looeezahzombiekiller asked:

12, 24, 36, 29,7 yaaayyy by the way i love your blog!!!!


Thank you so much! I love yours too! =D

What I’m most scared of:

Not being successful, happy, needles being stabbed into me, pain, rejection, and balloons. Dx

What I’d be doing if found at a party:

Really depends on what type of party and how many people I know there. If it’s a movie night party I’m probably watching it and making witty comebacks to what the movie says, I’ll be dancing, talking, laughing. The usual. [=

The best day of my life so far explained:

I really don’t have the best day of my life so far d= I imagine it’ll be my wedding day though in the future!

Someone I talk to frequently on tumblr:

I don’t really talk to one person frequently ON tumblr. Since I know people in real life [or not] that I talk to outside of tumblr. But here are the most recent 3:




Past tumblr URLs:

This is my original ^_^

Q and A

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1. Do you read Fanfiction?

Occasionally. I recently started, so I haven’t read much.

2. What are your worst habits?

Mmm, I guess chewing on paper. I have this weird need to chew on stuff, and it ends up being paper whenever I don’t have gum on me.

3. What are the main fandoms you are in right now?

Sherlock and Twilight

4. What’s your OTP?


5. Peanut butter or Chocolate?

Chocolate. Dun’t really like peanut butter

6. Who is/who are your best friend(s) and why?

Haley: She is the smoke to my high, she makes me nothing but happy, and is always there when I need her. I look forward to seeing her every day, and she’s super perf.

Elizabeth: She is there to keep me from going too wack and is nice and awesome and crazy like me. Lunch is always interesting with her, different topic every day.

Stefanie: One of the few people I’ve ever had who I could hold an intelligent conversation with, is super nice, and I can relate to in so many ways.

Kali: We’ve known each other since 7th grade, been through quite a bit of drama together, and we’ll always be friends, even if we don’t talk for a long time.

7. Would you sell your soul for a show/book?


8. What’s your favorite accent?


9. If you could choose where you were born where would it be?

England obvs. Then I’d be 500% closer to Benedict Cumberbatch and the other British actors

10. What is your biggest regret?

Not standing up for what needed to be stood up for, and being angry over things that don’t matter.

11. Where are you sitting right now?

At my desk, in my room, where is freezing.

My questions:

1. What is your favorite song?

2. What is the last show you watched?

3. If you were being killed and you could write one word that would give a clue to the detectives that try to solve your murder, what would you write?

4. How many siblings do you have?

5. What games do you play?

6. Did you eat her case?

7. What color is your shirt right now?

8. Have you ever made any videos for your fandom(s)?

9. What is the first item to your left?

10. If you could make anything legal, what would you pick, and why?

11. What’s your OTP?