess things up with your parents… well anymore than they already were. You felt your face go bright red once again as you thought about what she had said and how hurt Ashton looked. ‘He would never dare hurt or cheat on me. You don’t know what you’re talking about.’  You had snarled at her. You had never talked to her like you had just a few hours earlier. You had never been so angry; you felt like smashing the fragile glass wine glass that sat in front of you. ‘I do know. I know boys like him; he’ll get in your pants and leave for another.’  When you heard her utter those words, your hand had finally made a swipe at the glass, flinging it to the wall and letting it smash to pieces. ‘You don’t know Ashton like I do. You don’t understand what I would do for him and what he would do for me. I love him and I couldn’t care less what you or dad has to say about us.’  You snapped. Ashton had bolted up from his seat the second your hand touched the glass. You hadn’t realized until later that your hand was actually bleeding from where a piece of glass had cut into your flesh. ‘If you want to be with him, then go right ahead, but I want you out. You won’t live here anymore, I won’t have a member of my family dating someone like him. And when he breaks your heart, don’t come back here.’  You were stunned, though you had no doubts that you were going with Ashton. His eyes widened as you grabbed his hand and tugged him out of your parents house to his car. That was what brought you to where you were now. You were sat with Ashton in his kitchen, your hand bandaged, and tear stains on your red cheeks. He had apologized continuously on the way back, though you only told him that it was irrelevant for him to apologize as he had done nothing wrong. Ashton got up and walked over to where you were sitting on the kitchen counter, standing between your legs with his hands on your thighs. He rubbed his nose to yours, not making any eye contact, as you wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him closer. “Please don’t be sorry.” You whispered, bringing your hand up to his cheek. You moved your hand to his curls and pressed your forehead to his, your eyes watering when he wouldn’t speak. Your lips pressed against his, hoping he would kiss back even for a second. When he didn’t, you let your hands drop in your lap again, sighing heavily and letting the tears slip out. “Please, Ashton, please.” You begged. The whole time you had been in the kitchen, he would only rub circles on your thighs and occasionally sighing, as if he regretted something. You didn’t know what he regretted; there was nothing he did wrong. But of course you knew he didn’t think of it like you did. You wiped your tears away and pushed your lips against his once more, only kissing him harder when he wouldn’t kiss back. He eventually started kissing back, snaking his arms around your waist and running his tongue along your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You smirked into the kiss and denied him access. He slid his hands underneath your shirt, placing his hands on your sides and holding you tight. He bit your lip and pulled back, before pinching your waist and forcing his tongue in your mouth. ‘Never leave me.’ He nearly begged, and picked you up, carrying you to his bedroom.

