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1. My first reaction: Felix!? You just met this man, a second ago you were pointing a gun at his face. Why are you all up in his space you fucking weirdo.

2. BUT NO it’s actually a perfect example of how Felix has weaponized his friendliness. Because a second later he’s using the hold on the Counselor that grip gives him to gently coerce him forward. RIGHT THIS WAY NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT FRIEND but if you make any false moves I’ll snap ur neck I ain’t about to trust no sneaky bitch.

3. When I was taking my caps I finally got a good look at the Counselor’s face and look at it, he’s so unsure like “why is this fuckboy touching me”

To be honest, when I started watching D&P, I mostly watched Dan because I thought that he was more attractive. But once I watched more of them together, and Phil’s videos, and following him on Twitter/Instagram, and watching his LiveShows, all of his beauty suddenly appeared to me. How his hair looks perfect, messy or not, how his eyes crinkle when he laughs and his tongue sticks out, and his nose goes all beak-ish and his shoulders bounce. His permanent little smirk, and his bright blue eyes, and how dorky (yet hot) he looks in his glasses. And his inner beauty, how he wouldn’t even hurt a fly, how he can laugh at someone falling but *always* asks if they’re alright, how he hardly swears, how he inspires kids around the world to embrace their weirdness.
Phil does not look weird. He does not look creepy. He either is the beautiful Philip Michael Lester we, the phandom, know and love, or he’s nothing to you.
There is no way to have a negative opinion on someone as down-to-earth and wonderful as Phil.

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I imagine luke would be the sort of boyfriend to take you to all of your favourite bands concerts and he would get so protective over you while there like he'd be stood behind you with his hands around your waist holding you tightly amongst all the screaming fans looking all though until your favourite song came on and then he'd just reach around and kiss you as it played until you got pushed apart or you ran out of breath and after you just smile because of how perfect the moment was

yes holy hell he’d definitely be sure that he keeps an eye on you and makes sure no asshole get inappropriate or you don’t get pulled into anything you don’t wanna be in. and he always finds it so hard to fully immerse himself in the band and music bc he gets so distracted by how happy you get and how into the music you get and he can see your stress melting away with each song and you’re just so fucking beautiful and he’s so in love with you and the way you make him feel. so once your favorite song comes on, he can’t even suppress his feelings and he completely forgets about all the sweaty people you’re surrounded by and how sweaty the two of you are and once his lips touched yours, you’d forget as well and oh my god you’ve ruined me

My self esteem is directly tied to my appearance. Like my mantra is “look good, feel good” and that’s how I maintain a lot of my positive outlook. Like when I’m at peak beauty, I’ll be having a bad day for whatever reason and then remember, “well at least I’m still pretty.”

But the order day I felt so hideous I couldn’t even muster up the energy to go to class.

That used to happen to me a lot in high school. I’d be late all the time in search of the “perfect outfit” and I’d spend hours putting clothes on and off, crying because nothing “fit right” (nothing was wrong with my body) or an outfit planned the night before looked ill-coordinated in the morning.

Part of me is relieved about not having to see anyone because I feel so hideous and don’t have the energy to pretend otherwise. The only thing that’s encouraging is looking at pictures of myself that remind me I’m still pretty even if I don’t always feel it?

It’s funny because I am super confident and I talk about that and I hate talking down because I know I am cute BUT. weird “wow what is up with my face???” days are so common. They happen.

Usually I focus on other things, like my thighs or my eyes or my fashion choices. I don’t know.

I don’t feel pretty today. I’m a beautiful girl, but I don’t feel like one at all.

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can u do a fanmix tutorial? like where do u find the photos how do u design them etc etc

  1.  Think about what theme/genre/series you want your fanmix to be about
  2. Make a list of all the music you want to use because your music taste is impeccable.
  3. Find what your aesthetic is for the theme/genre/series your fanmix is about.
  4. Look for the perfect picture. I usually look at this one, this one and my blog (click navigation, and look for the tag ‘art’ or just type tagged/art at the end of my tumblr url)
  5. Find two pictures, one for the title and one for the tracklisting. You can find one just for the title, the tracklisting is optional but I find the track list useful for organizational purposes
  6. Open Photoshop.
  7. Crop your photos 500 x 500. Color them using a psd or whatever you want.
  8. Write the title of your fanmix in the first picture (the photo you’re using as your title). Design this whatever way you want. I usually go for the typical white line over or under the title and then type ‘The Soundtrack’ in equally distanced spacing at the bottom or top.
  9. Organize your tracklist, adding the titles and composers/singers/bands/artists of the each track. (Ignore this if you chose not to do a track list)
  10. Save your pictures then close Photoshop. Open 8tracks and start making your mix.

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What I don't quite understand is why he would go through the trouble of having them framed for a murder and arrested only to kidnap them. That makes me think there are two different things going on. Two puppeteers with different motives.

Quite possibly.

I feel like it wouldve been harder for him to kidnap them from home because theres people around.. this way the set up was a perfect way to have them secluded and alone. Remember Hanna said apparently they are plotting something big so they separated them from Ali.

Looks to me like Charles tipped them off and planned exactly how to turn off traffic cams and which locations when they are transported

Now imagine Clippy is dead and Coppy is carrying his body and occasionally looking over at him with such love and care.

But imagine if they were friends, Mishi, and Coppy was controlled by the evil force known as Tumblr.

Now imagine Coppy not wanting to kill Clippy and Clippy just gently smiling and reassuring Coppy that it’s okay.  That he understands why Coppy must betray him.

Now imagine Coppy wanting to carry Clippy’s body to a place where he could bury him.  Under a tree would be perfect.  Clippy loved trees.  Coppy tries to, but he doesn’t get very far.  Tumblr intervenes and drags Coppy to their offices, forcing him to drop Clippy on the side of the road.

After being dragged away crying and screaming at the top of his lungs, Coppy is locked away in an office and hooked up to a bunch of Tumblr’s servers.  He is forced to be part of a joke for April Fool’s Day against his wishes.  Coppy is forced to simultaneously interact with thousands of people who clicked the button.  The poor copy machine doesn’t get a break.  He can’t even mourn for Clippy.  He’s slowly forgetting who Clippy is.  The memories of his best friend are almost gone now.

Hours have passed and Clippy is nothing more than a dream to Coppy now.  Something he cannot grasp no matter how hard he tries to.  The memories just out of his reach.

Whenever he feels he can finally remember, someone goes to their dashboard.  His likeness is forced to pop up on the bottom right of their screen.  Someone clicks on it.  He returns to the script written for him, the memories pushed from his mind.

“Hi! I’m Coppy! How can I help you today?”

empressofsnow​ casually giving me feels over office supplies


clara. my clara.