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Which way do you pronounce your name? 'Uh-Lonna', 'Ah-Lonna', 'Uh-Lanna', 'Ah-Lanna' or some other which way? BTW you have a lovely voice, so I'm sure it sounds wonderful no matter how you say it, but I'd just like to know so if I ever see you across a crowded room I'll know how to call you over for a cuddle (cause two trans girls cuddling in a crowd needs to be a thing)

I think the first is probably the most accurate.  Probably.  :P

Also, you’ve heard my voice?

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Today has been the most boring and slow day of my life. There are no samples in the lab due to the holidays, so I’ve just been sitting on my phone all day, which I wouldn’t normally mind, except my data has ran out for the month (I’m currently tethering off one of the guys here) so I’ve just been playing games. I feel super grouchy because of this, so here are some good things:

- I’m going out with Lindsay and Gem tonight to get really drunk and have all the fun

- I’ve made plans with Lonna for some drunken shenanigans on Sunday which is gr9 as I haven’t seen her in soso long (since the night where she had to go home early because we were both really unwell)

- After today, I only have three weeks left of my placement, a week after that, all of my coursework and my placement presentation is due, the next week is my exam and then I AM DONE! I’ll be finished for summer :D

- I have my plan totally sorted for summer, and am getting to stay in the US for a couple of weeks longer than originally thought

- I go to Amsterdam in like 6 weeks(!!!) and straight after that I’m going to London!


Okay, well, caesarondrugs tagged me to do the background challenge.

The first one (my home screen) is a selfie Lonna took while we were out for lunch with friends. She’s eating powdered dough. The second one (my lock screen) is a photo from Tumblr that I loved. Basically my whole camera roll is Tumblr pictures and Lonna’s selfies.

Whoever wants to do it can, but I’m tagging pompouspenguin and freetoridethroughgalaxies.

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