Michael: You were fuming. You can’t believe that your parents didn’t like Michael. Who cares if he dyes his hair or has an eyebrow piercing? Your parents do. They don’t like anybody that isn’t in a suit and working in business. You came from a wealthy family and Michael apparently was ‘inconvenient’ to their record around here. Of course you wanted nothing to do with what they had in mind for your future; you just wanted to be with him. That’s all you wanted. “(Y/N) why can’t you just see how bad he is for you? A band? No, that isn’t going to support a family one day, that is not a job.” Your father spoke as if Michael wasn’t sitting right beside you. He grabbed your hand and squeezed it tightly; you could tell he wanted your parents approval, but he didn’t care anymore. Instead of arguing with your dad further, you got up and walked upstairs with Michael in tow. “You know he isn’t right, don’t you?” You sighed as you shut your bedroom door. “I’ll be able to support you one day, won’t I?” His voice was strained; forget about him not caring, he obviously did. “I know you’ll be able to. Babe, don’t worry about what they say, we’ll be okay. It’s us against the world remember? Always.” You smiled softly, pulling him down for a kiss. You heard the door open and looked to see your dad. “(Y/N) I know you don’t like me and your mum doing this but we love you and want the best for you.” “I’m happy. Is that not what’s best for me?” You asked, surprisingly calm. He sighed and shook his head, “You just don’t see it. I don’t want you seeing him anymore; one day you’ll understand.” You stepped in front of Michael, fury and adrenaline rushing through your veins as you tried to think of something, anything, to say to your father. “You don’t know him.” You voice was much lower than before and he looked surprised. “I know enough to know I don’t want him to date my daughter.” Your mouth dropped open and you balled your hands into fists. “You can either understand that we’re going to be together or you can let me walk out that front door with the man I love. That is up to you.” You spoke quietly, looking into your dads eyes the whole time. You felt Michael’s larger hand wrap around your smaller one, “No (Y/N).” He said sternly. You looked back at him, showing that you were not backing down from this fight. “Then I guess you can start packing.” You dad said sadly, seeming disappointed. “Alright then.” You whispered, not believing that your dad kicked you out just because he had his ‘reputation’ to uphold. You grabbed a bag and packed the things you needed for now and decided to get the rest when you had more time. “Why did you do that?” Michael was frozen in place, watching the silent tears stream down your face as you angrily shoved items in your bag. “Because I’m in love with you. I can’t live without you and if it means having it this way then… it’ll be this way. They clearly don’t care enough about me or my happiness anyways.” You stopped packing, looking across the room at him. Picking up the bag, you grabbed his hand and pulled him downstairs to his car, slamming the front door on the way out. The car ride had been completely silent and you new he blamed himself for this. Why? It was your parents fault. They didn’t see what you saw in him. When you got to his house, you sleepily walked through the door and dropped onto the couch, shoving your face into a cushion. You felt Michael pick up your feet and sit down before laying them back across his lap. “Are you okay?” His voice was raspy and low. You rolled onto your back and studied his face. “Yeah. I’m okay.” You reassured him. “But you have Calum living here with you. I need to find a place to stay.” A frown was now etched on your face as a sudden wave of anxiety came over you. “There’s enough room here, and you and Calum are close so it’ll be fine with him.” He managed a small smile as you heard the front door open and close, meaning Calum was home. “Oh hey, (Y/N)! Hey Michael.” He stated happily. “Hey, Cal. What’s up?” You forced a smile and tried to make conversation. “Nothing I was just out with Luke earlier. What did you guys do?” “Oh I was busy getting kicked out of my house.” You shrugged, suddenly you didn’t really care as much. You loved Michael and this is what you wanted. “Hold on. What?” His eyes widened as he realized what you had said. “Yeah. My parents didn’t like me dating Michael and I wasn’t about to let him go so my parents decided I should just leave. So I did.” “Oh… well, you can stay here. And I’m sorry your parents did that.” You smiled at him as he put a the movie a in to watch, knowing it would cheer you up.

