The Long Beach Flea

Being a bit of a flea market whore, I have been going to a flea market a week. Established in 1982 with over 800 sellers in the long beach stadium this flea was pretty good. In parts pricier than I felt the others I have visited were and in other parts junkier but I came away with a peacock feather fan ($15) and an 80s clock ($20) I have lusted after from my old friend Bleeker St vintage (she shouted at me ‘I recognise that fringe skirt’). We chatted about the perilous nature of Rose Bowl and how she’d had to be there at from 3 am till 3pm to catch the early morning Japanese buyers who come with torch lights.

My other friend had come with the intention of buying crates and plants to make a wall garden and cleaned up. Lots of people complimented her on her crate! Less of a success then other fleas but still interesting- I think I’m just all flea’d out!


Why I Love Vintage Shopping & You Should Too!

Why I Love Vintage Shopping & You Should Too!

| Let’s talk Vintage Shopping, Shall we? | Photography Katie Beverley |

Whether you refer to it as vintage shopping or consignment shopping, there is something to be said about finding that piece that speaks to you.  I’m a big fan of shopping vintage but, as an avid shopper, that didn’t occur to me right away.  It happened while planning our wedding a few years’ back, as maybe it does with a lot…

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Fold Finds | Long Beach Antique Market

I picked up a bunch of these old postcards at the Long Beach Antique Market for the folks back home. Carl’s Motel, the Los Angeles ‘Jet-Age’ International Airport, a nice shot of a classic LA 'coverleaf’ freeway and I couldn’t help snap up some American Australiana with the San Diego Zoo Koala. Some nice variations on the back layouts and colour combos. Also got a laugh out of the Carl’s Motel write up. CLEAR, CLEAN AIR!

FLiPER 潮流藝文誌 上的新文章

Fliper Mag 的新文章 http://flipermag.com/2014/11/11/melrose-trading-post-flea-market/



但是琳瑯滿目的大小物,很容易讓人眼花撩亂呢!以下小訣竅的分享,是幾次下來的經驗,再加上一些前輩的傳授,希望可以幫助大家減少逛跳蚤市場時的暈頭轉向。這次的照片,則是我之前在充滿龐克搖滾風又獨樹一格的 Melrose Trading Post Flea Market 隨手拍的。


  • 勿忘衣著休閒。你是來古物堆尋寶,看上了可是要大包小包搬回家的,要是把心愛的衣服弄髒了挺不可惜?還有一說,穿太招搖,不容易殺價喔!
  • 不要低估洛杉磯的太陽,萬全的防曬措施,防曬乳、帽子、太陽眼鏡、小外套…,才會讓你無後顧之憂!
  • 備現金。
  • 照相機。
  • 筆記本和量尺隨侍在側,出發前量好購買物品要擺放空間的尺寸,並記錄下來;現場的話,則是可以測量,並寫下你在哪個小攤所看到的小物,以免東西太多,搞得一頭霧水。
  • 一個大型購物袋。如果稍加注意,可發現有經驗的尋寶達人,總是有備而來,大家都帶著大袋子去採購,有的甚至推車,許多人也是開小貨車來買家具喔!
  • 瓶水和食物。要吃好的,一旁有許多餐廳可以大快朵頤,市集內的通常不怎麼樣。備些小點和水可以隨時充饑又解渴。

逛跳蚤市場的 must do

  1. 最好事先列一張張清單,如果有,張羅一張攤販地圖,以免現場亂了陣腳。
  2. 要有瘋狂的眼睛和絕佳的耐心,不要放過每一個角落,即便是桌子下也可參詳參詳,才能發掘意想不到的寶貝!
  3. 有關於大型家具的購買。跳蚤市場買的東西,免不了需整理一番,但顏色布料可以隨時改變,但是外形不能。所以如果挑家具,選外型,顏色倒是其次。進一步檢視物品的方法,包括:翻箱倒櫃找尋其有無標牌;感覺它的重量;檢查是否在木材堅實等。還有,購買家具,花費不會僅於當下,尚要計算運費和重新整理的成本等。
  4. 看到喜歡的,先問問自己願意花多少錢購買,再去向老闆詢價,一般跳蚤市場賣家會提供消費者討價還價的空間。
  5. 或者是和攤販老闆閒話家常,一方面可以加減打聽物件的來源,二方面聽聽故事又兼交朋友,何樂而不為?
  6. 如果你看到的東西,可以激起你心中的想像與火花,不如就和它結緣吧!




Santa Monica Flea Market (每個月的第一和第四個星期日)

Melrose Trading Post Flea Market (每個星期日)

Long Beach Flea Market (每個月的第三個星期日)

Rose Bowl Flea Market (每個月的第二個星期日)


DearBeatrice: What Not To Do On A Rainy Day

I was there (at the Long Beach Flea Market) yesterday too. It was insane (and so much fun)! I came home with an awesome vintage dress/bolero combo for pretty cheap and (unfortunately) a lot of regrets about passing up on some pretty sweet finds. I wish I had been smart enough to snatch up some of those super awesome thermoses and this totally 60s moss green and hot pink flowery little travel case. That booth had some pretty awesome stuff. I wish I had thought to bring my camera. Oh well. I probably was too busy flipping through racks of clothes and sorting through piles of jewelry to have thought to take pictures anyway, I’m sure.