I guess it would be equal parts misogyny and racism,” says Regina Bradley, who teaches African American Studies at Kennisaw State University and researches issues related to popular culture, race and society. “I feel like black girls are not considered to be kids. We go from being born to being adults. We don’t have language to include black girls in the innocence of childhood.

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hey Fabio, what's going with AlienTHeam and Tokio Hotel? :-)

Resuming this into a pretty short story: We’ve been getting known and talked by the band recently. 

Bill opened and read two messages I send this week, on Zurich and Cologne Q&A two fans asked about us and Bill remembered my messages about AlienTHeam. In the last Q&A Bill said that «yes there is a guy that sends me some messages» (me) and asked us to do a BEST OF because he realized we had a lot of videos on youtube (more than 100) and so, Lonna (an ATHM Member that was in the Q&A) said she had one CD already there for them and Bill said: Immer her damit! (something like: bring it already!).

The CD was delivered inside a customized box by AlienTHeam to the Adventures in Wonderland that later gave it to the band.

It feels good to know that Bill knows me, he knows about our work, «yeah I liked it a lot», he went on listening to it on youtube and he asked us to make a CD! Tom also confirmed he heard some segments :)

Aditional Info:
TH talking about us in Zurich [X]
Best Of design [x] [x]

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focusing on myself & the ppl that stand behind me and support me 110% ..
im young .. no time for a relationship or anybody who’s gone slow me down.. i have so many goals i have to reach and i refuse to let anybody get in the way of that.