Calum: “Mom, how could you say that?” You yelled at your mother. “I’m in love with him and I really don’t care what you or dad says.” Her face grew red when you said that. You had brought Calum home to meet your parents, thinking they would love him almost as much as you did. Well that was certainly not the case. Now you were arguing with both your mom and your dad. Your mom had just said that you were stupid for thinking he loved you back. “He loves me. You don’t know us. You don’t know our relationship.” Your voice cracked and tears pooled in your eyes. “(Y/N), we’re only trying to protect you from getting hurt.” You father intervened and stood up. “No. No you’re not trying to protect me you’re just trying to ruin it. You didn’t even give him a chance.” You grabbed your keys, running for the door before they could stop you. You sat in your car, tears wetting your face. You wanted to go to Calum but you don’t want him to see you like this. Yeah, he has seen you cry before but never like this. You were lost. You didn’t know what to do because your parents obviously weren’t going to allow you to date Calum and you didn't want to sneak around but there was no way in hell you were going to break up with him. You love him too much. When you weren’t with him, you felt cold. Without Cal, you felt empty. You wiped your tears and managed to keep from crying long enough to drive to his house. When you parked the car, all the tears you had been holding, fell from your eyes like a waterfall. You stepped out of the car, not caring if he saw you like this, and noticed the guys cars were here. Great. Nonetheless you stalked up the steps and to his door. You pulled the house key he had given you a while ago out of your pocket and unlocked the door, walking in. He wouldn’t care as the two of you did it all the time. You walked over to the lounge room, where you heard the boys shouting, probably playing video games, and leaned against the doorframe. By now your cheeks were dry and the only evidence you had been crying were your puffy red, bloodshot eyes. “Hey.” Your voice came out smaller than normal. Everybody but Michael and Calum, who were focused on the game, turned to look at you. Luke jumped up and walked over to you, and Ashton had a sympathetic, yet confused expression. Luke pulled you in for a hug and asked you what was wrong, just as their game ended. “What happened? What’s wrong?” You heard Calum’s concerned voice and pulled away from Luke, smiling a silent thank you. “My parents, um, they don’t want me dating you.” His face fell and you looked to the ground. “So you’re breaking up with me?” Your head shot up at his question and your eyes widened. “What? No… No, never Cal, I couldn’t.” You stepped over to him, nuzzling your head into his neck. He immediately put one arm around your waist, the other on the back of your head, tangled in your hair. “God, please don’t leave me.” He whispered in your ear, near tears. You pulled away and kissed him, forgetting the boys were watching. He pulled out of the kiss, putting his forehead to yours, rubbing his nose to yours, sighing. You had your eyes closes, inhaling his scent, feeling his arms around you, taking in his presence. “We’ll figure it out, okay baby?” You nodded, finally opening your eyes. “Want to watch a movie?” Ashton broke the sudden silence. “Only if I can choose.” You smirked, running to the case that held all of the movies.

Luke: You sat in the treehouse, staring out of the opening in the wall that you considered a window. Your mind was racing a mile a minute and what your dad said came to mind. ‘When he goes on tour he’s going to forget about you and find somebody else. He doesn’t love you.’ How would he know? He didn’t know Luke like you did. He would never hurt you like that. He would never forget about you. You held back the tears that threatened to escape. Yes, you were alone where nobody but Luke would guess, but you wanted to be strong. For yourself and for Luke. You had contemplated texting Luke, but you knew that’s the first person your dad would go to, asking where you are. When your dad asks him, he will figure it out and come here This treehouse had been yours and Luke’s long before you started dating, as a meeting place if either of you ever needed to talk or just be with each other or even alone. 'Either end it with him or get the hell out of my house.’ Your dads booming voice echoed in your head. After he said that, you ran. You ran out the door and to the only place you could think of that he wouldn’t find you. You remember the adrenaline that coursed through your body as you ran to your only escape. To say you were angry was an understatement, you love Luke with all your heart and you weren’t about to let your dad ruin your first, and hopefully only, love. Why would your dad even want to ruin your first love? He’s your dad he’s supposed to only threaten him not to hurt you, not drive him out of your life completely. It wasn’t fair, to say the least. “Y/N?” You finally heard Luke’s voice. You the little door open and his head pop up, before hoisting himself in. “Oh, baby. Please don’t cry, please don’t.” He hurried over to you, pulling you into his chest as you finally let your tears fall. He pulled you into his lap and cradled you, tangling his hand in your hair and pulling you close. “We’ll talk to him, it’ll be okay.” You shook you head, letting out a whimper. “He’s not going to change his mind, Luke. He kicked me out and I have no where to go.” You didn’t want to ask to stay with him, because you didn’t want to be a bother, but you desperately needed somewhere to go. “He kicked you out?” He breathed, clearly surprised. “Stay with me, and don’t say you don’t want to be in the way, I want you to.” He cupped your cheeks and put his forehead to yours, looking into your eyes. “Thank you.” You reached up and pressed a sloppy kiss to his lips and sighing sleepily. “I don’t feel like going all the back so we’ll stay here.” He lay his head against yours. “But it’s cold.” You whined dragging it out. “I’ll keep you warm, baby girl.” He held you tighter and pressed a kiss to the top of your head before laying you both down on the hard floor. You had your back to his chest, curling into a ball in his arms and laced your fingers with his. “I love you so much and it hurts seeing you like this.” You heard his voice whisper as you passed out into a deep sleep.

