After 4 Years With You

I just need and want to express my feelings somehow. Anyways… Here it goes. This is just an average story of a boy(me) getting dumped.

4 Years. I’ve been with you for 4 years and I’ve never lost interest in you. Yet, you do something such as this and leave me. I took you back over and over again and if you’re reading this, i’m not demoralizing you. I like our current standing at the moment and I do hope things will work out but, I can’t help but blame myself. I have failed to make sure you would fall in love with me over and over again as I kept doing this to you. This relationship was completely one sided. Sure, at one point you were in love with me and couldn’t stop thinking about me as I did to you. As of now, I still am deeply in love with you despite all the stress and heartbreaks you caused me. I know you keep telling me that you don’t deserve me and I know you don’t. But, when i’m with you I feel like as if i’m selfish being with one of the most beautiful girls i’ve laid eyes on. To me, everything about you felt perfect to me. Your flaws, did not matter to me. Your personality rose above the others and stole my heart. I regret not doing all the thing normal couples would of done. It was hard waiting for you due to you and your tiger mom. Now that you have freedom, you’re drunk with it. I’m happy you told me that you weren’t as happy as you were before. I’m happy that you had the courage to initiate the first move. As long as you’re happy, i’m happy. It is hard to let go of someone so significant in my life. You, my best friend and girlfriend. Now, that is gone. I’m at lost at the moment, but I know I will find a way through this.

I hope you don’t read this or see this so I can continue to pray that we’ll be back. Sorry I couldn’t say everything, felt it was too much if I said more.

Love is just a word but you give it the meaning.

I will forever remember this video as I know I won’t regret doing this and meeting you. Thank you for spending those 4 years with me. It was one of the best adventures I had yet. 12/15/10 - 1/16/15