“Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: - you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.” 
                                                                     ~ E.E. Cummings


Day 3: Favorite touching moment (kisses, hugs, hand holding)

Season 6 / Episode 23 - “The Love Spell Potential”

Although brief and not a gesture of affection, Sheldon’s reaching out to Amy and asking her to “hold on” when she is ready to rejoin the others made me gasp as though he had suddenly kissed her. 

Sheldon was exhibiting a new masculine, adult presence in this tender moment (not to be confused macho or chauvinist behavior).

The contact was gentle, yet firm and … oddly titillating. 

TBBT Character Weeks

WEEK 1, DAY 2: Amy Farrah Fowler

My Favorite Scene - The Closure Alternative

Amy: All I’m saying is we live in a world where closure isn’t always an op…

Sheldon: …tion. Okay.

Similar to the Launch Acceleration, Amy once again showcases her impressive scientific knowledge. In this series of experiments however, instead of attempting to increase Sheldon’s affection, the nymph of neuroscience is aiding her boyfriend with getting over his issue with closure, or rather, the lack of it.

Determined and unflappable, she deals masterfully with a petulant Sheldon. My absolute favorite moment has to be when they say goodbye and Amy tells Sheldon she is proud of him, even after he’s been behaving like a brat. I know some Shamy shippers do not care for this episode because of Sheldon’s rudeness towards Amy. But for me, I love Amy so much in these scenes because it confirms what Amy lovers already know. She is brilliant. She is a class act. And she is the best girlfriend Sheldon will ever have.


Day 4: Favorite Eye-Coitus

Season 4 / Episode 20 – “The Herb Garden Germination”

"Your meme hypothesis does intrigue me.  How might we examine this more closely?"  ~Sheldon

This episode is teeming with hot eyeball on eyeball action from start to finish! But my absolute favorite has to be the playful glance Sheldon and Amy give each other while in the bookstore (and Sheldon licking his lips only made it saucier).    

anonymous said:

Your story is good but I hate Oswald. He is a waste of time you should focus on Amy and Sheldon it is there story anyway. sorry not sorry

Oswald doesn’t like you either Honey.  But he’ll take your money if you are looking for a good time. ;)


And the next chapter will focus mostly on the Shamy.  It’s *their* story after all.  Sorry, not sorry. 

Oh, and without Oswald … I would have no plot. Sooooooo?