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Prmpt: Stiles didn't make a pro/con list for dating either Peter or Derek okay? He wouldn't do that to them. Except, oh crap, he did and they're in his room staring at him and Peter is looking at the list and, oh god, how is this his life?!


Peter can’t stop grinning.  Stiles wonders why the world never opens up and swallows him alive when he wants it to.

“This is quite the list, Stiles.”

Derek’s ears are red; Stiles can’t tell if he’s angry or embarrassed. Maybe a mixture of the two.  He shifts from foot to foot, glancing from the pair of them, to the door, and back again.  

Looks good with his hands,” Peter hums, finger dragging down the list.  “That’s here for both of us, Derek.”

“Shut up, Peter.” Derek grunts.

“Not interested in what this has to say?” Peter asks.

“You’ve already read it to me,” Derek huffs, pointedly not looking at Stiles.  “Twice.”

“Ah, well.  I like things that bolster my ego.”  Peter shrugs.

He strides across Stiles’ bedroom, pressing the notepad into Stiles’ hands.  Stiles swallows thickly.

“What—Why are you guys here?” he squeaks.

“You missed a meeting,” Peter says.  “Derek was worried.”

“But now that I know you’re very much alive, we’ll be leaving.” Derek mutters, already heading out Stiles’ bedroom door.  

Peter lingers, giving Stiles a lecherous grin.  “I am, you know.”

“Am what?” Stiles frowns.

“Good with my hands.”

Stiles feels his whole face go red.  Pulling back with a soft laugh, Peter follows after Derek, only pausing long enough to cast a wink Stiles’ way before he leaves.  

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Yomo' S/o getting him a tank top that reads "I FLEXED AND THE SLEEVES FELL OFF" (it's an actual tanktop)

|| I’ve seen it. it’s magnificent ||

-Yomo looked down at that shirt in his hands, reading the blocky lettering on the front of it. Then he looked at his lover’s face, noting how smug they seemed to be with themselves. Yomo didn’t normally wear graphic t-shirts or anything that had a bunch of writing, and he certainly didn’t wear stuff like this; however, he could see the humor in it and chuckled quietly, folding it back up on his lap.
“I think I’ve found my new work out shirt,” he said, hoping to humor them.
It did. But not nearly as much as it humored Itori and Uta when he walked into the bar wearing the shirt, his beaming lover hugging his arm to their body.

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(Cont.) [Terry nods, trying to look away, realizing how red his face was. He leaned against the wall, biting his bottom lip.] R-Right. Of course. This is easier.

[smiles and holds his hand, leaning over him, gently kissing at his neck] [hums and gently bites down at the skin with a smile]

Few Words Wednesday

LST: Date night. \o/


Zach lifts an eyebrow and then gives Chris a once over—slow and deliberate enough that he goes hot all over. “You did well, Pine,” he says.

Chris smooths the front of his shirt and then gives a self-conscious little shrug. Zach is one to talk. He looks as gorgeous as Chris has ever seen him, his hair perfectly coiffed, dressed up nicer than he has been in a while. They have walked many a red carpet together, so Chris knows how stunning Zach can look when he really turns it on, and he has certainly turned it on tonight. Chris sweeps his eyes down his body and is struck with the urge to drop to his knees right there, press his face to the soft, dove-gray fabric of Zach’s slacks. He blushes, then tries to hide it by scrubbing a hand across his face.

Zach notices—of course he notices—but he doesn’t say anything. A slight twitch at the corner of his mouth is the only thing that betrays him. “Come in,” he says, giving Chris’s bicep a squeeze and then gesturing toward the kitchen. “Have some wine. I’m making carbonara, so I hope you don’t mind watching me cook.”

Chris snorts, following right on Zach’s heels. “Your ego is showing, Quinto. Don’t even pretend you didn’t plan this so I would have to watch you cook.”

