My undying respect for LDR's

LDR = long distance relationship. Since as long as I’ve known what romantic relationships were I always said I could never do a long distance relationship. I just didn’t think it could work. How both partners would live so far from each other, never get to hold the other or kiss them. I guess physical touch is a love language of mine, so I couldn’t understand the idea of not being able to be with someone that way. But as I grew older and have come to know and know of more people in LDR’s, I’ve learned it’s absolutely possible. And I will forever respect those in them.

Plus, I am an absolute sucker for finding videos of long distance couples meeting for the first time in air ports. It brings me to happy tears and smiles every time, especially lesbian couples. I just can’t imagine that feeling of meeting someone you love so much for the first time. What it feels like to hold them for the first time.

And I think about how hard it may be to not physically be with eachother, but also how strong the relationships must be emotionally. Communication, trust. That’s what it’s built on. And many people who see their partners day to day don’t have that. It’s just amazing to me. Especially when I see ones that have their partner move to their country or state, finally. To be with them. It’s just heartwarming. I have so much respect for all of you.

And now, at 18, I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up in an LDR myself.