Longstone ~ リサイクル risaikuru

Longstone ~ リサイクル risaikuru

リサイクル risaikuru is Linear Obsessional’s first vinyl release, an elaborate package that includes two photos and copious liner notes.  It’s the best release the label has ever offered (out of 56 releases), and due to its subject matter, it’s an important one as well.

The typical news cycle is incredibly brief, no matter the magnitude of the situation.  Some stories are kept alive longer than they…

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BLDR podcast | 025 - Ayako Mori

Ayako Mori is a japanese DJ/producer, based in Germany.
She starts to lean on piano at only 3 years old, and at 12 age began to play saxophone in Wind Orchestra.

From 2000 Ayako plays music in some clubs in Tokyo, as DJ Mel.
Seven years after starts her travel sharing her sound in Ireland and Poland; in 2014 she move to Germany.

As composer, she makes sounds and tracks for a living theater “Shelf” volume03 「R.U.R.」, in Tokyo (2004).

In 2007 her music was on “Longstoned Remixes” album, by Longstone, and again in 2011 on new work “Sakura”, released on Ochre label (UK).

Her first original track is called “Brane world”, for Stereophonic Recordings.

Ayako has been chosen to “10 Must Hear Minimal Tracks - Week 29 ” on Beatport; and in 2014 again, with her remix of “El Punto (Tokio Mode), with Larry Lan.

In 2014 she set up own label
Physical Techno Recordings; and in 2015 another one: Kalmary Records.

And now is time to listen her podcast for “Bright Light, Dark Room”. Enjoy!