Zach tosses a cheshire grin over his shoulder, then hunts in the cabinet for a wine glass. On the way over, Chris had been worried that this would feel too much like an awkward first date—like that coffee date they started out with. He was concerned that the specialness that Zach wants to extract out of the night would translate into stiltedness. That isn’t the case, though. The atmosphere is comfortable and familiar. Zach pours Chris a generous portion of red without needing to ask what he wants first. When he walks over to hand Chris his glass, he leans in to steal a kiss. Chris lets out a little relieved breath. It’s just him and Zach. Nothing about it feels strange. He can relax a little bit, for now.

AU: Kolvina at the Mikaelson Ball

His hand wrapped around her waist, gentle as he guided her through the song.

Davina had just gotten him back only a couple of weeks ago, and she didn’t want to let go, afraid of losing him again. The girl could feel his hand wrap around her waist, a smile forming on Davina’s face.

Kol was dressed in a tux, Davina in a dark red dress, signed by simple black heels. Her hair was put together in a bun, leaving him stunned.

For once, Kol felt happiness to replace the loneliness. He really cared about the little witch. Kol fell in love with everything about her. The way her smile could light up anyone’s day, how beautiful she looked with little to no effort, and how annoyingly stubborn she could be. A playful smirk came across the Mikaelson’s face, and Davina was quick to notice it.

Her head tilted towards the side, as she looked at him.

“What are you up to?” She asked, with a smile. Still dancing to the music.

“Hold on tight,” Was all he said, before grabbing her hand and vamp-speeding to the garden outside.

Davina would usually feel stunned by his sudden movements, but she didn’t. With him, she felt safe.

They were close enough to hear the music, but far enough to be alone.

A laugh escaped the girl’s mouth, moving her hips side to side with the music. His hands cupped her cheeks, looking into her eyes, mesmerized. Slowly, he leaned forward, bringing his lips closer and closer. Davina’s eyes closed, waiting for that moment of electricity she’s felt with him countless times. Kol’s lips touched hers and everything stopped. It was like they had all the time in the world, nothing could get to them. They had fallen for each other.


Okay, so, believe it or not, there is a gemstone called the Eye Agate, and it looks like THIS.  Considering Clef’s third (or more) eye is red, I knew it was meant to be.  You can even have multiple “eyes” on the gemstone itself, so really.  Fitting.

His outfit is one part Mad Scientist and one part Steampunk Adventurer, with the mismatched socks and gloves/two tone patterns to represent how chaotic the character tends to be.  And of course, I wanted his outfit to allow for easy movement, so he could sneak up and surprise those evil reality warpers.  Shorts seemed like a good alternative to a flouncy skirt or dress, since they’d stay out of his way when running, but still have a bit of a feminine touch (what with gems being a decidedly matriarchal society).  The high collar and tails give it a bit of flash, and the red and white bullseye pattern shows up on all his buttons to represent his gem.  It tends to get lost up there beneath his poofy hair.

Traditionally, Crystal Gems’ skin tones tend to match their gemstone, but I wanted the red to stand out more, and I figured the white - a pure white - was fairly predominant in the stone anyway.  Gems and their outfits also tend towards a three point color scheme, but I wanted a way to show a difference between the white of the clothes and the white of his skin, hence the yellowish tone on his clothes.  And I couldn’t leave out his mismatched green and blue eyes, although I gave them red pupils to match the “pupils” of his gem.

Finally, of course his gun in a shotgun.  But I made it a triple barrel blunderbus to give it a bit more of that fantasy style, and hey, it uses magic bullets anyway, so no worrying about ammo!  I imagine it can fire all three at once, or each barrel in rapid succession based on the sort of attack Clef wants to make.

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Continuation of the last prompt about Darcy and Elliot's prom!! Reminds me of the love Rosie scene where she aks alex about her "bra" situation!! :)) love u

He hadn’t meant to look. They were just there. He had three sisters and a mother, he’d seen a fair share of breasts before in his life. He appreciated them, loved them, even, but he hadn’t expected to walk in on his best friend in just her bra and a pair of very tiny athletic shorts. 

