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has science gone too far

Bucky enrolls in a college course about Captain America. It doesn’t go well.

Or, the one where James Barnes writes a ludicrously inappropriate academic paper in defense of Steve’s virtue. Complete with red-penning from a professor whose slow descent into madness is beautifully apparent and a formal letter of apology from Cap himself that doesn’t milk their sad poor orphan status at all, what are you talking about, Captain America would never do that.

I cried laughing. Guys, please. Love yourselves. Read Buck’s foray into academia. And have a few feelings too. 

a playlist for all those times you just want to lay on your bed and chill out

1) sweater weather (acoustic) // the neighbourhood 2) sun was high (so was i) // best coast 3) sex // the 1975 4) do i wanna know // arctic monkeys 5) texas // bad books 6) flowers in your hair // the lumineers 7) save me // muse 8) sweet disposition // the temper trap 9) stay in // JAWS 10) everlasting arms // vampire weekend 11) baby // warpaint 12) oblivion // bastille 13) rinse me down // bombay bicycle club 14) firefly // ed sheeran 15) floating vibes // surfer blood 16) angels // the xx


posts that are like ‘its okay to be white! its okay to be cis! its okay to be neurotypical! its okay to be apart of x privileged group!’ are Gross for the fact that

  • it takes the focus of real problems that people that are actively being hurt and oppressed by those groups and attempts to redirect the focus to people who don’t need it, at least not for those specific topics
  • those posts don’t tend to Ever mention anything about the fact that for w/e privileged groups ur in, it’s incredibly fucking important to analyze ur behaviors esp in regards to that, since ur def gonna be doing some problematic things and its really important to realize that, to listen to people in the oppressed groups, and to fix problematic behaviors
  • normally those posts are a direct result from people of the groups w privilege claiming that people on tumblr are being mean to them for the one and only fact of their privilege, not bc of any problematic things they’ve been doing or the way they prob have been hurting others (it generally doesn’t seem to be intentional, the hurting people, but it still happens and the fact u didn’t mean to doesn’t erase the fact u did)
  • u should be trying to help and to focus ur efforts a lot more on the oppressed, not the oppressors like holy heck the oppressors already get told my society that they’re great and ‘normal’ don’t try to tell me that bc someone on a website, when that oppressor could easily leave, is calling them out on shit is suddenly the end of the whole entire world for them

If this doesn’t cheer you up, I don’t know what will