Frankensteins Monster | A4 | Graphite on Paper

When I looked around I saw none and heard of none like me.

Was I, then, a monster, a blot upon the earth

from which all men fled and whom all men disowned?


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steasl his look : SpongeBob

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4 Ridiculous Monsters Who Are Getting Their Own Horror Films

#4. Ouija — An Actual Ouija Board

Hey, what’s the best way to freak out a room full of kids under the age of 15? A Ouija board! The only problem is, once you figure out how they work, Ouija boards lose pretty much all of their appeal. It turns out that a bunch of people subconsciously tugging on a piece of plastic just isn’t all that bone-chilling. Unfortunately, Hollywood, on a streak of giving us movie versions of board games that absolutely no one wants to see, has teamed up with Hasbro to bring us Ouija, a movie about a bunch of teenagers getting murdered by their novelty fortune-telling device.

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Tetris movie announced.

Yep, Threshold Entertainment and Tetris Company are “developing a live action film based on the genre”, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

“It’s a very big, epic sci-fi movie,” Threshold’s CEO Larry Kasanoff tells Speakeasy exclusively. “This isn’t a movie with a bunch of lines running around the page. We’re not giving feet to the geometric shapes.”

Kasanoff’s best known for adapting the “Mortal Kombat” games to the big screen – 1995’s “Mortal Kombat” grossed $70 million according to Boxoffice Mojo, with the 1997 sequel, “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation,” grossing $35 million. For Threshold, they’re hoping to build off the brand’s notoriety and legacy.

“Brands are the new stars of Hollywood,” he says. “We have a story behind ‘Tetris’ which makes it a much more imaginative thing.”