He feels himself go red up to his ears and he slaps a hand over his face and prays a collective prayer that his body cooperates and she won’t be able to see how he’s really feeling. “I should’ve knocked!” he squeaked. “Your dad said I could just go up.”  

She rolled her eyes. “Honestly, will you just get in here? You’ve seen them before.” 

Elliott stepped into her bedroom cautiously, stumbling a little due to the hand still clamped over his eyes. “Yeah, but the first time was an accident. I didn’t think your bikini top was going to come off too.” He seated himself on her soft duvet, fidgeting nervously. 

“Just hang on, right there, I need your opinion on something.” 

“Please tell me it’s not what kind of knickers you’re going to wear with that bra for that tool?” 

He groaned when a throw pillow collided with the back of his head. 

“Right. Sorry.” 

“So, what do you think?” He swiveled his body to look at her, having to make an effort to keep his jaw clenched. 

“Hah…” It was a noise he was almost certain he’d never made before, but it sprung up from his throat without permission. 

“What to do you think? Boobs as is, or pushed up?” She cupped the sides of his breasts and pushed them up and in, so they strained against the neckline of her dress. 

Elliott had to lick his lips multiple times and clear his throat. 

“Or no bra?” she offered casually. 

“Well, uh…” He cleared his throat roughly. “I, uh…what would make them most comfortable? Don’t push up bras hurt? I don’t see how you do it, you know?” He scratched the back of his neck. 

Darcy laughed. “Am I making you blush?” 

Elliott huffed. “No!” He crossed his legs and touched his flaming red cheek. 

“Did you really want to help me pick out my knickers?” She smirked and turned in the direction of her closet. 

“No!” Elliott exclaimed. “No knickers! No knicker advice will be given. I’m drawing the line. The line is drawn!” 

“Oh, so you think I shouldn’t wear any knickers, then? That’s very cheeky.” 

Elliott flopped back, grabbing the pillow that had been lobbied in his direction and hiding his face that was giving away all of the secrets. “You’re exhausting, but I like you and that’s the problem.”    

“Look, I couldn’t very well say how pretty you were every time I saw you,” Scorpius explained angrily while I blushed a vivid red. “So I made up some shite about your hair instead. Every. Damn. Time. Happy?”

“So you’re saying that you’d insult me every time you wanted to compliment me?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

“Pretty much,” Scorpius said, reaching a hand to rub the back of his neck nervously as he averted his eyes. “Fucked up, right?”

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6. describe a sexual fantasy.

“I have this thought…bear with me.” It took a lot of convincing herself and bravery for Armin to finally say something about this. She had a few kinks, but she’d always been to shy to say anything for fear that he’d think badly of her.

Her face was beyond red and she compensated by looking in every direction but his. “I sometimes dream about how you…like you’re rough with me…in bed and you’re really dominant and you talk dirty to me and…it’s like I’m your slave.” Armin put her head in her hands and immediately apologized. “I’m so sorry. That must have been so weird for you to hear that.”


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{continued from this {X} meme}

It was quite obvious that she was lying straight through her teeth. She was enthralled fro the kiss. Her chest was rising and falling quickly and she was as red as a beet. She obviously enjoyed the kiss much more than she was leading on. His head leans closer to her when she said that she has had better. His hands drop a bit to rest on her hips and he licked the corner of his lips. “It doesn’t take a mind reader to know that you are lying through your teeth Ray. How about we take this somewhere more private? See just how red I can get you.”

     Ray kept the bridged gap, gazing at him with a flutter of her long lashes. She also kept a steady gaze about her, continuing to look all a flush. She wondered just what he was getting out of it, despite the sexual tension. She didn’t like that he had an opportunity to toy and break her heart. She wanted the upper hand in this…needed the upper hand in this. “Is that what you want?” Rachel boldly asked.